COMC Company Update – October 2021

October Message from the President

Thank you for your continued support as part of the COMC community. Not only are we excited to be entering basketball, football, and hockey season, but we are blessed to be a part of this fun and fast-moving industry. We have made some heavy investments this year as your trusted partner, so you can buy, sell, and flip cards. We focused our efforts on improving customer experience by reducing response times to customer inquiries, decreasing shipping times, and optimizing our quality assurance processes.

We are happy to share our wins! Our Rushed shipping service is now going out in under 4 days. We are making consistent progress each week to clear out the Economy shipping backlog and reduce our Economy ship times. You should expect to see Economy ship times decrease to 1 month by Black Friday.

We are providing same-day responses to customer inquiries. To continue our mission to deliver the best-in-class customer experience, we are enhancing the customer resources available in our COMC Help Center, extending our Live Chat hours, and optimizing our website.

Our focus is now on driving your sales. We launched our new Fresh Pulls discount, so you can get your in-demand items for sale cost-effectively while decreasing the turnaround time to list and sell them. In addition to this new offering, we will be promoting Elite and Auction items both directly through our COMC channels and in partnership with eBay.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we will keep optimizing to help you find more of the cards you want while better supporting you to increase your sales and get more eyes on your cards.

Happy collecting!

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

COMC Company Update – September 2021

What a month of tremendous progress and growth for COMC!  Last month, I reported on improvements made to our shipping services. This month, I am excited to share that we finally got through our backlog of customer service tickets and are ready to roll out some exciting new improvements. Our CS team is now equipped to provide you with same-day responses as well as offer real-time support through our live chat service.

Throughout the past year, our CS team has worked tirelessly to keep up with hundreds of new tickets daily and thousands of tickets in our backlog, all the while developing training materials and onboarding new team members. We have heard from you that responsiveness has been a significant pain point. Our continued effort and commitment to improving your customer experience is finally being realized.

With the ticket backlog behind us, we will be investing in quality improvement efforts to deliver the best-in-class customer experience. For the remainder of the year, we are focused on launching our quality assurance program in CS, specialized account management services, and delivering real-time support. In addition, we will engage more with you through customer surveys, feedback programs, and focus groups. We want to provide you with multiple channels to communicate with us about our services.

Not only have we made strides on improving your customer experience, but if you recently placed a shipment request, you likely noticed our shipping times have markedly improved. In August, we broke another record, shipping over 575K items! This is the second consecutive month we have increased our shipping output by more than 15% month over month. For the last three years, we averaged 285K cards shipped per month, while never shipping more than 360K cards in any given month. For the last four months, we averaged more than 465K cards shipped per month. We continue building our shipping team as we clear through our Economy backlog and prepare for Black Friday.

On the Listing Team side, we grew our team of Card Specialists by over 40%. This is a direct investment in increasing our listing capacity. Please stay tuned for further updates as we gear up for basketball, football, and hockey season. With all the recent developments in the Industry, Tim and I remain energized and focused on making COMC your favorite place to collect and the place you can count on to bring joy to your day.

Thank you,

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

COMC’s One Hundred Millionth Item Revealed

Earlier this summer, we announced that COMC would process the 100 millionth consigned item in company history. To celebrate this achievement, our founder & CEO Tim Getsch offered to buy the card for market value plus $1,000. We’re honored to share that we reached this incredible milestone, and the COMC user who consigned Item #100,000,000 accepted Tim’s offer to buy the card!

Proudly Presenting Our One Hundred Millionth Item. Congrats to COMC user lukew298 for Consigning Item #100,000,000.

Congrats to COMC User lukew298!

COMC Item #100,000,000 is a 2017 Topps Triple Threads Unity Jumbo Relic Auto numbered 32/75 of slugger Joey Gallo. The card was consigned through our Select processing service by COMC user lukew298. Officially added to the COMC marketplace on July 31st, 2021, the timing proved serendipitous as Joey Gallo had just been dealt to the New York Yankees!

