Topps MVP Buyback Program With COMC

November 26, 2022 to March 31, 2023

After this year’s epic baseball season, there’s never been a better time to collect Topps.

To celebrate this year’s Most Valuable Players (“MVPs”), we’re partnering with Topps and the MVP Buyback program! Starting on November 26, 2022, you can bank store credit with your local hobby store in exchange for ‘22 Topps Chrome cards of Aaron Judge and Paul Goldschmidt.

Additional Information

Participating hobby stores will need to have or create a free COMC account. Hobby stores will accept qualifying cards from customers in exchange for store credit, after which the stores will promptly be reimbursed fully by COMC once COMC receives and verifies the cards. Be sure to check the useful links below, including the Topps Buyback FAQ, for more information!

Useful Links

Topps MVP Buyback Program

Topps Buyback FAQ Page

Signing up for a free COMC account

Introduction to COMC and our Mission

Click here if you’re a hobby shop and are interested in participating!

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