COMC at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA: August 18–21


COMC is excited to announce our presence at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. Whether you’re new to COMC or a long-time user, be sure to come by our booth and say “Hello”! For more information about the show itself, please visit the official site.

The convention will be held at the Seattle Convention Center from Thursday, August 18th through Sunday, August 21st in Seattle, WA. COMC will have a team of employees on hand in the corporate area at Booth #215 to accept consignment submissions and to answer any and all questions about COMC!

Here are some of the services and events you can look forward to at our booth:

  • Consignment Drop-Off Center
  • Promotional Discounts on Submissions
  • Scratch-To-Win Cards
  • Giveaways, Games, and Prizes!

Where to Find COMC at the Show

COMC will be at the heart of the show located by the sky bridge in Booth #215!

Emerald City Comic Con Submission Promotion and Discount Requirements

Take advantage of this event-only promotion to submit your items at the Emerald City Comic Con using our Elite and Select services at a reduced price. If you have been waiting for a discount on submissions, now is your chance to save BIG: 40% off Elite & 30% off Select submissions for items submitted onsite between Thursday, August 18th and Sunday, August 21st!

  • Elite: write “ELITE40” on each Elite submission paperwork slip to receive 40% off your Elite submission’s total processing fee—normally $2.00/card, now $1.20/card! (There is no Elite submission minimum.)
  • Select: write “SELECT30” on each Select submission slip to receive 30% off your Select submission’s total processing fee—normally $1.00/card, now $0.70/card! (Select submissions must contain a minimum of 10 cards.)
  • This promotion only applies to Pokémon, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Marvel TCG, and Marvel cards. The discount does not apply to any comics and/or other TCG cards not listed.

Which Cards Are Best for Elite?

The Elite service is intended for raw and graded single trading cards with a sale value of more than $50. Elite items are guaranteed a 2-week turnaround time and are eligible to list at auction on eBay at any time.

Important Promotion Information

  • This discount does stack with other promotions: discounts such as eligible Fresh Pulls products can be combined with the discounts for this promotion!
  • The discount does not apply to the Mailbox package fee, toploader removal fee, or the missing/incorrect paperwork fee.
  • There is no maximum quantity limit; submit as many cards as you would like!
  • Items submitted to the Select service level are not eligible to be listed at auction on eBay; please use Elite processing for cards that you may want to list at auction.
  • For Select items, cards that need to be removed from protective holder (e.g. toploaders, pages, card savers, one-touches) incur an additional $0.50 processing add-on fee. There is no additional charge for cards submitted in penny sleeves per item.
  • For Select items, third-party graded cards and cards encased with a manufacturer seal incur an additional $0.50 processing add-on fee per item.
  • For Select and Elite items, oversized cards larger than 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ (modern size), 2 5/8″ x 3 3/4″ (vintage size), coins, and comic books incur an additional $3.00 processing add-on fee per item.

Important Submission Reminders

  • Each submission slip must have handwritten codes on the submission paperwork to qualify. There are no exceptions, and submissions without handwritten codes will not be eligible for a retroactive promotional discount.
  • Non-elite items submitted for reprocessing through the Elite service are not eligible for the discount.
  • Our mail-in submission services in the United States and Canadian offices are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Items must be submitted onsite at the Emerald City Comic Con between Thursday, August 18th through Sunday, August 21st in order to be eligible for the promotion discounts.

For questions regarding the eligibility of products, please email

Drop-Off Submission Information

We’re excited to offer our users the option to drop off their consignments at our booth. Whether you’ve already been preparing a new COMC submission or plan to consign cards you find at the show, save the cost of shipping by dropping off your submissions directly with COMC! Our team at the Emerald City Comic-Con will be accepting submissions for the following consignment services:

  • Elite
  • Fresh Pulls
  • eBay Auctions
  • Select
  • Standard

Minimum submission quantities and add-on fees still apply for drop-off submissions. Please review our COMC Selling Rates page for more information.

To speed up the drop-off process, please pack your items securely for shipment and print your submission paperwork in advance. Be sure to select the Drop Off @ Emerald City Comic-Con – Seattle, WA within the Submission Wizard as shown below:

We will have computer stations set up for consignors to use at the show. These stations often get busy during peak show hours, so we encourage you to print your submission slips in advance to make your drop-off process quick and easy!

