COMC @ The 54th Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo Nov 10th-12 in Mississauga, Ontario!

Happy Halloween COMC Nation!

We are proud to announce our attendance at the 54th Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo onThe-Great-Pumpkin November 10th, 11th, & 12th in Mississauga, Ontario.  We will be located at Booth #3300 in the Corporate Area.  The expo will be held at The International Centre (6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario) and will feature over 400 “boo”ths!

Free Giveaways!

Stop by our booth each day of the Expo as there will be free treats for everyone!
– One per customer per day (while supplies last.) –

Prize Wheel!

In celebration of the Toronto Maple Leafs Centennial, we are offering 15 chances to win various Toronto Maple Leaf cards that are worth howling at! Some of these cards include:


Hat Trick or Treat! 

2016-17 Upper Deck Young Guns #201 Auston Matthews RC

2016-17 Upper Deck Young Guns #249 William Nylander RC

2016-17 Upper Deck Young Guns #468 Mitch Marner RC  

Please note that you must have a COMC account to participate.  You can create an account at our booth, but we recommend that accounts be created prior to the event as queues can form while creating accounts at the event.  Limit one magical spin per COMC account per show.  All participants will receive a COMC branded storage box (while supplies last).

Winners will be drawn the week of November 12th and will be announced on our Facebook page.

Second Chance Store Credit Draws in time for Black Friday November 24, 2017!

Black Friday is the greatest buying opportunity of the year on COMC as thousands of sellers will be running sales and offering huge markdowns on their inventory.  Having your account funded with store credit will ensure that you not only get fang-tastic deals on COMC, but you will also be able to take advantage of all of our Black Friday promotions (to be announced soon!)

All COMC members at the Expo without a winning prize wheel spin will have a wicked second chance at winning one of five store credit prizes valued at up to $100.00!   Details will be announced at the show.  

Games For The Kids!

Young collectors accompanied by a COMC account holding parent can spin-to-win COMC branded items such as fidget spinners and beanie hats as well as 2017 Upper Deck Toronto Maple Leaf Centennial cards (while supplies last).  Hair-raising details will be announced at the show.

Drop Off Consignments Accepted!

As always, we will be accepting drop-off submissions at the Expo to help our consignors save on the frightful cost of shipping. Prior to dropping off your submission please follow the steps below:

  1. All submissions must have complete and accurate paperwork. Please use the ’Sportscard & Memorabilia Expo drop off location’ option on step 5 of the Submission Wizard to expedite processing
  2. Ensure your submission is packed securely within a secure card box.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the most spook-tacular hockey card trade show in the world.  For more details on the Toronto Fall Expo, check out

COMC at the National Sports Collectors Convention July 26th-30th

Hello COMC Nation!

The 38th Annual National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago, IL is just three weeks away, and we can’t wait to see you there! The convention will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center from Wednesday, July 26 – Sunday, July 30. COMC representatives will be on hand at Corporate Pavilion Booth 646 to take consignment submissions and chat about COMC and all things card related. We also have some fun giveaways and social media events planned, so be sure to swing by and say hello.


Spin to Win

The Spin is In! Come by the booth during any day of the show and sign in to your COMC account to spin the wheel for your chance to win COMC store credit or one of several grand prize cards. Don’t have a COMC account yet? No problem! We’ll have computers set up at the show where you can sign up for your free COMC account and get your entry to spin the wheel.

Every spin is guaranteed to win a prize, and you’ll also earn an exclusive bonus gift to take with you, just for spinning! One spin per person during the show, and you don’t need to be present to win. Cards and store credit prizes will be issued to your COMC account after the show, so be on the lookout for a nice little bonus to your COMC account when you get home.

Consignment Submission Drop Off

Here at COMC, we’re all about doing the work so you can enjoy the hobby and we’ll be at the show to take it a step further. Don’t even bother shipping your COMC submissions, we got you covered. Whether you’re bringing your cards from home or you find some gems at the show you want to flip, we’ll cover the postage for all consignment submissions you drop off with us at the show.

To speed up the process, please pack your items securely for shipment and print your submission paperwork in advance. We’ll still have computers and a printer there if you find cards at the show and need to create another submission.

