COMC Company Update – April 2022

I am happy to announce that COMC’s first quarter of 2022 was strong. We sold and shipped 16% more cards and listed 22% more cards for sale over Q4 2021. We continue to make investments to seamlessly get your cards listed and sold, so you can upgrade to cards you love, and quickly take possession of anything you want in hand.

As the first company to introduce vaulting cards over 15 years ago, it is fun to see a greater demand for it. In the early days, Tim and I believed that the benefits of collecting with COMC were so obvious and valuable that it was only a matter of time before it would be known as the best way to collect. We at COMC have built the largest card vault and growing, giving you even more choices to collect as this idea goes mainstream. COMC provides a premier collecting experience not only for graded cards and rookies, but also for the long tail, so there is something for everyone. We have spent over a decade listening to collectors and optimizing for efficiency. With the concerted push to grow the hobby and so many new faces and products, we will continue listening and iterating to meet the needs of our community of collectors.

Last month we ran our March Madness promotion and received some exciting new submissions that will appear on the site over the next few weeks. We heard that you would like us to reopen submission drop-offs at our headquarters, so we now offer the opportunity to schedule drop-offs. You will also see a COMC booth at many more events throughout the US and Canada this year for you to drop off your submissions.

I look forward to continuing to update you on all the exciting happenings here at COMC. I encourage you to continue providing feedback on how we can further improve your experience and our services.

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

March Madness Elite & Select Submission Promotion

Receive discounts on all your Elite & Select submissions through April 1st!

40% off Elite & 30% off Select Submissions

Take advantage of this limited-time promotion to submit your items using our Elite and Select services at a reduced price. If you’ve been waiting for a discount on submissions, now is your chance to save BIG!

March Madness Elite & Select Submission Promotion Discount Requirements:

  • ELITE40 – Write “ELITE40” on each Elite submission slip to receive 40% off your Elite submission (Was $2.00 – NOW $1.20 per card).
  • SELECT30 – Write “SELECT30” on each Select submission slip to receive 30% off your select submission (Was $1.00 – NOW 0.70 per card).
  • Cards must be submitted between Tuesday, March 8th to Friday, April 1st.
  • Submissions MUST BE RECEIVED at COMC by April 1st.

Which Cards Are Best For Elite?

The Elite service is for raw and graded single trading cards with a sale value of more than $50. There is no minimum submission quantity for Elite. Elite items are guaranteed to have a 2-week turnaround time.

Important Promotion Information

  • This discount DOES stack with Fresh Pulls! That means even deeper discounts for eligible Fresh Pulls products in addition to the discounts for this promotion.
  • The discount does not apply to the Mailbox package fee, toploader removal fee, or the missing/incorrect paperwork fee.
  • No maximum quantity limit – submit as many cards as you’d like!
  • There is a $3 minimum fee per Select submission group. No minimum fee for Elite submissions.
  • Each submission slip MUST HAVE handwritten codes to qualify – no exceptions!
  • Cards reprocessed through Elite service are not eligible for the discount.
  • Items submitted prior to the promotion are not eligible for the March Madness Submission Promotion discounts.

For questions regarding the eligibility of products, please email

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COMC Company Update – March 2022

At our company meeting this past week, Tim announced our 2022 goal to list and ship 50% more cards than last year. We are excited and ready to bring more joy to you and our fellow collectors. To achieve this, we are focusing on driving listing and shipping times down, providing an even better experience for you.

In February, we increased our listing numbers over the previous month and developed a new process to reduce listing times. Effective yesterday, we launched updates to our Submission Wizard. These changes allow you to segment your items by the type of content within each service level, enabling us to list your items more efficiently. As we list your items more quickly, you will soon see reduced times quoted for our Listing Services. Our shipping team is back to full capacity and is driving our ship times down once again.

The COMC team is on board with our mission to maximize what you care about and minimize what you don’t by creating a fun trading card space for our customers, partners, and collectors.

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

COMC Company Update – February 2022

We are off to a strong start at COMC and prepared for what is shaping up to be an incredible year. Our Listing team recently implemented some significant process changes to increase output and improve service quality. We are set up to list more cards than ever before. Buyers now have a much wider selection to choose from, and we sold 30% more cards in January than we did in December.

With the shipping backlog of 2021 behind us, January brought the Omicron variant and a winter storm, both of which severely impacted staffing levels on our Fulfilment team early last month. Some domestic economy orders were delayed about two weeks, and our Canada transit also experienced delays. The setback will be temporary, and the team is keeping affected customers informed with regular communication and updated shipping dates until all orders are shipped on time.

