Elite Items

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COMC Elite is the premier experience for high-end trading cards. When it comes to selling your valuable collectibles, you need a trusted partner. COMC Elite consignments are handled from end-to-end by a dedicated team of experts with decades of trading card expertise.

The high-resolution images we create for Elite items are the best in the industry. Your item will be brilliantly showcased so it can attract buyers and realize the maximum sale price.

COMC Elite FAQ’s:

Which cards are Elite services best for?

The Elite service is for raw and graded single trading cards with a sale value of more than $50.
The maximum list price for a non-Elite item is $100. Additionally, all items must be processed through Elite to become eligible for auction. There is a $2 fee to upgrade a non-Elite item so you can ask more than $100.

Which Elite processing service is best for me?

COMC eBay Auctions is the easiest way to sell your items valued at $25 or more quickly. Your items are listed the week after they enter your account and there are no up-front fees. We make the auction process easy and the commission fee will be assessed at the conclusion of the auction. Please review our COMC Auctions page for a full explanation of our auction service including a breakdown of the commission fee structure.

Elite 1 Week processing service gives you the best of both worlds, providing you with the most flexibility with your valuable items. You can list an Elite item with a fixed asking price and field offers or send it to auction on eBay whenever you want at no extra charge. Elite 1 Week service always gives you full control of your price and listing format.