COMC Breakers: Information Page & FAQs

COMC is excited to announce our latest option to utilize your COMC store credit. Break the latest and hottest products today! Read below for full details on the service. 

What is the cost to process cards from my COMC Breakers?

There is no additional cost outside of the price of the break spot itself.

What breakers are currently available for COMC Breakers?

Right now, we are offering breaks with BullpenLA, GameTimeCardz, and Ripping Wax Inc. Others will be added at a later date. -link-

How do I join a break spot for COMC Breakers?

Search Personal Break in the search bar of the marketplace. -link-

What type of Breaks will be available with COMC Breakers?

For now, we’re just offering Personal Box Breaks, we hope to add more options and configurations in the future.

A Personal Box Break is the purchase of the entire box by one user. We do not offer Team or Player breaks through any of our breaking partners at this time.

What cards will be processed when I buy a box?

Hits – Autographs, Memorabilia, Case hits, SP/SSP, Serial Numbered, Star Rookie Parallels

Semi-Hits – Rookies, Bowman 1sts, Non-Numbered Parallels, Tier 3 base cards (National Treasures, Flawless, etc.)

Veteran base and base inserts will NOT be processed to your account.

The breaker may use their discretion for veteran base or base inserts that should be processed due to value

Can I ship cards rather than add them to my COMC account?

Cards from breaks are first added to your COMC account. However, once in your COMC account, you may interact with them like any other card in your inventory, including making a shipment request.

How fast will my cards be deposited into my account?

Cards hit from the COMC Breakers program will be processed into your COMC account within 2 weeks after the break.

When do the Breakers ship my hits to COMC?

Breakers must send all hits to COMC within 24-48 hours.

What if I hit a redemption card or Panini Points?

All redemptions and Panini Points cards will be processed into your COMC account and may be included in your next shipment request. COMC will not scratch/redeem cards on your behalf. 

May I send cards from my breaks directly to be graded?

Please let the breaker know during your livestream if you wish for any of your hits to be submitted to third-party grading. The breaker will provide the card with a penny sleeve and card saver, the card will then be submitted by our Team to the third-party grader of your choice. 

Where do I watch my break and how will I know when my break is live?

Follow the QR code on the back of the tiles or the link in the condition notes to view the breakers schedules and streams.

May I cancel or withdraw from a break?

It is not possible to cancel or withdraw from a break.

For other questions or general information, please visit our Support page, or contact our friendly Customer Service team by emailing or clicking the red ‘Support’ button on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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