Direct to Grading: Information Page

Submit your cards today for streamlined grading with Direct to Grading! Prep your cards for grading, ship them to COMC and submit to third-party grading through CGC Cards quickly and easily! 

Submitting cards:

All cards are processed at a rate of $1 per card with no minimum submission requirements. 

  • Standard thickness cards must be submitted in a penny sleeve and semi-rigid card saver. 
  • Cards 130pt or thicker must arrive in a thick penny sleeve and top-loader.
  • Manufacturer uncirculated cards with a factory seal will be submitted untouched and NOT opened
  • Graded cards are accepted to be crossed-over to a different grading provider.  

Upon arrival at our facility, cards using this service will not be removed from their submitted card savers or top loaders by the COMC Team. The untouched cards will be processed into your COMC account within a week. These cards will be ‘locked’ with the only action available being the ability to Submit for Grading. Users will then be able to select the desired grading company and grading submission level for the card. Please note that Standard grading rates apply.

Please be sure to note the grading provider’s supported item policy to verify the eligibility of your cards. 

Graded items will be returned to your COMC account ready to list for sale, send to Auction or inclusion in your next shipment request. All graded items are provided back to the COMC account as an Elite item. In addition to the higher-quality Elite scan, the items will have the ability to send for Auction or price at over $100 without further delay or upcharge. Learn more about our Elite service in our dedicated Help Center section here. 

Note – Any card not submitted properly in a penny sleeve and card saver will be sent to the 2-week Select service level. 

For more information regarding our grading services, please see our FAQ page.

Learn how to submit your cards today by visiting our Tutorial Page or click here to watch an instructional video. COMC Grading Tutorial

For other questions or general information, please visit our Support page, or contact our friendly Customer Service team by emailing or clicking the red ‘Support’ button on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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