COMC founder & CEO Tim Getsch bought the card from lukew298 for market value of $50 plus $1,000, in the form of COMC Store Credit. This card now holds a special place in Tim’s personal collection as an important piece of COMC history.

Congrats again to COMC user lukew298 on consigning the 100 millionth item! You can check out more of lukew298’s items for sale on COMC here.

Thank You For Choosing COMC!

This milestone and the overall growth of our company would not have been possible without the support and trust of our consignors, customers, and team members. Thank you for choosing COMC! We look forward to offering safe & easy trading card consignment for years to come and continuing to focus on fulfilling our mission to optimize your enjoyment of the hobby.

For the most recent progress updates regarding our shipping & fulfillment services, please see COMC president Julia Getsch’s August 2021 COMC Company Update.

COMC Company Update – August 2021

I am happy to report that we made significant gains over this last month on improving our shipping experience. This progress has allowed us to prepare for our first in-person event in almost two years at the National Sports Collectors Convention and will allow us in August to begin focusing on increasing our listing capacity once again.

In July, our young fulfillment team finally hit its stride. We saw increasing numbers of items ship each week and surpassed half a million cards shipped in July!  In my last update, I mentioned our goal was to get our Rushed shipping down to 5 days, and I am happy to report that we did it. We made a key organizational change that empowered the team to be more engaged, collaborative, and productive – an investment in retention. This change also better equipped our team to find and fix problems, which greatly reduced delays. July saw our millionth card pass through our new warehouse automation, which is a milestone demonstrating the scale to which we are now operating. Finally, we implemented a Shipping Dashboard to provide you real-time status on your placed orders, so you can track our progress.

In August, you should expect consistency and expediency in our Rushed and Express shipping services. You should also expect to see ship times steadily decrease for our Economy shipping service. Our goal is to get our Economy service under a month by the end of the year. Just as important, you should see fewer errors, closer in keeping with the standards we provided for over a decade as well as better accuracy in our quoted ship times.

In Q2, we shifted resources from our listing department to bolster our developing fulfillment team. This was never a long-term solution, as our listing facility is an hour’s drive from our new fulfillment facility and required a new level of investment from our staff. We were only able to accomplish what we did because of the dedication and care that our employees have for you, COMC, and the collecting experience. In August, we are investing our hiring efforts and support in our listing team, taking with us the lessons on scalability we learned in fulfillment.  

We are so grateful Tim and our team were finally able to meet with so many of you in person at the National after far too long. Hearing directly from you and brainstorming together has always been an amazing catalyst for growth and change at COMC. We have greatly missed these important interactions during the pandemic and look forward to connecting with you more frequently at upcoming events. I will continue sharing our progress with you, both celebrating our accomplishments and being transparent when we fall short. This is my commitment to our community, and we appreciate your continued support.

Thank you,

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

COMC Company Update – July 2021

COMC Company Update - A Message from the President Julia Getsch, July 2021

As we continue to focus on improving our shipping and customer service experience, I would like to share some important updates regarding our progress.

I previously relayed some challenges we have faced with staffing to support the hobby growth and get established in our new building. Throughout June, we continued adding more than five new team members per week to drive down our shipping times. The good news is that we reduced our Rushed Shipping turnaround by more than ten days in June.  A key focus of July is to get Rushed Shipping back down to 5 days and maintain that consistently going forward.

We discovered a particular growth pain in June that impacted delivery times. Due to an error in our system related to the move, some expensive items and large orders were not appropriately prioritized and, as a result, experienced additional delays. This was exceptionally painful for us, and this system issue is now resolved. Going forward, you should experience consistent improvements in ship times, especially for our Rushed and Express services.

While experiencing delays in shipping, many of you reached out to Customer Service. Those of you who have been with us for a while know that we pride ourselves on having industry-leading customer service and have high standards for our team. We hire collectors, and there is a lengthy onboarding process and learning curve to come up to speed on our one-of-a-kind system. Over the past year, with the industry growth and our compounding shipping issues, our customer service ticket volume has skyrocketed.  Here is what we have done in response:

  • We increased the size of our Customer Service team from 5 to 20 agents.
  • We built training resources so new team members are better equipped with the answers you need.
  • We extended CS support times to provide around-the-clock coverage.

