Get Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals!

Are you ready? The COMC Black Friday Week & Cyber Monday sale starts MONDAY, November 20th!

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Lowest Prices of the Year

Millions of items will be marked down to their lowest prices of the year as COMC sellers run sales promotions for FREE this week! There is no better time to find the cards you’ve been looking for at prices you can’t beat! Sales promotions will be showcased on the COMC Sales page during our exciting sales event, so make sure to check out these great deals!

Buy COMC Store Credit now so you’re ready to scoop up all the great deals before someone else does. If you have store credit in your account you can make instant purchases so you don’t risk someone else buying the card before you do!

If you’ve had your eye on a great deal, don’t wait to purchase it or it may be gone. Items will sell quickly during our Black Friday promotion, so don’t wait!

Earn $5 Rebates on Every $100 Spent

If there was ever a perfect time to buy, it’s now: the more you spend, the more you save! For all items purchased with COMC Store Credit between 12:00am PST Monday, November 20th and 11:59pm PST Monday, November 27th, you’ll receive $5 back for every $100 spent!

  • Only purchases with COMC Store Credit are eligible
  • $5 store credit rebate back per $100 spent (maximum $100 total rebate credit per user)
  • Store credit earned will automatically be applied to your COMC account in January 2024
  • Grading fees do NOT count towards the $150

Don’t have a free COMC account? Easily register for your free COMC account to ensure all your purchases are eligible for the store credit rebate offer. By using your COMC account to purchase items with COMC Store Credit, you can decide when you want items shipped. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of one of the benefits of COMC: Buy Now and Ship Later!

Earn Free Shipping by Spending $150+

By spending $150 between Monday, November 20th and Monday, November 27th, receive a free shipping credit!

Have you been waiting to make a shipment request? If you spend $150+ during our promotional timeframe you will receive a $5 shipping credit on your next shipment. The $5 shipment credit will automatically be applied to one shipment request you make from November 20th through November 27th

  • Spend $150+ on CARDS and BREAKS and you will automatically earn a $5 shipping credit. (Grading fees do NOT count towards the $150)
  • Shipment credit will automatically be applied to one shipment request you make from November 20th through November 27th
  • Free shipping orders will be mailed by December 31st
  • Limited to one credit per account

Third-Party Grading Discounts!

Grade with PSA and CGC Cards at a discounted rate!

Add peace of mind to your cards with third-party grading and encapsulation! Enjoy a $2 discount on our most affordable grading rates. Take advantage of these amazing third-party grading rates until 12/31.

  • $22 per card PSA Value (regularly $24) 
  • $13 per card CGC Bulk (regularly $15) 

Don’t forget! This is a great time to get those newly purchased items from Black Friday submitted for grading and take advantage of the discount until 12/31! Before you submit your latest purchases for grading, have them reviewed by using our latest Pre-Grade Review.

During our Black Friday Savings Event, items go quickly! Sellers are running sales promotions and to make sure another buyer doesn’t purchase items, buyers are taking full advantage of making instant purchases. If you’ve been keeping your eye on something special, purchase it now before our Black Friday Savings Event so it isn’t gone. Items purchased with COMC Store Credit will be instantly deposited into your COMC account and you may ship it with your other items during our Black Friday shipping promotion.

COMC sellers can run sales promotions for FREE this week and weekend! Set up your Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday sales now on the Promotions Manager page. Our multiple sales give you the freedom to customize each of your promotions. Setting up sales promotions will showcase your COMC port on the COMC Sales page during our exciting sales event. This is a great opportunity to price your cards to sell and attract more buyers!

Users that sell $500+ of inventory between November 20th-27th will automatically have a 40% discount applied to new Select and Elite submissions received at COMC by the end of the year! This discount does NOT stack with Fresh Pulls.

Discounted Group Grading & Free Direct To Grading Submissions!

COMC is excited to announce a limited time discount for PSA Value submissions and CGC Bulk submissions, saving $2 per card until the end of 2023! We are also waiving the processing cost for all Direct to Grading submissions, take advantage today by sending in you bulk submissions at no extra cost! Our most affordable rates just got cheaper. As always, take advantage of these rates with no submission minimums!

Why Use COMC As Your Premier Group Grader?

COMC is the best place in the hobby for your grading cards today! Our effortless grading experience makes it easier than ever to grade your favorite cards. From submitting your cards directly through our Direct to Grading service level to buying a card directly on the COMC Marketplace and submitting it for grading with just click of your mouse. Just you submit your cards, choose your grading service and we will handle the rest! No Paperwork, No Shipping Fees, No Minimums, and No Hassle!

As soon as your card returns from grading, take advantage of all the benefits found on the COMC marketplace. With just a few clicks utilize COMC’s best features including the ability to list items for sale, submit to Auction, include it into your next shipment request, or simply keep it vaulted in your account and figure it out later.

A hassle-free experience! Once sold, our team handles all aspects of the shipping and fulfillment. Let the COMC team do the work and watch your COMC Store Credit balance grow!

Whether you are encapsulating a PC card or flipping into a 10, now is the perfect time to use COMC’s group grading services!

Discounted Group Grading Prices!

$22/per card PSA Value (previously $24)

PSA is a premier grading service with a leading track record in both quantity and quality of items graded! The PSA brand brings value, security and respected grading standards to your cards and the hobby overall.

$13/per card CGC Bulk (previously $15)

CGC provides the hobby with an amazing product! Enjoy CGC’s card-enhancing label combined with best-in-class protective holder, fast and accurate grading, affordable prices, and more.