COMC has seen the many ebbs and flows of the hobby over the past 16 years. With all the latest breaking news, we remain committed to delivering the services, experience, and innovation that collectors need. We look forward to an exciting year together as we continue to be your trusted partner.

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

COMC Company Update – January 2022

Happy New Year! May this year bring peace, success, and joy to you and your loved ones.

As we reflect on the past year, we are so grateful for your support through all the opportunities and challenges we faced. In 2021, we moved into our new facility, which will allow us to scale in 2022 and beyond. We invested in new warehouse equipment to support our team and maximize their output. We built an amazing team and are listing, selling, and shipping more cards than ever before. 

Going into 2022, we are focusing on our Listing team and our technology to reduce our Listing times, give you options, sell your cards, and connect you with the items you love to collect. We are prioritizing your customer experience with new resources, content, and tutorials to create a more direct and personalized experience. 

Reflecting on December, we are happy to report that almost all orders placed from our Black Friday sale have shipped! Our shipping services remain on schedule, so now is a great time to get those items in hand if you have been waiting. We successfully resolved an issue with our eBay store that impacted customers during our December eBay auction promotion. Our customer service response times continue to be within 24 hours, so we encourage you to reach out should you need support. Since our December eBay auction promotion has been such a success and your response to it has been so positive, we decided to extend it into January! Please continue sending us your feedback, as we are listening.

Each year is an opportunity to serve you in a better way. May your collection and our partnership grow in 2022.

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

COMC Company Update – December 2021

There is much for us to celebrate as we near the end of the year. In July, Tim committed to eliminating the shipping backlog by Black Friday. I am proud to share that our team has achieved that goal!  Not only did we drive our shipping times back down, but we did so while increasing our shipping output by over 60% year-over-year.

In November, our Listing services continue to meet and exceed quoted dates, and our focus for December is to reduce our published Listing times. As we wrapped up the month with our Black Friday sales event, we were pleased to see many customers take advantage of the discounted shipping and cash back on their COMC Store Credit purchases.

Throughout the month, we focused on driving your sales and optimizing your joy as a collector on our marketplace. To continue this effort, we are offering a COMC December Auction Event on eBay, where all cards are eligible, and there is no minimum auction fee. As a collector, you will want to keep an eye out for great deals to build your PC. As a flipper, you can transfer those items directly to your COMC account and put them right back up for sale. As a seller, we encourage you to try this service over the next month and share your feedback.

We look forward to launching additional improvements and offerings in the new year as we continue our commitment to being your trusted partner. It brings us great joy to keep investing in your experience and provide the safe and easy way to buy and sell trading cards.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

Black Friday Deals Have Arrived!

Black Friday Through Cyber Monday

Sellers are slashing prices on their cards, so don’t wait. Our best deals will go fast!

Take advantage of our BIGGEST savings & promotions this weekend!

  • Earn 5% back on all purchases made with COMC Store Credit
  • Lowest prices of the year on millions of items
  • $5 off shipping now + $5 off shipping later
  • Daily prizes and giveaways on our website AND social media accounts

All times listed are in Pacific Standard Time.

Earn 5% Back on Purchases with COMC Store Credit

If there was ever a perfect time to buy, now’s that time! The more you spend, the more you get. For ALL items purchased with COMC Store Credit between 12:00am Friday, November 26th to 11:59pm Monday, November 29th, you’ll receive 5% store credit!

  • Only purchases with COMC Store Credit are eligible
  • 5% store credit earned up to a total of $100 back in store credit per user
  • Store credit earned will automatically be applied to your COMC account on January 1, 2022

Don’t have a free COMC account? Easily register for your free COMC account to ensure all your purchases are eligible for the 5% store credit offer. By using your COMC account to purchase items with COMC Store Credit, you can decide when you want items shipped. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of one of the benefits of COMC, to buy now and ship later!

Lowest Prices of the Year

Millions of items are marked down to their lowest prices of the year as COMC sellers run sales promotions for FREE this weekend! There is no better time to find the cards you’ve been looking for at prices you can’t beat! Sales promotions will be showcased on the COMC Sales page during our exciting sales event, so make sure to check out these great deals!

$5 Off Shipping Now + $5 Off Shipping Later

Shipments of 100+ items placed between Friday, November 26th and Tuesday, November 30th will receive $5 off shipping!

Have you been waiting to make a shipment request? We’ve now caught up on our shipping backlog, so this is a great opportunity to ship your items! If you ship 100+ items you will receive $5 off your shipment between Friday, November 26th through Tuesday, November 30th.

