Sale Promotions and Port Sale Update

We hope that your Holiday Bonus Sale is off to a good start! As we talked about last month in our major announcement, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more in detail about the changes coming to Sale Promotions and Port Sales starting on January 1st, 2019.

Sale Promotions

On December 31st, we’ll be retiring the current Sale Promotions structure of $3 per day with a 3% transaction fee based on the sale price of an item at the time of sale.

On January 1st, COMC Sellers will be able to set up their sales under our new Sale Promotions structure, which has a $1 per 10,000 items insertion fee and a Promotional Transaction Fee of 1% of your original Asking Price, assessed at the time of sale. You can run a Sale Promotion for 1-11 days and pay only one insertion fee.

When you set up your sale, you can choose not only your Base Sale Discount (not editable once the sale is live), but also set custom percentage off rules for individual items in your inventory as well.

Sale Promotions are a great way to have your item stand out from others on the COMC Marketplace. Items on sale are seen by prospective buyers in green text with a sales tag icon. In addition, your sale is featured on the On Sale page and on the main COMC homepage.

Port Sales

Starting on January 1st, we’ll be reducing the cost of Port Sales from $10 to $5 per week, or until the port is sold. Port sales are a great way to sell a lot of inventory at once to one potential buyer.

Thank you for your consideration, and as always, if you have any questions, our Customer Service Team is here to help! Simply send an email to and our team will get back with you shortly! Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Sale Promotions and Port Sale Update

  1. So with the new Sales Promotion Manager the $1 Per 10,000 Items and 1% of original List price are these the only fees accessed at time of sale or will the 10% sale fee also be deducted as well? Thanks, markatwashington

    • The 1% Promotional Transaction fee is separate from the 5% transaction fee and 10% cash-out fee changes coming to COMC on January 1st. If you choose to run a sale promotion, the 1% promotional fee will be applied at the time of sale, as will the 5% transaction fee. If you choose to cash-out your COMC credit for paypal or a check, the 10% cash-out fee will then be assessed.

    • Yes, items in your portfolio will now be cross-listed to eBay and Amazon without the need to opt-in to the feature.

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