Scratch-to-Win Prize Cards

Stop by our booth for your chance to win COMC Store Credit or free shipping! Just show one of our COMC team members at our booth your COMC account on your phone, and we will award you one (1) prize card with a scratch-off code. If you don’t have a COMC account, sign up for one now or while at the show, and you’ll receive a prize card, too!

The prize code can be redeemed online here. Log in to your COMC account and enter the prize code to reveal your prize. The prize code must be redeemed by 8/31/2022 to be valid. Limit one (1) prize card per COMC user.

Check out the prizes you could win!

  • $5.00 COMC Store Credit
  • $10.00 COMC Store Credit
  • $25.00 COMC Store Credit
  • $100.00 COMC Store Credit
  • $1,000.00 COMC Store Credit
  • Free Shipping*

*This promotional shipping credit expires 10/31/2022 and cannot be combined with other shipping promotions.

Giveaways and Prizes

Be sure to stop by our booth and register to win a SGC 9.5 2020 Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Charizard VMAX card we will be giving away.

Test your knowledge of TCG cards with games and contests we will have as well. Plus, come hang out for live breaks we will be doing at our booth and sign up to win the cards from the breaks.   

We’ll See You in Seattle!

Our team is excited for this highly regarded show in our beautiful hometown of Seattle and to connect with members of both the COMC and TCG communities. The Emerald City Comic Con is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the growth and also the future of the TCG hobby that we all love so much!

As the countdown to the show continues, stay tuned for more updates about COMC’s presence and promotions at the Emerald City Comic Con by following us on social media: InstagramFacebook, and Twitter!

Magic 2013 Pre-Release Processing Special

In anticipation of the upcoming Pre-Release of Magic 2013, we’ve decided to run a processing special! If you give us 20 Magic: The Gathering cards – any 20 Magic cards (excluding basic lands) – we will process any one item using our 1-week service for FREE.  Mail the item(s) in to us in the same package as the Magic cards, but separated out.  We’re happy to accept any volume of Magic cards for donation, but the maximum amount of cards eligible for free processing will be 500 per customer (Which would be processed for free if you sent them with 10000 Magic cards you send us). The deadline for this promotion is July 31st, so make sure your submissions are postmarked by then!
Basically if you’ve got some extra Magic cards lying around, this deal gives you One-Week service for the price of postage.  About 1300 Magic cards will fit into a Medium flat-rate box from the Post Office, and they charge $11.35 to ship it.  1300 Magic cards donated will net you 65 cards processed with one week service for $11.35, then, which is the equivalent of $0.13/card (including our normal batch fee).  Not too shabby!  If you use the special to send us oversize cards, the deal gets even better.

To recap:

  • 20 Magic The Gathering Cards = Free 1-week processing for a single item
  • Basic Lands are NOT eligible for this promotion
  • Graded cards and special sized items ARE eligible for free processing with this Promotion
  • The maximum amount of cards eligible for free processing will be 500 per customer
  • Submissions must be postmarked no later than July 31st to be eligible

Please make sure (especially if you have any Magic cards you want processed using this special) to clearly mark and seperate which cards you wish to give us from those you wish to have processed. Thanks!

Magic: Back on the Wagon

This is a great writeup by one of our most recently hired employees. I throughly enjoyed the read.



Hi, my name is Jeremy, and I’m a recovering nerd. Well, I suppose “recovering” isn’t entirely accurate. To be honest, just remove it from that first sentence and it’ll read more truthfully. I am a great big nerd. On July 10th, though, I revved it up into an arena of nerdiness I had sworn off for over ten years; I played in a sealed deck tournament of Magic: The Gathering, 2011 edition.

I was just out of elementary school when I bought my first Magic cards, and every dollar I obtained from ages ten to seventeen went into my cherished collection. Eventually, though, I gave all my cards to a friend and walked away. And now I’m back, sitting at Uncle’s Games in Bellevue, and signed up for the noon prerelease event that will kick off the brand new Magic edition.

1994 Magic the Gathering Revised Edition #62 - Demonic Tutor U :K: - Courtesy of In the processing department of Check Out My Cards I see a pretty wide variety of collectibles come through. I was surprised, though, how nostalgic I became the first time a seller sent us some of his old Revised-editions. “I used to have one of these,” I informed my coworkers, gesturing to a stern looking Demonic Tutor. They smiled politely, not understanding the deep significance. I decided then that it would henceforth be my mission to get more Magic cards up on the site.

