Why I love our shipping fees

There are many great sites out there for finding cards that people have posted themselves. So today I decided to find a bunch of cards of one of my favorite players.

Beckett Marketplace
I first went to the Beckett Marketplace and pretty quickly found 102 cards that I wanted. The problem was that they were all split across 35 different sellers. My total shipping came to $90.07.

With our service you always get combined shipping because everything is stored in our warehouse. For 102 cards my shipping would have been $28.25 on our site, and if I use a free account and wait until the last week of the month, I can get that shipping down to $22.80 with the bulk shipping discount.

Next I tried Sportlots where I found 52 cards that I wanted. Here the cards where spread across 19 different sellers. They really try to offer extremely cheap shipping. Yet the shipping still came to $24.37 for their budget service. With our service the shipping would have only been $15.75 and it would have been at least as good as their premium shipping service.

Finally I tried eBay where I found 25 cards that I wanted. Unfortunately the 5 sellers were asking $5+ for cards that I could get for $0.50 on the other sites. In any case, shipping would have $25.45 for the 25 cards. With our service shipping on 25 cards is only $9.

With other services shipping fees very quickly add up and are hard to keep under control. With COMC.com you can count on quality shipping for around a quarter a card. This is $0.25 to $0.75 per card less than the other sites. These savings allow buyers to pay less out of pocket while sellers are putting more into their pocket. Ahh… the magic of efficiency. I love this hobby, and I love working hard to make Check Out My Cards a great service for my fellow collectors.

eagle flies to the top

It has been a long time coming, but after 2+ years of offering our consignment service, we finally have a seller that has more cards for sale than my original LowPriceCards account.


eaglescards is a shop owner from the Seattle area. After sitting down with him and comparing his eBay numbers for the past year to his Check Out My Cards numbers, it became obvious that he was better off sending his cards to us to sell.

Even though our 20% cash-out fee sounds high to some, it is actually amazingly low. Once you factor in all the other expenses required to sell on eBay, it turns out that most sellers are paying 30-40% of their final sales to eBay, PayPal, shipping fees, listing fees, labor costs, supplies, and the list goes on.

eBay definitely has its place. There are some cards that are hot and should be sold at auction. But it turns out that the majority of a persons collection will sell better with a Buy it Now or Best Offer pricing. That is exactly what we offer.

1984-85 Star #195 - Michael Jordan OLY ! - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

Since we are doing everything in large volume, we are able to cut costs way lower than everyone else. For example, our shipping rates are $3 for the first card and $0.25 for each additional card. Our average order is about 10 cards. That is $5.25 for shipping of 10 cards or just over $0.50/card.

eaglescards thought his buyers were getting a better deal on shipping from him on eBay because he was offering $2.50 flat shipping on any number of won auctions. The thing is, the majority of the time people only buy 1 card. It turned out they were paying about $2 shipping per card. That is 4 times what we charge on average per card. This is extra money that buyers could be spending on actual cards instead of paying for shipping overhead. This is the advantage of having one warehouse with nearly 1 million cards to choose from.

Needless to say, eaglescards is set to start soaring. He is now actively buying collections and sending them our way.

2006-07 Finest Refractors #101 - Greg Oden/399 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com 1999-00 Upper Deck Sixth Sense Quantum Silver #SS6 - Peter Forsberg/100 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

1959 Topps #10 - Jim Brown - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com 1961 Topps #300 - Mickey Mantle - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com