New Current-Year Processing

We just introduced a couple exciting new options to help you list your current-year cards faster. Current-Year Basic guarantees your cards list within 1 month for only $0.30/card, and Current-Year

Select guarantees 1 week for only $0.60/card! The National is a perfect opportunity to grab some of the hobby’s latest releases and try out a couple of our newest processing services.

Time with Tim

COMC Founder and CEO Tim Getsch looks forward to the National every year so he can to meet face to face with many of the thousands of COMC users and hear their feedback, ideas, and the experiences they’ve had with our services.

If you’d like to take some time to sit down with Tim for 30 minutes at the show, email us at and we’ll get you scheduled. In your email, include your dates and times of availability as well as any topics you wish to discuss. Please send your meeting request no later than Thursday, July 20.

Due Dates during The National

Many of us will be representing COMC at the booth this year, but this time around we also wanted to encourage some other employees to attend the National. Because we will be short-staffed back at the office, all Select and Premium due dates that normally would have fallen between July 26 and July 30 will receive a July 31 due date.

The National is one of the most exciting events in trading cards, and we anticipate this year’s will be the best one yet. See you there!

Happy Collecting!

– The COMC Team

Happy 4th of July!

We here at COMC would like to wish you all a fantastic 4th! Thank you for your continued support and loyalty!

As a reminder, our phones will be turned off Tuesday in observance of the holiday. Customer Service support will resume Wednesday morning.



Now get out there and enjoy the hot dogs, the cold drinks, and time with friends and family!


COMC Consignment Fee Update

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the COMC marketplace and provide more value to our customers, we’re making changes to the services that we offer. To improve average processing times on our services, we’re changing our rates as of Saturday, July 1, 2017. Along with these changes, we’re introducing some new services and options to help you get your items listed quickly and sold at the best prices.

What’s Changing

On July 1, 2017

  • Processing rates change
  • New, faster processing services for current year cards
  • New option to use Basic or Select processing for graded and oversized items
  • Increased Maximum List Price for Select processing
  • New fee for the Redemption service
  • Removed support for unrecognized third party graders and authenticators
  • New submission paperwork requirement

Updated Processing Services

We are committed to offering our buyers and sellers the very best experience on the COMC marketplace. One of the areas we’re determined to improve is our processing times. As many of us know, the demand for trading cards is often at its highest near the product’s release date, and we want to ensure that buyers can come to COMC and find all the hobby’s most recently released sets.

To accomplish this goal, we’re excited to announce our new Current-Year Basic 1-Month and Current-Year Select 1-Week processing services.

Current-Year Basic 1-Month

Get your new cards listed quickly! For just $0.30 per card, we provide actual images of the front and back of your cards and identify them into our industry standard catalog in one month or less using Current-Year Basic 1-Month.

To qualify for the reduced processing time, all cards contained in a Current-Year Basic 1-Month submission must be from product released during the current year, as specified on the Processing Fees page and in the Submission Wizard. Submissions with cards outside of the specified year will be assessed a $3 missing/incorrect paperwork fee and will be processed as Basic 2-Month.

Current-Year Select 1-Week

If you want cards in your account even faster, use the Current-Year Select 1-Week service for only $0.60 per card and your submission will be guaranteed to deposit into your account within 1 week.

To qualify for the reduced processing time, all cards contained in a Current-Year Select 1-Week submission must be from product released during the current year, as specified on the Processing Fees page and in the Submission Wizard. Submissions with cards outside of the specified year will be assessed a $3 missing/incorrect paperwork fee and will be processed as Select 2-Week.

Basic 2-Month

Basic 2-Month is now offered for $0.30 per card. The Basic level fee increase is intended, in part, to discourage flooding COMC with low-end commons. COMC is designed to be cost effective for items that might sell for $1 or more. Occasionally people find success with cheaper items, but that is not our goal. Please use your best judgment when submitting your consignments by checking the site to make sure we don’t already have too many copies of your cards listed. We want you to have a great selling experience on COMC, so if you ever have any questions about the best types of cards to send in, please contact Customer Service so we can help you out.

