Selling Rates

Sell Your Sports Cards and Collectibles Online: Rates

All COMC processing levels include actual images of the front and back of each item, identification, and 90 days of free storage. ALL items (including filler/bonus/decoy items and unsupported items) submitted to COMC will be processed according to the below service rates. Processing fees are not charged until items are added to your account. For submissions with guaranteed due dates, any item deposited after its due date will automatically have its processing fee discounted by 20% upon deposit. All processing times are calculated as business days.

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Trading Cards

Standard Processing Services

*12 Week Services temporarily suspended until further notice

Effective January 1st, 2021, “Current-Year 3 Week” submissions may only include 2020-2021 or newer dual-year and 2020 or newer single-year products. If any cards are from other products, a $5.00 Missing/Incorrect Paperwork Fee will be assessed and the entire submission will be processed as 3 Week with a non-guaranteed due date. We welcome you to submit your modern cards from prior years to our other standard processing services!

Elite Services

*Commission fee will be assessed at the conclusion of the auction. Please review our COMC Auctions page for a full breakdown of the commission fee structure.

COMC Auctions on eBay is the easiest way to quickly sell your items valued at $25 or more. We list new 7-day $0.99 eBay auctions every week. Auction consignments will be added to your COMC account for your review within one week of receipt. Your items will be scheduled to list during the following week after they enter your account.

COMC Elite is required for all items priced over $100.

Vintage & Obscure Services

For a detailed explanation of items that qualify for the Vintage & Obscure Service level, please refer to the Vintage & Obscure Page.

Comic Books

Comic Books priced under $100 will be processed using the 3 Week Service and items priced over $100 will be processed using Elite.

Other Services & Fees

Storage Fees:

  • 1¢ per item with an Asking Price over $0.75 per month
  • Free for items with an Asking Price of $0.75 or less
  • Free for first 90 days with original consignor
  • Billed on the first day of every month

Learn more about storage fees and relisting.

Enhanced Security Fee:

  • Applies only to items with a List Price of more than $50
  • 1¢ per $1,000 in Total List Price per day
  • Billed on the first day of every month

Per-Item Shipping

  • 25¢ for raw, standard sized trading cards
  • 45¢ for trading cards in toploaders (items of high value may be placed in toploaders at our discretion)
  • $1 for graded, encased, & oversized trading cards, comics, and magazines
  • Paid by the buyer at the time of sale


  • Transaction Fee: 5% of sale price
  • Cash-Out Fee: 10%
  • PayPal Cash-Outs less than $250 Store Credit: add $1
  • Checks sent within the USA: add $3
  • Checks sent outside the USA: add $10

Please ensure your account is funded with sufficient store credit to pay for the processing fees of the batch at the time of submission. Processing fees are charged when any item from your batch is ready to be added to your inventory. If the total processing fees charged for a given deposit would reduce your available store credit balance to less than $0.00, the items scheduled to be added to your account will instead be placed on hold.

Once your account is funded to return it to good standing, your items on hold will be added to your account within a couple hours. At the end of each day, if your account has any pending transactions and is not in good standing, the due dates on all of your pending submissions will be postponed one business day.

For answers to common questions, please review our Processing Services FAQs.