Vintage and Obscure Cards

COMC Vintage and Obscure is the optimal service for uncommon trading cards. Being able to identify these unique collectibles can seem like an impossible task. COMC Vintage and Obscure service is designed to take this hassle out of your hands. Our team of experts have decades of experience and endless amounts of knowledge when dealing with these uncommon cards.

Vintage Cards

To be considered vintage, the card must have been produced and dated on or before 1980. Here is an example of a card that is considered Vintage:

Obscure Cards

Obscure cards are items that are lacking information in one or more of the following categories:

  • Set Name
  • Year of production
  • Manufacturing company’s name or logo

Uncommon foreign cards, poorly marked team names and advertising such as tobacco releases are some of the more common items that fall under our Obscure Card Service. Here are a few examples:




Vintage and Obscure FAQ’s:

What is considered Vintage and Obscure?
Cards released on or before 1980 are considered vintage. Cards missing information such as the year or manufacturer, or cards in languages other than English are considered obscure. Please email for eligibility concerns regarding obscure cards.

Can I submit Vintage and Obscure items through other service levels?
Yes, but a $0.50 surcharge will apply if submitted to the 1-week, 3-week, and 12-week services. There is no surcharge for submitting Vintage & Obscure items to the Auction or Elite services.

How do I tell if my card was printed before 1980 if there is no copyright date on the back?
In most cases you can find this out by looking at the back of the card and finding the last year listed on the player’s data. Whatever the last year was listed, add one more year to that which will result in the year of the product. Please reference the image above.

Why is the Vintage Service combined with Obscure Service?
Both services are more labor intensive to process and thus typically require more time. Vintage cards require more knowledge to accurately assign conditions. Obscure cards usually require some extra research to be properly identified.