In June, we reduced our ticket backlog from 12K to 6.5K. We are currently responding to 70% of tickets within 24 hours. As we continue working through the backlog of tickets, our CS team’s goal is to achieve a 100% response time in fewer than 24 hours by the end of July. Once we achieve this goal, we will resume offering real-time support during business hours to ensure we respond to and resolve your issues as quickly as possible. The mission of COMC has always been to “optimize enjoyment for collectors.” We are committed to improving your experience and regaining your trust. Tim and I will not stop until COMC is making you smile once again.

Thank you,

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

Join COMC at the Virtual Sport Card Expo June 19th-20th

*Updated July, 2nd 2021 with the names of the winners of the dice games, team match contests, box game prizes, box breaks, and updates on store credit. Scroll to the Post Expo Update section to learn more!

Event hosted and promoted by COMC Canada (COMC Consignment Corp).  

COMC will attend the Sport Card Expo – Virtual Edition on June 19th & 20th. Thanks to the sponsors of the show, attendance is free! We will be answering questions you may have on how COMC can be part of your hobby experience. Due to internal system limitations, we will not be able to respond to specific account user questions.

COMC will also be live streaming the two-day show on the COMC YouTube Channel.  Come and see why we were the most interactive booth last November. We are bringing all the excitement back, we made some improvements, and we are adding more fun!  We hope you’ll enjoy the experience!

For more details about the Sport Card Expo itself, and to register for the event, please visit the Virtual Sport Card Expo online at

Follow COMC on Instagram for more information and details on all of the action at our booth!

COMC Portfolio Review

Do you have selling or flipping targets you want to achieve?  Do you want some advice on how to get more out of COMC?  If so, email if you are interested in having one of our experts review your portfolio and offer suggestions on how to improve your selling experience.

Team Match Contest

30/30 Early Bird TMC* – Guess the team of one of the three cards we pull from a daily e-Pack of 2020-21 Series One.  Everyone who guesses correctly will receive $30 towards your next processing submission.  All correct guesses will go into a draw for an additional $30 store credit.  Limit one guess per contest per day. 

50/50 TMC* – Guess the team of one of the three cards we pull from a daily e-Pack of 2020-21 Series One.  Everyone who guesses correctly will receive $50 towards your next processing submission.  All correct guesses will go into a draw for an additional $50 store credit.  Limit one guess per contest per day. 

*Daily pack break will take place 5 minutes before the next scheduled event.  To redeem your processing prize, write “TMC Winner” on your submission form and we will apply store credit towards it.  Your submission must be postmarked by July 30, 2021.   Unused processing store credit prizes will be forfeited.  The six-store credit draw winners will be announced on our blog and awarded funds by June 30, 2021.

Virtual Dice Game

A COMC member will roll three dice on the account holder’s behalf for a chance to win prizes. Winners will be drawn the week of June 27th and will be announced on our Blog page. To claim your prize, email by July 31st and we’ll add the card to your account within two weeks. 

Limit one roll per account per day. Limit one prize per account. As a bonus, if your roll turns up three of the same value (1-1-1, 2-2-2, etc) you win an instant prize to be mailed to your residence. Various styles and sizes of t-shirts available while supplies last.

COMC Challenge V2

Stop by our booth and watch the fun and competition!  If you are a contestant, invite your family and friends to cheer you on!

The Challenge is a game show-style competition with 8 contestants guessing the card number of the card we hold up for viewing.  First correct guess scores 1 pt.  Use any available tools to guess the correct answer.  Only one guess per contestant per card.  This process is repeated for 10 minutes.  Every 5th card is the “money ball” where the first correct guess scores two points. The highest score after 10 minutes is the winner of a $25.00 store credit. All other participants will receive $5.00 store credit. You must have a COMC account and must be in the booth and share your video to participate.  Not sharing video may be subject to starting at a deficit.  You must be present 10 minutes before the contest begins. You can participate only once in the qualifying round.

