COMC Mailbox Service

COMC Mailbox is an easy way to consolidate your online card purchases through a US-based address for eventual sale (on COMC) or bundled shipment.

Mailbox Has Many Advantages

  • Buy cards from sellers around the world and ship them to your COMC account
  • Bundle cards to send to yourself later
  • Price, ship, or vault cards added to your account within 2 weeks of delivery

How It Works

When COMC receives a package addressed to your Mailbox, we email you a notification and begin to process your cards. Ensure your COMC account is funded with COMC Store Credit, and once the cards are added to your COMC account fees will be charged.

How to Ship To A COMC Mailbox

COMC Mailbox Service FAQ

Why should users outside of the United States use COMC Mailbox?

Example: Canada

1. Save on shipping. Postage within Canada is less than to the United States. Sellers often pass these costs to the purchaser. Over time, these savings can be of significant benefit to the buyer.

2. Items are in transit for less time, reducing risk. Shipping within Canada typically is 5 business days or less. Shipping to the United States can take up to 3 weeks. Packages will also not be held up in customs. You can minimize the loss of a package in transit if it gets from point A to point B the fastest time possible.

How do I get started using a COMC Mailbox?

Open a free COMC account. Next, when you make an online card purchase ensure your mailing address reads as follows: Mailboxes
C/O [buyer’s COMC username]
6727 185th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052

For orders shipped from Canada, you can use the following address: Mailboxes
C/O [buyer’s COMC username]
4311 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 1J3

How much does it cost to send cards to a COMC Mailbox?

Note: If a card arrives in a toploader or one touch that is taped, dirty or scratched, or if the holder otherwise impedes our ability to take a quality image of the card, the holder will be removed and discarded.

Note: Beginning 9/23/2021 our Mailbox consignment service received a new upgrade. We now offer 50% off consignments for all newly released trading cards (within 90 days of the hobby release date) as part of our ongoing COMC Fresh Pulls promotion. The discount does not apply to the Mailbox package fee, the top-loader removal fee, or the missing/incorrect paperwork fee. For more detailed information regarding the COMC Fresh Pulls Promotion see our blog post:

When am I charged processing fees?

You are charged when the cards are deposited into your COMC account. A 50% discount on the processing fees will be made for items not processed within 2 weeks (excluding weekend days).

What is accepted through a COMC Mailbox?

Raw and graded single trading cards only. We do not recommend paying extra for items to be shipped to us in rigid cases such as magnetic one-touches, as we cannot promise that those cases will be preserved, and we do not carry or offer replacement cases of these types for packaging and shipping.

What about cards that arrive sealed?

Cards that arrive with actual manufacturer seals are processed intact, as these seals are intended to serve as a method of authentication or for long-term sealing. Occasionally, we find that some people confuse these manufacturer seals with simple logo tape or stickers. Cards that arrive with logo tape or stickers will be removed and processed without the case, as these seals are not sufficiently adhesive or designed to stay intact.

Once the cards are in my account, what can I do with them?

Once our team has processed the items in your mailbox submission, you will be notified via email. You can sell them on by pricing them for sale or mark them for shipment to your home. You must have sufficient funds in your account to pay for shipping. Cards processed through your Mailbox do not qualify for flat rate shipping. These cards will be subject to per item S&H.

What about bonus cards from the 3rd party sellers?

We will process ALL such cards that come in under your name at regular Mailbox processing rates. It is your responsibility to urge sellers to either not send bonus cards or mark them with a big X to signify they are just spacers or packing material.

What about base cards from a group/case break?

Same as above.

How do I let a sender know to not send me extra cards?

Here is an example of you could say to a seller: “This order is being sent to my COMC mailbox, and I am charged a per item fee. Please do not include bonus cards in this shipment. If you use extra cards as spacers or packing materials, please mark them with a big X so they are not processed.”

What happens if the seller sends me extra/bonus/filler cards anyway?

In order to provide our Mailbox customers with the best possible experience, we will at our discretion remove any items from your submission with an estimated value of less than $0.60 unless the cards fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Rookie
    • Parallel
    • Insert
    • Variation
    • 1st-Year Prospect

If we inadvertently remove any cards that you were intending to have processed, please contact Customer Service to let us know that you would like the removed cards processed into your account. Removed items will be donated to a charity after 90 days from the receipt date if unclaimed.

What happens if one of my cards is shipped by the seller but never arrives at COMC?

That is between you and the seller. COMC is not responsible in this case.

What happens if tracking information indicates the package was delivered to COMC but I get no confirming email and picture?

This probably means the package address included no specific username or the username was misspelled. Contact Customer Service with the specifics of the card, including a tracking number and estimated delivery date

How do I file a complaint or dispute a charge?

Contact Customer Service.

What happens if I forget to change my mailing address when ordering something other than a card and it arrives at COMC, addressed to my Mailbox?

You will be charged a $10 fee for the handling of anything not normally accepted through the Mailbox service. Also, you are responsible for any additional shipping costs associated with returning the item to you.

What if the 3rd party seller sends the wrong card?

In this case, please contact the seller to make arrangements to correct the situation. The item(s) will still need to be processed and deposited into your account. Once that happens, you can request shipment for the item(s) and specify the return address for the seller (or any other address you like), and then follow up with the seller regarding any needed compensation (such as S&H costs) for the requested shipment.

What if a card I do not recognize as mine ends up in my account?

If you suspect an error was made, please contact Customer Service with the details so that we may investigate the issue. Please do not list the card for sale or mark it for shipment to yourself.

Do you accept Panini Points cards?

No, we do not because we cannot verify whether they have been used already.