Fresh Out of the Pack #3 – Newly Released Sets on the COMC Marketplace!

In our ongoing series ‘Fresh out of the Pack’ , we shine the spotlight on the latest sets that have emerged on the COMC Marketplace. We’ve seen quite a few perennial favorites pop up on COMC over the last few weeks, with much more on the horizon in the coming weeks. Don’t get discouraged if we don’t have your player or team in stock! Fresh new inventory of these sets will be added for many months to come, so be sure to check back often!





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Fresh Out of the Pack #2 – Newly Released Sets on the COMC Marketplace!

Hello COMC Nation,

In our ongoing series ‘Fresh out of the Pack’ , we take a look at the latest sets that have found their way to the COMC Marketplace. As these sets are among the newest released, consignors are still opening product found at their local hobby shops and purchased online and submitting it to COMC, meaning our inventory is continuing to grow of these sets. Don’t get discouraged if we don’t have your player or team in stock! Fresh new inventory of these sets will be added for many months to come, so be sure to check back often!


Fresh Out of the Pack! Newly Released Sets on the COMC Marketplace!

Hello COMC Nation!

The trading card world wrapped up a whirlwind 2017 with a tremendous number of popular products released in the month of December. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the sets that have already started making their way to the COMC Marketplace.




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COMC and Upper Deck e-Pack Launch

UD                comc

COMC is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Upper Deck on the release of their e-Pack version of the 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey card set. We are working as the fulfillment center for this product, which allows us to leverage our extensive knowledge and systems to provide the best experience for thousands of new customers. We have already processed thousands of cards in preparation for this launch, and we can’t wait to start shipping them out to you.

The e-Pack Rundown

The e-Pack release of 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards is very similar to the physical product, but with some new twists:

  • Packs, boxes, and cases can be purchased online through the e-Pack site
  • At least one physical card per pack, with new exclusive e-Pack inserts:
    • Code to Greatness (1:10 e-Packs) and
    • Instant Impressions (1:10 e-Packs)
  • Physical copies of inserts and parallels transfer instantly to your COMC account, or shipped out worldwide
  • Digital-only versions of base cards can be combined for exclusive e-Pack exclusive Silver Foil Border cards


It can be a hassle to deal with the large quantities of base cards that can accumulate when ripping any amount of product. To cut back on this frustration, when you collect 10 copies of a digital-only base card, you may combine them through the e-Pack site for a Silver Foil Border. Similarly, some combinations of physical cards will allow for other exclusive cards like Young Guns rookie cards – including Connor McDavid!

What COMC Users Need to Know

Starting today with the release of the e-Pack site, you can transfer from your Upper Deck e-Packs directly to your COMC account. The transfer is absolutely free. Once the card is in your COMC account, it is treated the same as any item that has been purchased into your COMC account, you can list it for sale, ship it, or even send it out for grading.

Fans can try e-Pack for free just by registering at Once registered, users can claim a free pack every day – just for logging on.

More information, including detailed e-pack functionality, exclusive e-Pack content and  a list of e-Pack achievements users can obtain can be found at

Edit: 2/4 – Cards transferred to your COMC account act as cards purchased, not as cards consigned.

You Can’t Spell Comics Without COMC

Friends, collectors, and citizens of Metropolis – please help us officially welcome comic books to COMC!

Several months ago, as Check Out My Cards became COMC, we launched a Beta program for comics, coins, and other collectibles. It’s been a long time goal of ours to expand our unique consignment model into other areas beyond trading cards, and we are proud to announce that our first group of comics is now live on the site.

Everything that you like about buying and selling cards on COMC will also apply to comics. You’ll still get all of the benefits of the largest and fastest-growing online consignment community, including:

Benefits for buyers:

  • Detailed front & back cover scans of each comic book.
  • The ability to combine multiple orders from multiple sellers into one convenient shipment from our world class shipping department. All comics will be safely shipped with bags and backing boards.
  • The peace of mind of dealing with one established company instead of dealing with auctions and/or unverified vendors.
  • The freedom to make an offer below the asking price.

Benefits for sellers:

  • We do the scanning and listing – all you need to do is set your prices.
  • We handle the packaging and shipping, even to international addresses.
  • Trusted & reliable customer service for you and your customers, during and after every transaction.
  • The option to make your comics also available on, widening your potential customer base by millions.
  • A choice between cashing out your earnings (20% cashout fee) or using your profits to buy other items on the site (no fee!)

Sellers can either ship comics to us or drop them off in person at our secure, climate-controlled Redmond, WA location.
The new Comic Pilot Service has a processing fee of $0.50 per item, and your items will be uploaded to your COMC account within one month.

A few rules for submitting comics:

  • Nothing with explicit content or that has a Parental Advisory label.
  • Nothing with a shipping or address label on it – retail copies only.
  • No graphic novels or trade paperbacks (yet) – single issues only.

Emerald City Comicon

If you’re in the Seattle area and happen to be attending the Emerald City Comicon this weekend, be sure to stop by Booth 1408 and say hello to us. We’d love to tell you more about this new chapter in the COMC saga, as well as get your input about what sort of features you’d like to see in the future.

Vancouver Fan Expo

We will be at the Vancouver Fan Expo April 20-21.  More details to come!

We’re tremendously excited to be joining the comics community, and look forward to working with all the fans and collectors.

Workin’ Hard & Settin’ Records

Today our Identification team broke a record that was nearly 2 years old, and they didn’t just barely break it. They smashed it by more than 35%!

Before yesterday, we had never identified 30,000 cards in one day, and yesterday we identified more than 40,000 cards. Then to show their ultimate dedication to our customers, half of the identification team continued to stay here and pull an all-nighter. Several of them are still hard at work as I am writing this. A few of them are taking naps on their office floor.

Our team is literally doing everything they can to make as many happy customers as possible. I am so proud of every person on our team. We have been growing so fast, and everyone is working really well together. Our administration staff has done a phenomenal job of finding and hiring talented people that are gelling so quickly with the rest of the team.

Today we hired our 55th employee, and I spent the last 5 hours reviewing possible locations for the Canadian office we hope to launch this fall. The fun just never stops.

Processing Backlog & More Hiring

It has been a while since I got a chance to post. So I wanted to give you a quick updated.

A couple weeks ago we got back from the National and posted a few teaser stats on our facebook page. Here is a sneak peak at the packages that we shipped back from Chicago.

People dropped off more than 150,000 cards. Once they arrived at our warehouse we had less than 4 weeks to process them. We normally process 50,000 cards per week, so adding 3+ weeks of work to our existing backlog has provided a great challenge for our team.

Fortunately we are actively hiring. We had two new people start in the last couple weeks, we have another one starting on Monday, and we have a couple more that we plan to extend offers to once background checks are cleared. If you know people in the Seattle area that have a good work ethic, are great team members, and want to be part of a rapidly growing startup, please encourage them to contact