Contestant registration is first-come, first-serve by emailing your selected time slots in order of preference to  We will send an email confirming you are registered, and we will update the blog when all spots are filled.

Include the following in your email: 

A) Your COMC account.  (For kids, it will be a parent’s or designates account)

B) Specify a choice of day and time, but it is preferred that you mention you are “OPEN” as spots may fill up fast and it’s easier for us just to assign you to an open slot.

Kids Edition:  Participants must be 12 years old and under and will receive an instant prize as well.  Winners will not participate in the playoffs.

Employee Invitational:  Some fun for staff members on their off time.  Top performers will participate in their own finals tournament.

We will also accept standbys in case registrants do not show up on time or they are unable to participate.  Let us know 15 minutes before the start of the next contest.

Second Place, Second Chance: With 6 daily winners and 8 playoff spots, there are two spots available for the top second-place winners to also compete in the playoffs.  Check back after 1:30pm Challenge Round to see if you qualify.  

Tournament of Champions Playoff:  The 6 daily winners plus the top second-place finishers compete for 4 spots in the finals.  In the event of a tie, sudden death will determine the finalists.  There is one 1st place prize of $50 store credit in the playoff round.

Tournament of Champions Finals:  The top 4 from Saturday and the top 4 from Sunday compete in the finals.  There will be 2 rounds of 8 minutes.  The second round will have 2 points awarded for a correct guess with 1 additional point on the money ball.  1st Place – $100 store credit; 2nd place – $50 store credit; 3rd place – $25 store credit.  In the event of ties for store credit prizes, sudden death will determine the winners.

Free Daily Box Breaks

We will be offering random team breaks to any COMC account holders who would like to participate.  Instead of first come, first, serve, we will draw entrants to represent the number of teams in that league.  Winners of the breaks will receive only the “hits” (inserts and rookie year cards, but no veteran base or commons) and must be at the booth to “pick up” their prize(s).   Winner cards will be processed into associated accounts within 3 weeks.

To improve efficiency, you can email your name, COMC username for both physical box breaks before the event begins, but you still will be required to acknowledge that you are at the booth daily.  We can then check off your name instead of recording all the details from scratch.

You can register for both box breaks each day but can only participate in one.  By default, if you were assigned a team in the first break, win or lose, your entry in the second break will be nullified.  Multi-team cards will be randomized among the teams involved.  Cards with no affiliated team assigned will be randomized among all participants.  Cards affiliated with a team that was relocated belong to the current franchise. For example, the Winnipeg Jets up to April 1996 belong to the Arizona Coyotes.

Free Upper Deck e-Pack Daily Box Breaks 

Same as above, but you must have an Upper Deck e-Pack account.  You can register for a free account here.  

You can email your name, e-Pack username for both e-Pack box breaks before the event begins, but you still will be required to acknowledge that you are at the booth daily.  We can then check off your name instead of recording all the details from scratch.

Winners must be at the booth to acknowledge and “pick up” their prize(s).  Winners will then have one week up to June 27th, 2021, to initiate a trade with our e-Pack account to facilitate a transfer of their prize.  

Daily Schedule

Subject to change. All times listed in PDT

Saturday, June 19

8:00am Show starts (stretch & warm-up)

