COMC Summer Throwback Seller Promotion

Receive 30% off all submissions! Including Standard, Select, Elite & Direct to Grading!

The summer is heating up, and its about to get hotter with the COMC Summer Throwback Seller Promotion! Take advantage of this limited-time promotion today. We’re offering 30% off all submissions, including the Standard Service level for the first time ever! With the Summer Throwback promo you will receive the classic Standard Service Level price of $0.35 per card. If you’ve been waiting for a discount on submissions, now is your chance to save BIG. This is the first time COMC is offering 30% off all of our submissions levels all at once!

COMC Summer Throwback Seller Promotion Discount Requirements:

  • To make sure your submission receives the discount write SUMMER30 on each submission slip to receive 30% off your submission.
  • Each submission slip MUST INCLUDE handwritten codes to qualify—NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All card submissions MUST BE sent to our WA location!

Raw Trading Card Pricing:

Graded Card Discount:

Fresh Pulls Eligible Card Discount:

With Fresh Pulls we’re offering an ADDITIONAL 50% off processing fees for all newly released trading card consignments. Cards must be received at COMC within 90 days of the hobby releases date to qualify for a discount.

Additional Promotion Information

  • This discount DOES stack with Fresh Pulls, which means even deeper discounts for eligible Fresh Pulls products in addition to the discounts for this promotion!
  • The discount does NOT apply to the Mailbox package fee, toploader removal fee, or the missing/incorrect paperwork fee.
  • There is a $3.00 minimum fee per Select submission group. There is no minimum fee for Elite submissions.
  • Cards MUST BE SUBMITTED & POST MARKED by Monday, August 14th.
  • Reprocess as Elite service is NOT eligible for the discount.
  • Items submitted prior to the promotion are NOT eligible for the Summer Throwback Seller Submission Promotion discounts.
  • All card submissions MUST BE sent to our WA location!

For questions regarding the eligibility of products, please email

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