Commission Structure Changes – Cashing Out, Blowout Gift Card Rates, & Legacy Store Credit Update

Hello COMC Nation!

We hope that you had a fantastic Holiday Bonus Sale! Now that 2019 is here we want to tell you about some changes that have gone into effect today on COMC. Some of these changes were already covered in our previous announcement regarding changes coming in 2019.

Cashing Out COMC Credit for Paypal/Check:

Our 20% Cash-Out Fee has been replaced with a 10% Cash-Out Fee and a 5% Transaction Fee. The specific details of this change can be found in-depth in our earlier blog post.

Cashing Out COMC Credit for Blowout Cards Gift Cards:

Our rates for redeeming COMC Store Credit for a Blowout Cards Gift Cards have changed as well. Out with the old, and in with the new:

Legacy COMC Credit Explained

To qualify for cash outs under our new commission structure, COMC credit must either be earned after January 1st, 2019. Store credit earned prior to this date is considered Legacy COMC Credit. While this credit will spend the exact same as new COMC credit earned in 2019 and beyond, the key difference between Legacy COMC Credit and new COMC Credit earned after January 1st is that it Legacy COMC Credit cannot be cashed out until it has been converted to new COMC Credit via the Request Refund page.

When Legacy COMC Credit is converted to New COMC Credit, a 5% conversion fee is assessed, and the credit is now eligible to be cashed out under the new commission structure. Alternatively, if you have Legacy COMC Credit in your account, you can simply choose to wait until January 1st, 2020 when the concept of Legacy COMC Credit is retired, and any existing Legacy COMC Credit still in your account will be automatically converted to new credit without the 5% conversion fee.

Legacy COMC Credit only needs to be converted to New COMC Credit if you wish to cash out. Otherwise, it spends exactly the same as credit earned after January 1st on COMC. When you use COMC Credit to consign items, make offers, buy items, request a shipment, or pay for any other COMC services, we will use up your Legacy COMC Credit first. When you Cash-Out COMC Credit, we will use the new COMC Credit first.  We will always use the credit that is most advantageous for you.

Regardless of how you use your Legacy Store Credit, you will ultimately be better off than before with our previous 20% cash-out fee. If you wish to maximize your cash out earnings, the best option would be to wait until January 1st, 2020, when all COMC credit, regardless of when it was earned, is eligible for the new commission structure. Waiting until this date to cash out Legacy COMC Credit will allow you to circumvent the 5% conversion fee, putting that savings directly into your pocket.

If you still have questions, our Customer Service Team is here to help! Simply send an email to and our team will get back with you shortly. Happy New Year and here’s looking forward to a great year of collecting!

4 thoughts on “Commission Structure Changes – Cashing Out, Blowout Gift Card Rates, & Legacy Store Credit Update

  1. Is the option for finding out which of our cards are listed on ebay etc in operation yet and I am just missing it? I thought with increased security fee it might deter most from putting insane prices on cards but was totally wrong. I was scrollong forever and still didnt see 1 of my cards, yet plenty that should be $20-$50 at most are listed in the thousands.

    I dont find that very encouraging that legit priced cards would get left off so cards that will never sell can be seen.

    • It’s been a week and there are no explanations or any information or what so ever about this. This is a very terrible public relations job from comc and the worst thing is that it seems that comc doesn’t feel like they have to tell anything.

      If the comc user comunity would be more active…

  2. Question: when I sell an old base card on the site for .17 cents (keep in mind I paid more than that years ago to add it to the site, you since added the mandatory .25 cents on top and now a mandatory COMC commission) and my net is a LOSS…..why does it say, “You got $0.17!”? It really bothers me that COMC has highlighted my loss, and their win, with an explanation point.

    • We’re sorry that bothers you. When making changes to the ‘Your Recent Sales’ section of the dashboard to coincide with our 2019 changes, consideration was not given for the numerous different selling scenarios (selling, flipping, selling at a loss, etc), and all sales receive the same standardized text, which includes the exclamation mark.

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