8:45am 30/30 Early Bird Team Match Contest

9:00am COMC Challenge #1

9:30am COMC Challenge #2

10:00am COMC Challenge #3

10:30am COMC Challenge Employee Invitational

11:00am Upper Deck e-Pack Box Break #1

11:45am 50/50 Team Match Contest #1

12:00pm COMC Challenge #4

12:30pm COMC Challenge #5

1:00pm Box Break #1

1:45pm 50/50 Team Match Contest #2

2:00pm COMC Challenge #6

2:30pm COMC Challenge Tournament of Champions Playoff

3:00pm COMC Challenge Kids Edition

3:30pm COMC Challenge Employee Invitational

4:00pm End of day

Dice Game:  All day long

​Sunday, June 20

8:00am 30/30 Early Bird Team Match Contest

8:30am COMC Challenge #1

9:00am COMC Challenge #2

9:30am COMC Challenge #3

10:00am COMC Challenge #4

10:30am COMC Challenge Employee Invitational Finals

11:00am Upper Deck e-Pack Box Break #1

11:45am 50/50 Team Match Contest #1

12:00pm COMC Challenge #5

12:30pm COMC Challenge #6

1:00pm Box Break #1

1:45pm 50/50 Team Match Contest #2

2:00pm COMC Challenge Tournament of Champions Playoff

2:30pm COMC Challenge Tournament of Champions Finals

3:00pm End of show

Dice Game:  All day long

Disclaimer and fine print: These events are meant for fun, and we appreciate that your participation will be in the same spirit.  The rules and regulations have been thought through, but some factors may have been missed and will require rules to be implemented on the spot using our best common sense.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.  COMC credit prizes and instant prizes will be issued within 4 weeks of the show’s end date (July 20th).  Lastly, we hope everyone enjoys Father’s Day the best way possible.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. We hope you enjoyed the experience. There is considerable post-Expo work to take care of in addition to our regular processing and shipping duties. We will provide an update here twice per week in terms of progress related to the specific interactive event. We ask you to stay updated here and not to contact customer service unless it is outside the timelines provided. Without further ado, here are the winners of the Virtual Dice Game.

ROLL A 3, 4, OR 5 – 2019-20 Panini Chronicles Hall of Fame Autographs Purple #HF-LBI Larry Bird #21/25 – pholmes116

ROLL A 6 OR 7 – 2018-19 Panini NBA Hoops #268 Luka Doncic – Jcards23

ROLL AN 8 – 2018-1 Upper Deck SP Game Used Red Auto Jersey #60 Carey Price – kevinantunes

ROLL A 9 – 2017-18 Upper Deck #247 Brock Boeser RC – sapphirecore

ROLL A 10 – 2017-18 Panini Donruss Optic #188 Donovan Mitchell RC

– thecardgeek

ROLL A 11 – 2013-14 Panini Rookie Anthology Score Update #686 Nathan MacKinnon RC – Starbuckqc

ROLL A 12 – 2019 Topps Chrome #201 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. RC – Ericscards

ROLL A 13 – 2015-16 Panini Court Kings #114 Devin Booker RC – exodus

ROLL A 14 OR 15 – 2016-17 Upper Deck SP Game Used Draft Day Marks “O” #DDM-KC Kyle Connor #16/35 – fotoman1997

ROLL A 16, 17, OR 18 – 2020-21 Upper Deck #201 Alexis Lafreniere RC – SD

To claim your prize, email with your name and username before 23:59:59 PDT July 31, 2021.  This email is strictly for use to handle trade show prize claims.  Any other customer service-related issues must be sent to

T-Shirt winners in the Virtual Dice Game currently have their prizes retrieved for shipping.

COMC Box Game Prizes

  • Store credit issuance completed.

COMC Challenge Prize Distribution

  • All prize winners being reviewed for accuracy prior to issuing of store credit issue.  Target date – July 9th
  • Kids prizes are in transit for mail delivery.  Target date – July 9th

E-Pack Box Breaks

  • Prizes are being matched back to claimants.
  • Once confirmed, trades will be issued to the e-Pack account holders.  Target date – July 9th

Physical Box Breaks

  • Prizes are being matched back to claimants.
  • Once confirmed, processing orders will be created to COMC account holders.  Target date – July 9th.  Cards to be added to winners’ accounts by July 16th.