We recommend using the Basic 2-Month service for lower-end cards that are older or out of season. Basic 2-Month submissions are guaranteed to be in your account in two months or less. If you have new cards from products released this year, please use the new Current-Year Basic 1-Month service to get your items listed faster.

Select 2-Week

We also offer the Select 2-Week option for cards you expect will sell for $10 to $100, which may include rookies, low-numbered and short printed inserts and parallels, autographs, and memorabilia cards. The maximum list price has been increased to $200 for Select 2-Week. It will cost an extra $0.50 to charge more than $200.

Select 2-Week is offered for $0.60 per card and is guaranteed to be in your account in two weeks or less. If you have new cards from products released this year, please use the new Current-Year Select 1-Week service to get your items listed faster.

Premium 3-Day

Our fastest option, tailored specifically for high-end cards that you expect will sell for more than $100, is our Premium 3-Day service for $1.20 per card. Premium 3-Day is reserved for the hottest rookies, autographs, 1/1s, and any other cards that you want to list for sale at the fastest guaranteed turnaround time.

You are no longer required to use the Premium service for graded or oversized items. You can now process them using Basic or Select.

The Submission Wizard will reflect the updated rates and services on July 1, so to qualify for the old rates, be sure to use the Submission Wizard and print your paperwork by June 30 and have your shipment postmarked by July 1.

Redemption Service

We love that our unique marketplace offers you the ability to list and sell your redemption cards while they’re in the process of being fulfilled. This revolutionary feature is exclusive to COMC. Nowhere else can you do that! Due to the labor-intensive nature of redemption cards, we now charge an additional $1.20 fee per redemption card consigned to us. You can still submit redemption cards using any of our consignment services if the redemption is unscratched and the code is not exposed. We are still unable to support redemption cards with an exposed code, such as Panini Points, as we have no way to verify whether the code has been redeemed.

Graded Cards

Great news for those of you who have lots of graded cards you want to list for sale on COMC: Graded cards can now be submitted at any service level for an additional $0.30 per card. What this means is that you can now send lower-end graded cards with your Basic submission, mid-end graded cards as Select, and high-end graded cards as Premium.

Please note that, for all future card submissions, we now support only the following third-party grading companies:

  • Beckett Grading Service (BGS, BVG, BCCG)
  • Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)
  • Sportscard Guaranty (SGC)
  • KSA Certification (KSA)

We also support only the following third-party autograph authenticators:

  • James Spence Authentication (JSA)
  • Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA/DNA)
  • Beckett Authentication Services (BAS)
  • Sportscard Guaranty Authentic (SGC)

Cards encased by companies other than those listed above cannot be listed for sale on COMC, but you can submit them to Beckett Grading Service through your COMC account. Upon return, you will be able to list any cards graded by BGS for sale. Cards rejected by BGS will still return to your account, but you can only include them in a return shipment request.

Submission Paperwork

With these changes in mind, we do want to thank you for including complete paperwork with your submissions over the years. Submission paperwork is designed to help you organize your consignment submissions, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that all your cards are accounted for and are on their way to making it into the correct account using the service level you specify.

On our end, complete submission paperwork makes the process of entering submissions much smoother, which means fewer errors and more time spent processing your cards as timely as possible.

Beginning ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­July 1, all shipments with missing or incorrect paperwork will be charged a $3 fee per service level used. Although your quantity count doesn’t need to be 100% accurate (we appreciate when it is!), if the count appears off by more than 20%, we may assess the $3 fee on that transaction. When assessing your quantity, please do not use the “box size” count as your estimate. Because cards vary in thickness, there is a significant variance in how many cards a box will hold.


We appreciate the consignment partnership that we’ve had the pleasure of developing with you over the years and anticipate many improvements that these new changes will bring to our service, our marketplace, and the hobby. Together we will continue to make COMC the Safe and Easy Way to Buy and Sell.

The COMC Team

COMC on the Road – Edmonton Recap & Upcoming Shows!


COMC has been on the road this Spring actively involved in the card show circuit all throughout the U.S. and Canada! We’ve been enjoying spending time face-to-face with our buyers and sellers, accepting consignments and answering any questions that you may have. We’re also happy to report that hundreds of new accounts have been created on COMC by first-time buyers and sellers who are interested and eager to get their COMC experience started!

