COMC Breakers is Now Here!

COMC is excited to announce our latest option to utilize your COMC store credit. Break the latest and hottest products today!

COMC Breakers Launches July 25th!

We are now offering our customers a new way to utilize their COMC Store Credit on the COMC marketplace. With COMC Breakers we’re giving customers access to their favorite products easily via your COMC Store Credit.

Only pay for the price of the box with COMC Breakers! After your break, COMC and its Breakers will cover the shipping and processing for your cards to be directly added to your COMC inventory! Quickly and easily sell, vault, or grade your hits! COMC Breakers is the fastest hands-free service from the break to grading to marketplace!

Featured Breakers

BullpenLA: From your favorite modern releases to the rarest boxes in the hobby, the Bullpen has it all! Bullpen Sports is about bringing fun back to the hobby, both in person and online.

Online breaks – Socials – IG: @bullpenla, FB: BullpenLA, Twitter: BullpenLA

GameTime Cardz: Loaded with Sports Cards, Pokémon, & Memorabilia, Gametime Cardz has the products for your hobby needs! Gametime Cards is a sports cards, memorabilia, and gaming store for collectors of all ages.

Socials – IG: gametimecardz407, FB: gametimecardz, Twitter: GameTime407

RippingWax: Ripping Wax is a true pioneer in the sports cards and collectibles industry, and the #1 source for group pack openings–also known as “breaking”. Ripping Wax’s “breaks” give serious hobbyists and beginners alike the opportunity to collect the cards they love.

Socials – IG: rippingwaxinc, Twitter: RippingWax

To find all our break listings visit the COMC Marketplace and search “Personal Break”. We hope you are as excited as we are for COMC Breakers and bringing the COMC customers closer to new product and big hits! Learn more here! COMC Breakers Information Page & FAQ’s

For other questions or general information, please visit our Support page, or contact our friendly Customer Service team by emailing or clicking the red Support button on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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