Check Out Your Grades! – February BGS Grading Returns

The calendar has turned yet again which means it’s time for a fresh installment of Check Out Your Grades! In this monthly series, we share our favorite items that have been submitted by members of the COMC Nation to BGS Grading via their COMC account . February was one of the busiest months that we’ve ever seen for grading returns! Last month, owners of items from the recently released Upper Deck ePack sets such as 2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions and 2017-18 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey sets saw their grading submissions returned in abundance.

Did you know that you can submit any item in your inventory manager via the actions menu to BGS for grading or to COMC for our weekly Condition Review? Not only will your cards be graded within six weeks, but they’ll have a chance to be showcased in our monthly blog series!

Supporting graded and encased cards

I am currently adapting our system to start supporting graded cards and other encased cards. These cards are going to take longer for us to process, they will use significantly more storage space, they will cost more to insure, and they will cost more to ship.

We are planning to charge $1 for the processing fee and $1 for shipping. Normal raw cards will stay $0.20 for processing and $0.20 for shipping, but we will also bump the maximum shipping fee from $20 up to $30.

Let me know what you think about these proposed fees.