  • 100+ items must be included in the same shipment
  • Only purchased items count toward the 100 minimum item shipment (items you consigned with us are not included)
  • Includes ePack transfers

Earn a $5 shipping credit for making a purchase between Friday, November 26th and Monday, November 29th!

If you make a purchase on the COMC Marketplace between Friday, November 26th through Monday, November 29th you will receive a $5 credit toward a future shipment.

  • The purchase must be made with COMC Store Credit
  • $5 shipment credit will automatically be applied to any shipment request you make between January 1, 2022 – March 31, 2022
  • $5 shipment credit must be used by March 31, 2022
  • Limited to one credit per account

Prizes & Giveaways

You’ll have FIVE CHANCES to win card giveaways throughout Black Friday Weekend!

Your Purchase = Your Entry into the Daily Drawing

With any COMC account purchase, you’ll automatically be entered into the drawing for the Daily Card Giveaway on the day of your purchase. If you make a purchase each of the four days during the sale, you will be entered into each daily drawing, as well as our Grand Prize drawing!

Daily Drawing Awards:

  • Friday: 2018-19 Upper Deck SP Game Used 2018 All-Star Skills Fabrics Patch Alexander Ovechkin #’d 01/35
  • Saturday: 2019-20 Topps Finest UEFA Champions League Blue Refractor Lionel Messi #’d 119/150
  • Sunday: 2019 Panini Select Tmall Dragon Scale Prizm Premier Level Lamar Jackson #’d 24/88
  • Monday: 2018 Topps Update Series Gold Next Stop, Stardom (Upton, Ohtani RC & Trout) #’d 1453/2018

Awarded to one random user who was entered into any of the four daily drawings:

  • Grand Prize: 2018-19 Panini Prizm Go Hard or Go Home Mojo Prizm LeBron James #’d 14/25

Terms: One entry per person per day. You must be logged into your COMC account while making your purchase to be eligible. Winners will be announced on December 7th, 2021.

No Purchase Necessary: Visit our Online Daily Giveaway Entry Form for the updated link each day beginning Friday, November 26th through Monday, November 29th.

Exclusive Social Media Giveaways!

Join our exclusive daily social media giveaways Black Friday through Cyber Monday! Giveaway details will be announced on each of our Social Media feeds. For additional giveaway details, follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, pages!

Attention Sellers! Set Up Your Sales Promotions Now!

COMC sellers can run sales promotions for FREE through Cyber Monday! Easily set up your Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday sales now on the Promotions Manager page. Our multiple sales promotions give you the freedom to customize each of your promotions. Setting up sales promotions will showcase your COMC port on the Sales page during our exciting sales event. This is a great opportunity to price your cards to sell and attract more buyers!

The Advantages of Using Your FREE COMC Account!

Buy Now & Ship Later

The biggest advantage for COMC members during our Black Friday Sale is our buy now-ship later feature. While you’re shopping on COMC, items in your shopping cart are not reserved, and can be purchased by other collectors. Using your COMC account to instantly purchase items with store credit will prevent other shoppers from snapping up those too-good-to-be-true deals that you have your eye on.

By using your COMC account and purchasing items with COMC Store Credit, you decide when you want your items shipped to you! This feature also enables you to group items into a single shipment.

With COMC Store Credit, you can buy a few items on Friday, a few more on Saturday and Sunday, and scoop up a bunch of last-minute deals on Monday. All items stay safe in your COMC account until you’re ready to place a shipment request.

Instant Purchases

When you buy an item with COMC Store Credit it is instantly deposited into your COMC account. This allows you to buy cards over time and keep them in your online inventory until you are ready to ship them all together. You can also try to “Flip” your items for a profit by instantly re-pricing them for sale. For more information on how to “Flip” your items, see our blog post How to Flip on COMC.

Making Offers

Some sellers set up their portfolio to allow and accept offers for up to 50% off their listed prices. When you have COMC Store Credit in your account, you can use it to make offers below the listed price.
Sellers must accept your offer if it is below their threshold and offers expire after 72 hours of inactivity. To manage and view your offers, visit your Offer History page, which is accessible from the top-center of the Dashboard. COMC cannot accept, counter, or decline offers on behalf of customers. When your offer is accepted, the payment is immediately transferred to the seller, and the item is immediately transferred to your COMC account.

Need Help? We’re Here For You!

Do you have questions? Our Customer Service Team is always ready to help! Our Live Chat agents are available to assist you Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm or you can email to receive a response within 24 hours.

Please note that our offices will be closed on November 25th in observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

COMC Customer Appreciation Offer

To thank our customers, we’re offering up to $60 in free processing!

Send in your items today to receive up to $60 in free submissions.

