COMC Breakers is Partnering with CGC Grading!

Free Express Grading & 50% Off Economy Grading When You Hit Big!

Break and Grade with COMC!

COMC is excited to present our latest offering featuring COMC Breakers and CGC! With the release of 2022 Panini National Treasures Football & 2022 UD Marvel Masterpieces we wanted to celebrate the occasion by offering an amazing grading promotion sponsored by CGC! When you hit big you can receive FREE Express Grading or 50% OFF Economy Grading. There will be two sponsored break times that will take place on Friday, August 18th with Bullpen Sports HQ and Monday, August 21st with Ripping Wax Inc. There is a limited quantity of boxes available on the COMC Marketplace so hurry over and purchase your box today! To see all hits that are eligible for this promotion please see below.

Break times are as follows:

Bullpen Sports HQ: Friday August 18th 12:00 PM PST on YouTube: BullpenLA

Ripping Wax Inc: Monday, August 21st 11:00 AM PST on Instagram: rippingwaxinc

Below are the criteria for what will qualify for grading discounts with CGC:

2022 Panini National Treasures Football 

Breakers – RippingWax Inc. & Bullpen Sports HQ

  • 50% Off Grading (Economy Service)
    • Autographs and Rookies #’d to 25 or less
  • Free Grading (Express Service)
    • All true RPAs, horizontal RPAs #’d to 25 or less, Laundry Tags /5, Brand Logos /2, NFL Shields /1, any other 1 of 1s

2022 Marvel Masterpieces

Breakers – BullpenLA

  • 50% off Grading (Economy Service)
    • Case Hits
    • Mirage
    • Metallurgy
    • Preserved in Amber
    • Artist Autograph
  • Free Grading (Express Service)
    • Sketch Cards and Cards #’d to 10 or less

BullpenLA: From your favorite modern releases to the rarest boxes in the hobby, the Bullpen has it all! Bullpen Sports is about bringing fun back to the hobby, both in person and online.

Online breaks: YouTube: BullpenLA Socials – IG: @bullpenla, FB: BullpenLA, Twitter: BullpenLA

RippingWax Inc: Ripping Wax is a true pioneer in the sports cards and collectibles industry, and the #1 source for group pack openings–also known as “breaking”. Ripping Wax’s “breaks” give serious hobbyists and beginners alike the opportunity to collect the cards they love.

Socials – IG: rippingwaxinc, Twitter: RippingWax

For questions regarding the breaks, please email

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