This was my first time opening a booster pack in a decade, and as the clock slowly inched towards twelve, I found myself feeling nervous. A broad array of players were slowly filling the cozy shop, and I recognized all the old demographics: young kids accompanied by their parents, teens with their card collections in binders under their arms, a good number of men about my age, and a few older stalwarts in their forties and fifties. How many expansion sets of Magic have been released since I stopped playing? Twenty? I wonder to myself if I will even recognize the terminology. Two boys behind me are excitedly discussing the preview cards that Magic’s publisher, Wizards of the Coast, have displayed on their website. One is thrilled that his favorite is back for another round. “He’s not very good,” he concedes about the card, “Well… he’s pretty good. But he’s cool!” That’s the Magic I remember loving. It’s not just a deck; it’s a stack of cardboard heroes.

At 12:03 my name is called, and I’m handed six booster packs by the well-organized guys behind the counter. In my absence from the game I’ve occasionally peeked in, and it has seemed to me that every set of cards they release is stronger than the last. As I settle in at one of the sturdy wooden tables, I wonder to myself what overpowered monsters I’ll get to unleash. I open my first pack.

1993 Magic the Gathering Alpha #287 - White Knight U :W: - Courtesy of Every booster pack of Magic contains one rare card, and I quickly flip through to see what the first component of my arsenal will be. “Sealed Deck” tournaments are a different format than regular games of Magic. Each player receives a half a dozen boosters for a total of ninety cards, with which they make a deck of no less than forty. The number forty is misleading though, since almost half of a well-built deck will be different colored “land” cards to power the various spells. The staff at Uncle’s is well-stocked with each of the five lands, and as players finish their tinkering, they approach the register and are supplied with their land cards for free. Selecting which color of land to focus on is crucial for a tournament of this format. My first rare card is red, so as I open my second pack I cross my fingers for a run of good luck and another red rare. It’s a rare land card! I smile, since it is a combination of two colors, red and black. Sadly, my fortune turns. My third rare is white. I make my way through the rest. Green, another white, and then I find it: a third rare white called “Vengeful Archon”. My eyes boggle as I look at how powerful it is. White looks like my color today.

It takes me almost the entire time allotted to deck construction just to browse through my cards and learn their abilities, so as the clock runs out I simply grab my white and green cards and shuffle them together. The minimum deck size is forty cards, but mine weighs in at sixty, obese by sealed deck standards. My name is called out, and for my first game of Magic in a very long time I’m paired up with a teen named Michael. He was born the same year that Magic came out. I feel old.

Michael snagged three green powerhouse cards, and our best-two-out-of-three contest begins with my deck being staggeringly crushed. Back on my heels, I rally my forces and come back to snag a win in game two. Game three comes down to the wire, and on the last turn Michael plays a card that will be just enough to grant him victory — if he wins a required coin flip. He calls heads and I toss it up. Tails. I let out a sigh of relief and shake his hand. These are the moments that make Magic great.

I went on to win about half my games on Saturday. My cards were decent, but so were everyone else’s. Ryan, my final opponent, played a merciless white and black deck that was tuned to perfection, and it was honestly a pleasure to lose to him. Everyone I met at the tournament was incredibly nice, and the sense of overall sportsmanship was tremendous. In the end, my white card that I thought would win me every match wasn’t so overpowered after all. As big and scary as he looked, he didn’t exist in a vacuum, and my opponents were all inventive and impressive in dealing with him. Omar cast a spell that returned him to the top of my deck, and then forced me to discard him. John, a smiling father accompanied by his son and “life coach” Cole, exiled my card to another dimension. It was nice to be proven wrong about my assumptions, and it was even better to see the strong and diverse following that Magic still enjoys.

When I finally had to leave for the day, I drove away feeling that the Magic brand is being well taken care of by Wizards of the Coast. The feel of the game has changed a bit since my younger days, but listening to the energized chatter surrounding me on Saturday I know that the soul is still the same. The crowd surrounding my old hobby is just as enthusiastic and diverse as ever, and they felt like old friends. I don’t intend to dive back into the hobby – I have responsibilities, and a lot less free time now that I’m out of school. All my new cards from Saturday will be posted up for sale on COMC in my Jester account. At the same time, though, I think I would quite enjoy another sealed deck tournament. Since Saturday, my brain has been hard at work coming up with new strategies and card combinations that will surely grant me victory in the future. Hi, my name is Jeremy, and I am still a nerd.