With Black Friday and the holidays quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to send in your items to receive up to $60 worth of free processing! Any items submitted with our Elite or Select service that are received by November 11th will be deposited to your account in time for Black Friday.

Save $60 on your submissions this month!

  • $20 off Elite Processing
  • $20 off Select Processing
  • $20 off Standard Processing

Check out the details below for this great offer and start packaging up your submissions to send them in today!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Each household (not account) is eligible for a maximum of $20 off each submission level; Elite, Select, and Standard.
  • Write the code “20OFF” to the left of the barcode on each submission slip. If your submission includes multiple service levels, write the code “20OFF” on each applicable submission slip.
  • Include the Submission Slip with the corresponding group in your package.
  • Promo codes will not be applied to transactions received without the “20 OFF” promo code and will not be eligible to have the promotion applied retroactively.
  • Cards MUST BE RECEIVED at COMC by November 30th.

Please note the following:

  • The “20OFF” code is only valid for one-time use per household, for each submission level. If a second submission is received and the code has already been used, the items will be processed at the regular submission level pricing.
  • Additional items can be included in the same submission. Up to $20 will be credited toward your total processing fees for each eligible submission level.
  • The discount DOES NOT apply to our Mailbox service, the toploader removal fee, or the missing/incorrect paperwork fee.
  • If your submission does not meet the maximum $20 processing discount for that service level, subsequent submissions are not eligible for unused discount credits.

Take advantage of this FREE processing offer and submit your cards today!

For questions regarding the eligibility of products, please email

Follow us on social media @checkoutmycards and the COMC blog for the latest updates!

COMC Company Update – November 2021

It is with great satisfaction that I share this update with you. October has been a month of tremendous progress across all our teams. As we gear up for our biggest Black Friday weekend ever to drive your sales and fill out your collection, we continue to ensure that our teams are ready. We remain on track to reduce Economy ship times to 1 month by Black Friday. In October, our Fulfillment Team had another record-setting month, and most Economy orders are being shipped earlier than we had estimated. Our Listing Team is consistently completing submissions on time and is even completing submissions ahead of schedule.

To thank you for being part of the COMC community and celebrate these milestones together, we will be offering $60 worth of free consignment in November. Please stay tuned for additional details regarding our Customer Appreciation Offer. I encourage you to give us a try, especially if you have been waiting for our production times to come back down. Now is the time for a remarkedly improved experience of buying and selling through COMC.

We are committed to providing every trading card enthusiast the safe and easy way to buy and sell cards. Consigning with COMC gets your cards on the two largest marketplaces for sports card singles, COMC and eBay, at fixed price or auction.  As a buyer, you have the widest selection of cards and can easily transfer and house your purchases in your COMC account. COMC offers flexibility in managing your inventory, allowing you to ship your items right away, ship them later, or relist them for sale. Empowering you is what COMC is about – you can do it all through your COMC account.

As we move into the holiday season, I look forward to sharing more exciting news and updates with you. Tim and I thank you for being an essential part of the COMC community and entrusting us with what brings you great joy.

Thank you,

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

Announcing COMC Live Chat & Help Center Services

Announcing our new COMC Live Chat & Help Center services

As part of our efforts to improve your customer experience, we’ve launched additional support resources to provide you immediate answers to your questions. Check out the new services we’re offering!

COMC Live Chat Service

Have you tried out our new Live Chat service yet? You may have noticed a new red bubble in the lower right-hand corner of our website that says “Support.” When you have a question or need assistance during our Live Chat hours, we’re available to provide immediate assistance. Our team of Live Chat agents are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm PST. To connect with an agent, simply click on the chat box, type your question, and hit “Enter.” This will provide the option to view the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to your question or to begin a “Live Chat,” allowing you to chat with COMC staff in real time!

You may have also noticed our email response times are now vastly improved and that you receive a prompt response during business hours. If you have an urgent matter, Live Chat is a great way to get it resolved immediately. We’re thrilled to offer real-time support to answer your questions and we look forward to chatting with you!

COMC Help Center

We recently launched our COMC Help Center to provide you with easily accessible resources to many of your FAQs. We encourage you to check out the Help Center to find helpful information to further improve your experience and knowledge about our services.

You can access the Help Center directly or by selecting the red “Support” bubble on the website to view all of the topics covered by the Help Center.

We will continue adding resources and information, including video tutorials and information on promotions and events, so make sure to check back often!

As we continue to focus on improving your customer experience, we’ll keep you updated on any new changes. We would also love to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding how we can improve our services and your experience. Please contact if you’d like to provide any feedback or suggestions.

Follow us on social media @checkoutmycards and the COMC blog for the latest updates!