COMC Tutorial: Request shipment of cards from Inventory

While cards purchased in your Shopping Cart with your credit card or PayPal are automatically shipped to you, cards that have been transferred to your COMC account, consigned, or purchased with COMC Store Credit are moved to your Inventory Manager first. This allows you to add cards over time and place a shipment request in the future to receive all of the items combined together. Please note that COMC Store Credit is required to make a shipment of items from your inventory.

Learn more about our shipping fees and purchasing store credit.

To request a shipment of cards from your inventory, please follow these steps:

  • After signing in to your COMC account, go to your Inventory Manger, the page that gives you full control over the cards in your account. This page can be found by clicking on your username and selecting Inventory Manager.

COMC Tutorial Username Menu - Inventory Manager

  • Looking to the right of each card, you will see them either marked as Ready to Ship, Not For Sale, or For Sale.

Card display

  • Cards marked Ready to Ship are already selected to go out in your next shipment request. For cards that are not already marked for shipping, click on the Action menu and choose Add to Shipment.

COMC Tutorial Pricing Cards - Action Menu - Add to Shipment

  • To quickly mark a large number of cards for shipping, you can type the letter S twice in either the asking price or the list price of the card. This will mark the item for shipping and move focus to the next item.
  • Now, towards the top of the Inventory Manager page you’ll see a red button that says Request Shipment. Press this button to move on to the next page.Request Shipment
  • On this page you will see the ship to address for this order. If the address is not correct, click the Edit shipment details to update the ship to address. You will also be able to scroll down this page to see each item in the order. After the address is correct, click the red Continue button. This will take you to the last shipping page where you can choose Packaging & Shipping Options as well as add or remove toploaders.


  • You can choose shipping and packaging options from that page and click Continue. Please see our Shipping Policy page to see our current shipping options and rates.


  • In the middle of the page, on the right side you’ll see the options for Toploaders. We provide the option to add toploaders to all items. You can also add toploaders to specific cards by clicking the Add Toploader link under the S&H column. Graded, encased, oversized, or cards processed in toploaders will not have an option to add or remove toploaders.


  • To complete the shipping transaction, click the red Send shipment request button at the top of the page.