Grade With Confidence Using The COMC Pre-Grade Service!

Grade with Confidence! The COMC Pre-Grade Review opens the grading door to millions of cards on the COMC Marketplace! We’re excited to help provide further insight and confidence regarding the quality of your cards before sending them off to grading with PSA or CGC.

With our new Pre-Grade Review service, COMC’s expert team will review your cards and assess if we believe their condition to be Mint or better. Cards will be given the white glove treatment by our experienced professionals throughout our comprehensive review system. This affordable service will save you money and bring you peace of mind. Get your cards reviewed with COMC before submitting through our Group Grading services with PSA & CGC! Submit now through your Inventory Manager!

The COMC Pre-Grade Review is $5.00 Per Card and has an estimated 1 week turnaround.

When you submit your card for Pre-Grade Review you will receive one of these assessments:

1. (Passed Pre-Grade Review) – These cards will have been assessed as being in Mint condition or better.

2. Does Not Pass – Cards will be reprocessed as Elite and deposited into your COMC account.

*Our expert team has seen an 86% success rate of the cards we gave a passing grade (receiving either a Gem Mint or Mint from third-party graders).

IMPORTANT: This service is intended only for cards manufactured on or after the year 2000. Cards manufactured before 2000 will not pass review and will be reprocessed back into your account. We cannot offer refunds for any submissions.

COMC Pre-Grade Review Notes:

  • COMC provides the Pre-Grade Review as a physical condition assessment for raw cards currently in your COMC inventory to give you added peace of mind when determining which cards you want to submit for grading.
  • Cards we are confident are in MINT or better condition will receive the note [Passed Pre-Grade Review] and be locked in your COMC inventory, prepared for submission through any of our PSA and CGC group submission offerings.
  • Cards that do not meet the Pre-Grade Review threshold will be reprocessed as Elite and deposited into your COMC account.
  • COMC is not a grading entity, and the opinion of any third-party grader may differ from our condition assessment and/or standards. No refunds can be given based on the grade your item receives.
  • Once you submit this item for review, your order cannot be cancelled or changed. No refunds will be given after your order is placed.
  • Turnaround times are estimates and are not guaranteed.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new service! For more information regarding our pre-grade or general grading questions, please see our FAQ page.

For other questions or general information, please visit our Support page or click the red Support button on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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