 Team Match Contests

  • Processing Winners must send submissions postmarked before August 1st, 2021; Store credit winners will be issued their prize by July 2nd
  • $30 Processing Winners – Woogie23, Starbuckqc, TD63, asromano, Brody99
  • $50 Processing Winners – lvantresca, Szelzki, lizzietoon (2x), fotoman1997, letch77, Mikescard79, Asblendorio, jkadlitz, jmcquillan, CaptainOrv, bgoraj, costa1000, pholmes116
  • $30 Store Credit Winners – Starbuckqc, TD63
  • $50 Store Credit Winners – lizzietoon, Mikescards79, jkadlitz, pholmes116

T-Shirt winners in the Virtual Dice Game to be shipped out next week.

COMC Challenge Prize Distribution

  • Main Prizes issued.  Kids Challenge store credit target date – July 8th
  • Kids prizes are either mailed (Canada) or in transit for mail delivery (USA).    

E-Pack Box Breaks

  • Once confirmed, trades will be issued to the e-Pack account holders.  Target date – July 9th

Physical Box Breaks

  • Prizes set to be processed into COMC account holders.
  • Cards to be added to winners’ accounts by July 16th.

COMC Company Update – June 2021

From the very beginning, I have been fortunate to be a part of COMC’s growth and continued efforts to optimize your joy in the hobby. Today, I have an important message to address many of the concerns raised over the past few months regarding our current shipping experience.  

In most of our history, COMC has been known for reliable shipping and customer service.  Starting with the launch of our support for eBay auctions, which carried into the global pandemic of 2020, and combined with the tremendous growth of our industry, our ship times have lagged significantly. The most critical factors impacting our ability to fulfill shipment requests have been adapting our processes to operate in the pandemic, a labor shortage as a result of the pandemic, and running out of warehouse space. We are collectors here at COMC and genuinely feel the frustration that shipping delays have caused.

For full transparency, in March 2020, we shipped over 25K packages with an average ship time of under 3 days. While our capacity has steadily increased over the months, our average ship time has gotten worse due to transitioning and onboarding at the new location.  For perspective, in May 2021 we broke a COMC record by shipping over 45K packages; and while this is great news, we are working to get our shipments out in a more consistent and reliable time frame. Rest assured that we have a plan and are committed to getting there.

In the last 3 months we moved our entire packaging department to our new facility where we installed new warehouse automation, and we have improved our recruiting, onboarding, and training. COMC is focused on continued shipping improvements and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we adjust to our new location, team, and equipment. 

Additionally, in response to the situation: 

  • We are currently hiring 5-10 new team members per week with the goal of growing the company to 400 employees by the end of 2021.

  • Every outgoing card is now individually barcoded, which is a tangible, new improvement to ensure accuracy.

  • We have increased our Customer Service support with 10 new hires since February 1, 2021.

  • We have created several new support roles on-site dedicated to expediting orders.

COMC takes the delivery of your valued assets seriously and will continue to prioritize improvements to reduce shipping turnaround times. Company-wide, from top to bottom, our teams are working around the clock to resolve overdue orders.  We truly regret any inconvenience our delays have caused you. 

On a personal note, Tim Getsch (COMC CEO & Founder) and I are on the ground at our new location, working closely with the team to ensure our success. I am committing to reporting the improvements COMC is making every month as the trading card industry continues to grow and evolve. I look forward to sharing these regular updates about how COMC is providing quality and integrity in the delivery of your collectibles. 

Thank you,

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are Coming!

Get ready! The COMC Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale is coming THIS FRIDAY!

Our Sellers will be SLASHING prices on their cards!
Don’t wait, the best deals will go fast!

All orders of $99 or more on COMC from November 29th through December 2nd will be eligible to receive free shipping!

Terms: All shopping cart orders and COMC Member shipment requests must contain at least $99 worth of items purchased during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale to qualify for the free shipping promotion. Sales tax, per-item shipping fees, duties paid, and shipping add-ons such as supplies do not apply towards $99 threshold. Items purchased prior to the sale can be included in your shipment request but do not count towards the $99 threshold.