Grade now! Send cards already in your COMC inventory to third-party grading with only a few clicks! Use the Actions menu next to any card from your Inventory Manager and select Submit for Grading. By submitting directly from your COMC inventory, avoid the hassle of packaging cards, third-party grading paperwork and the headaches from shipping and insurance.

Need a second opinion on the quality of your card before grading? Use the COMC Pre-Grade Review service! We are proud to offer our Pre-Grade Review and provide our opinion if we believe your card to be in Mint or better condition. This white glove condition review service provides users with confidence as our expert team assesses your card. This service features an 86% accuracy rating!

Direct to Grading Submission Promotion!

If you have cards you want to send that aren’t on COMC yet, we are offering an unbeatable price change! Enjoy FREE Direct to Grading processing, regularly $1/per card. Use COMC’s Direct to Grading service level to submit your cards onto the COMC platform and then send them to your choice of our third-party grading partners!

The complete grading experience! Our expert team will provide white-glove care throughout the grading process. We offer unbeatable convenience; avoid the hassle of third-party submission minimums and paperwork. COMC provides each submitted card with its own before and after high-resolution scans in both their raw and graded state, visible side by side.

Direct to Grading is COMC’s fastest intake processing service! Cards will be processed and ready to be submitted for grading in one week or less. Review more information about our Direct to Grading service from our dedicated Help Center article here.

To learn more about our consignment services, visit our COMC Selling page. For other questions or general information, please visit our Support page, or contact our friendly Customer Service team by emailing or clicking the red Support button on the bottom-right corner of any page.

Follow us on social media @checkoutmycards and the official COMC Blog for the latest updates!

Black Friday Seller Promotion!

The COMC Black Friday/Cyber Monday Seller Promotions Start Monday, November 20th!

The COMC Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday Seller Promotions Start Monday, November 20th!

We’re waiving our promotion setup fees for all COMC sellers during our Black Friday Week & Cyber ​​Monday Seller Promotion! With all the buyers looking for deals, this is an excellent opportunity to run sales that are too good to resist!

Set Up Your Seller Promotions Now!

Be sure to set up your FREE Black Friday Seller Promotion running from Monday, Nov 20th – Sunday, Nov 26th, as well as your FREE Cyber Monday Seller Promotion running on Monday, Nov 27th.

Set up your free Black Friday/Cyber Monday Seller Promotions today on the Promotions Manager page. Setting up seller promotions showcases your COMC port on the COMC Sales page during our exciting sales event. This is a great opportunity to price your cards to sell and attract more buyers!

Additional Seller Benefits! Users that sell $500+ on the COMC Marketplace across both promotional sales will automatically receive a processing discount valid for the rest of 2023! Sellers that reach this sales threshold will automatically be provided 40% Off Select and Elite processing fees on new consignment submissions received at COMC after the promotional timeframe, Tuesday November 28th through December 31st, 2023. This discount does NOT stack with Fresh Pulls.

Select & Elite cards MUST BE received by November 9th to be processed in time for Black Friday.

Black Friday Promotions Are Coming Soon!

Prepare to purchase items quickly because our best deals will go fast!

  • Load your account with COMC Store Credit today, so you can immediately purchase items.
  • Wait to submit your shipment request – Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming Free Shipping promotion.

Don’t have a COMC account yet?

COMC Now Accepting TAG Graded Cards For Consignment!

COMC is thrilled to announce that we now accept all TAG (Technical Authentication & Grading) graded cards! TAG is known for their patented automated grading process, transparent (inscribed) slabs, and unprecedented range of tools to help you understand a card’s grade.

TAG cards receive a standard 1-10 grade prominently listed on the right side of the slab as well as a precise TAG Grade out of 1,000 which is visible on the card’s scannable TAG. The scannable TAG offers a comprehensive Digital Image and Grading (DIG) Report. This showcases the card’s position on the TAG Leaderboard and “digs” deep into its condition, detailing surface defects, centering measurements, corner and edge metrics, card population, chronology, and more. TAG also provides submission kits, high-res photographs of the finished slabs, and returns each slab in a sealed pack for a fun grade reveal. Learn more by visiting or following @taggrading on any social platform.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see your TAG cards on the COMC marketplace! Submit your TAG cards today for consignment at a fixed price or through our auction services!

TAG is the latest addition to a growing list of grading card companies accepted by COMC. Here is the up-to-date list of supported grading companies:

  • TAG – Technical Authentication & Grading
  • PSA – Professional Sports Authenticator
  • SGC – Sportscard Guaranty
  • BGS – Beckett Grading Services
  • BVG – Beckett Vintage Grading
  • BCCG – Beckett Collectors Club Grading
  • KSA – KSA Certification
  • CGC – Certified Guaranty Company
  • CSG – Certified Sports Guaranty
  • HGA – Hybrid Grading Approach (no PC Slabs)

COMC Consignment Services

Are you looking to sell your graded cards? When you consign with COMC, our team fully prepares and lists your cards on the COMC Marketplace and our eBay Store. Once sold, our team handles all of the shipping and fulfillment. To learn more about our consignment services, visit our COMC Selling page.

COMC Auctions on eBay

This service is ideal for sellers who wish to send their graded cards directly to the COMC eBay Store as a 7-day, $0.99 no-reserve auction. COMC Auctions on eBay are for cards valued at more than $50 and put your investment-grade trading cards in front of collectors and bidders worldwide. A complete list of the seller advantages to COMC Auctions on eBay, including the Commission structure, can be found on the Auctions Page.