1st Auction HR, 2nd Auction up to Bat

A week ago, Brad Negen had less than $10,000 of total book value in his inventory. After being the winning bidder in COMC’s inaugural silent auction, Negen now has just over $20,000.

1999 Finest Team Finest Gold #T2 - Brett Favre/250 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.comWith his $1,530 offer, Negen outbid 25 others to claim the collection of sidelinecardz. Several bidders were close on his tail. The book value was $10,927.35. You can find the cards for sale in his Jag account.

“I thought it was a nice varied lot that would allow me to pick up some baseball and hockey cards, which I don’t have much of in my inventory,” said Negen via email Thursday. ” I thought there were some pretty nice football cards in there as well, and many of them didn’t have multiples on the site already — which is a big positive.”

With no listing fees of any kind, Negen instantly gets to price his 1,662 new cards accordingly.

“I’m  hoping I can see a positive return from the lot by being patient with sales,” said Negen, a COMC seller since early 2009.  “With what I’ve seen in sales from my first year here, I think I can make that happen.”

2009 Upper Deck Draft Edition Blue 50 #279 - Michael Oher AA/50 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.comThe next silent auction just went live this afternoon, and here are some stats from the lot:

Total Book Value: $7,005.90
Original Asking Price: $1,522.74
Current Owner: GridironHerosandGreats
# of items: 1,695
Items with no Book Value: 4
Average Book Value: $4.14

Go place your bid.

Here is Negen’s endorsement for COMC, and the auction system itself.

“I’m a big fan of COMC and the direction the site is moving in,” he said. “One of the best parts about the auction, and the site in general, is that you don’t have to worry about the safety of a transaction.  The contents of any transaction are clearly listed with great scans and money is transferred from one party to another without concern.”

First Silent Auction Is Officially Open

In lieu of our big announcement Sunday evening, we are debuting our first silent auction in company history tonight. It will end at 11:59 p.m. PST Tuesday June 22.

First Ever Silent Auction

Here are some stats about the lot that is up for auction:
Total Book Value: $10,927.35
Original Asking Price: $3,890.42
Current Owner: sidelinecardz
# of items: 1,662
Items with no Book Value: 26
Average Book Value: $6.68

Go place your bid

Auction Rules:
– The auction will last one week.
– Bidders will be allowed to bid as much as they like.
– Funds will not be locked at the time of the bid.
– The highest bidder will get the first opportunity to win the lot.
– In case of a tie, the first bid placed from an account that has sufficient funds will win.
– If the highest bidder does not have sufficient store credit, they will be given 2 days to purchase any necessary credit.
– If the highest bidder is not able to pay, we will give the next highest bidder an opportunity to purchase the lot.
– 5% of the final price will be collected for the silent auction service.
– The remaining 95% store credit will be added to the seller’s account.
– Upon completion of the auction, we will announce who the winning bidder was.

Since this is our first auction experience, we expect to review how this auction goes and take feedback into account for future auctions.