If using your COMC account, items must be purchased in Simplified Shipping Mode to qualify. All items purchased in advanced reseller mode are still subject to their per-item shipping fees)  All non-qualifying shipments of $99 or more will still receive free shipping, but will be charged their regular per-item shipping fees (i.e. items purchased in Advanced Reseller Mode, transferred from ePack, or items consigned and being returned to the seller).

Orders shipped to Canada will still be subject to delivered duties paid.

Your Order = Your Entry to WIN!

We’re Giving you FOUR CHANCES to win throughout Black Friday Weekend! Your order is your entry into one of four exclusive contests to win!

Place an order or shipment request on the corresponding date to be entered to win the following cards:

Terms: One entry per person per day. Orders must be placed on on the corresponding day of prize to be entered to win. Qualifying orders can be from any shipping service level and can be guest shopping cart, COMC member shopping cart, or COMC member shipment request from account. Winners announced on December 6th, 2019.

No Purchase Necessary: Visit the COMC Blog on November 27th, 2019 for a corresponding no purchase necessary giveaway.

Exclusive Social Media Giveaways!

Follow our social media pages for even more great giveaways throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The only way to get involved in the action is to follow all three of our accounts above!

Throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday we’ll be offering our social media media followers a chance to win one of FOUR contests for some very cool cards & prizes.

The Advantages of Using Your FREE COMC Account!

The biggest advantage for COMC members during our Black Friday Sale is our buy now-ship later feature. While you’re shopping on COMC, items in your shopping cart are not reserved, and can be purchased by other collectors. Using your COMC account to instantly purchase items with store credit will prevent other shoppers from snagging those too-good-to-be-true deals that you have your eye on.

By using your COMC account and purchasing items using COMC Credit, you get to decide when you want your items shipped to you! This key feature is also perfect for grouping your items together until you’ve spent enough to achieve our free shipping promotion.

With COMC Credit, you can buy a few items on Friday, a few more on Saturday and Sunday, and come back on Monday to scoop up a ton of last-minute deals. All of those items will stay safe within your COMC account until you’re ready to place a shipment request for them. When you buy with your COMC account, your item stay safe in our warehouse until you’re ready to ship them.

Need Help? We’re Here For You!

Any questions? Our friendly Customer Service Team is always ready to help out! In order for us to most efficiently and effectively handle the increased volume of requests over the Black Friday weekend, please send an email to and allow for up to 48 hours for response.

Please note that our offices will be closed on November 28th in observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

To best accommodate the increased volume of customer support requests, our team will not be available via phone throughout our Black Friday Sale. Phone service will resume on Tuesday, December 3rd. Please send your inquiry or request for help via email, and our team will respond promptly. Thank you.

COMC Auction Details Revealed!

The COMC Auction Service is

Below you’ll find all of the details on how you can submit new items or items from your COMC Inventory to be included in our first wave of auctions.

Our First Auctions Kick Off on December 29th!

COMC Auctions

COMC is the safe and easy way to buy and sell trading cards. Starting December 29, 2019, we will hold new 7-day $0.99 auctions every week on our industry-leading eBay Store. For more than a decade, our unwavering commitment to the integrity of the hobby and our passion for innovation has provided us with a strong base of devoted buyers and sellers.

The trading card market is budding with more excitement now than ever before, so we’re pleased to include eBay auctions among our offerings to get sellers maximum value for their rarest and most sought after items. Our goal is to provide our customers with satisfaction in knowing their valuable collectibles will receive the proper attention and exposure they deserve.

COMC is your trusted partner in trading card consignment.

Submission Process

How to Submit a New Consignment

COMC Auctions are the easiest way to sell your investment quality trading cards on eBay.

  1. Sign in to your COMC account. Register for a free account if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Complete the online Submission Wizard and print the submission slip.
  3. Securely package your items along with the submission slip and ship to the address we provide.

How to Submit Cards from Your COMC Account

COMC customers can easily send items to auction that are already in their account.

  1. Find the item you want to submit in your Inventory Manager.
  2. Click on the Actions menu.
  3. Select “Send to Auction”.
  4. Select the eBay Auction service.
  5. Submit the item.
And that’s it! Our team will take care of the rest:

Assess the authenticity and condition of your item.