Our Canadian Processing Facility Manager, Barry, relayed the following after the April 22nd & 23rd Edmonton Summit Show:

“On behalf of the COMC Canada team, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who stopped by our booth. The Edmonton Show exceeded our wildest expectations, and it was just a great group of collectors who attended the show. We helped introduce new customers to the many services offered by COMC. Thank you to everyone who attended the Summit show and made our trip memorable!”

thumbnail_20170330_201318In addition, the COMC Prize Wheel made its anticipated debut at the Edmonton show and was a huge hit, particularly with young collectors. The Grand Prize offered via the Prize Wheel was an entry into a drawing to win a 2015-16 Upper Deck Artifacts #205 Connor McDavid. At the end of the show, it was COMC member Addy272001 who took home the coveted McDavid!

The Prize Wheel will then tour East to Ontario for the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo on May 5, 6, & 7, where, just by having a COMC account, show attendants can spin to win an entry into our grand prize drawing for a 2016-17 Upper Deck #201 Auston Matthews rookie card, as well as other store credit prizes! Given that at times there were queues to register an account at our booth, we recommend creating an account beforehand to avoid delays if you do not have a COMC account already.

COMC will be located in the corporate area of the matthewsToronto show this year and, as always, we will be accepting submissions! Please use the submission wizard option for Expo drop-offs and package your items well.

Lastly, in addition to the Toronto show in May, representatives from COMC will be on hand to accept submissions at the Twin Oaks show at Mall 205 on April 29th in Portland, OR. We hope to see as many members of the COMC Nation as possible out on the road!

BGS Grading Changes and Expedited Services have arrived on COMC

Hello COMC Nation!

With a new year comes new and exciting changes to our service! The first change that we’re proud to announce is that we now offer three tiers of grading options through Beckett Grading Services.

mcdavidRecently, if you’ve submitted an item for BGS grading through COMC, you may have noticed that the actual grading time was often longer than the estimated grading time window. These changes that we’re rolling out will offer significantly improved accuracy of our estimated grading times.

In addition, we’ve introduced two new expedited services that guarantee to get those hot rookies, recently released cards, and prized possessions back into your COMC inventory as soon as possible!

These expedited services and changes to our eight-week service are now in effect.


Expedited BGS Turnaround Times Now Available Through COMC!

We’ve heard your voices loud and clear! Thanks to popular demand, we now offer two expedited grading services through BGS. Our fastest turnaround time is a four-week service at the rate of $25.00 per card. We also offer a six-week service for $18.00 per card. The standard addition of $2.00 for autographs and $8.00 for oversized cards apply to both of these new grading service tiers as well.

Changes to Our Current Eight-Week Service

If you’ve ever submitted a card for grading through COMC, then you’re familiar with our bregman
current $12.00 per card eight-week service. Going forward, we’ll be offering our same eight-week service with significantly improved accuracy of our estimated grading time window. As a result of a recent increase to our group rate through BGS, we will now offer this service for $14.00 per card (add $2.00 for autographs and $8.00 for oversized).

Please note that all items submitted for grading through COMC are subject to the 1% declared value fee for insurance purposes regardless of the service level chosen.

These are just a few of the many changes that we will be rolling out to the COMC service in 2017.  We look forward to sharing more announcements with you in the future!

BGS Grading Services Offered via COMC

4-Week Service

6-Week Service

8-Week Service

$25 per card $18 per card

$14 per card

Autographed cards add $2; oversized cards add $8. All service levels are subject to a 1% declared value fee for insurance purposes.

Happy Holidays! Limited Customer Service for 12/26/16 & 1/2/17

Hello COMC Nation!

We hope that you have a joyous Holiday and a Happy New Year! This time of year is the perfect time to spend with loved ones. With that being said, we will have limited customer service on 12/26/16 and 1/2/17 in recognition of the Holidays. While our phones will not be set up to take calls on those days, we will be available to help out via email if you require immediate assistance.

So this Holiday season, be sure to watch a festive film (we recommend Jingle All The Way!), drink a bit too much eggnog and spend that newly acquired Holiday cash on that card that’s been on your watch list all year long!