Identify your item using our proprietary catalog.

Display high-resolution images of your item’s front and back.

Create a descriptive auction title.

List your item in our weekly 7-day $0.99 eBay auctions.

Promote your item in the Search Results for increased exposure to buyers.

Facilitate payment from the winning bidder.

Issue payment to your COMC account Store Credit balance.

Handle end-to-end customer service for buyers and sellers.

Fulfill shipping and handling.

Early Bird Special!

Early Bird Special – All auction submissions we receive before December 6 will receive a discounted $2.50 minimum Transaction Fee.

The Early Bird Special is available for both items in your COMC account as well as new auction consignments.

To assist with the high volumes, all Early Bird Special submissions will have a fixed due date of December 20 to enter your COMC account. The auction will begin December 29 and end January 5, 2020.

Listing Schedule

We list new 7-day $0.99 eBay auctions on seven days a week. Items submitted through the Auction Service Level will be added to your COMC account for review approximately one week after it is received by COMC. While you will be able to view your items consigned through the eBay Auction service level, you will not be able set a price and list them for sale on the COMC Marketplace. Your items will be included in the next week’s auction after they enter your account.

COMC Auctions on Ebay submission timeline

Single Trading Cards Only

The auction format currently only supports single trading cards.

This selling format is suitable for cards with a $25 minimum auction value.

For items valued below $25, we recommend using our traditional consignment services.

Auction and Store Credit Fees

When the buyer pays for the auction payment is issued to you as Store Credit to your COMC account, less fees. Please review the Store Credit Fees below to determine your total fees.

There are no up-front fees to submit items for auction consignment. The Transaction Fee at the completion and buyer payment of the auction is based on the auction sale price of each single card listing.

*Early Bird Special – Consignments received before December 9, 2019 cards receive a discounted minimum Transaction Fee of $2.50 per item.

Store Credit Fees (optional)

Submission Guidelines

Please review the following submission guidelines prior to sending in your COMC Auctions consignment.

  1. COMC Auctions currently offers support for single trading cards only.
  2. Auction consignments must be sent with tracking and required signature confirmation upon delivery via your preferred package delivery service. We recommend one-day shipping such as USPS Express for more valuable submissions.
  3. Ungraded cards must be shipped to us in card savers, toploaders, or One-Touch magnetic cases to ensure maximum protection during transit and processing. Screw-down cases are not accepted.
  4. COMC recognizes the following third-party grading companies:
    PSA, SGC, BGS, BVG, BCCG, and KSA.
    Cards graded by any other companies are not supported and cannot be listed for sale. We encourage you to review our Supported Trading Cards policy to ensure all the items in your consignment will be accepted.

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Spin-to-Win Prize Wheel Drawing Results (2019 National Convention)

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth earlier this month at the 2019 National Sports Collector’s Convention in Chicago and spun our Spin-to-WinPrize Wheel!

Now that we’re back home and have tallied all of the entries,it’s now time to announce our winners!

$500 COMC Credit Grand Prize:

$250 COMC Credit:
Tmgrnzx9r (Eric S.)

$100 COMC Credit:
chn7171 (Connor N.)

1956 Topps Ernie Banks (JAS Certified Autographed):
390in1980 (Rich L.)

2015-16 UD The Cup – Limited Logos PatchAuto Jonathan Toews:
Kyle_AJ_Cards (Andrew W.)

2007-08 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Michael Jordan PSA 10:
Lee4420 (Albert A.)

2017 Panini Spectra Patch Auto Mitchell Trubisky BGS 9:
Dshimster (David S.)

(Winners can expect their prizes to appear in their COMC accounts shortly.)

We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and spun the prize wheel! We had an incredible time in Chicago and met with thousands of collectors, heard your stories, and listened to your feedback on how we can improve going forward!

We look forward to seeing everyone next year for The National inAtlantic City, New Jersey!