The season for great weddings

I am currently in Minnesota en-route to Cleveland for the National. This Friday Andy Bird got married. In November of 2006 I was home for Thanksgiving, and Andy was telling me how much he enjoyed web development and how he was looking for “the next garage startup” like google and youtube. That Christmas I decided to start recruiting Andy to move to Seattle to work for my garage startup. Yes, was actually operating out of my garage at the time. Back then we weren’t open to the public. We only had my cards (timgetsch, LowPriceCards) and cards from a friend (Serf77).

A few months later Andy was enticed to make the move to Seattle. That summer he got plugged into Overlake Christian Church where he eventually met his future wife Leah. Funny thing is that they are both from Minnesota and both sets of parents even go to the same church, Wooddale Church. They had an amazing, outdoor wedding overlooking a fountain at the Carlson Towers.
Wedding Reception

OK, funny story… the night before the wedding I was on my way to the Minneapolis airport to pick up another friend from Seattle. As I was trying to figure out if my friend might have checked luggage or not, I thought about the fact that he would be bringing dress clothes for the wedding… and it was at that moment that I realized I had totally forgot to pack for the wedding. I was so busy getting everything else taken care of for this two week long trip that I overlooked that detail. Fortunately I was able to call up my best friend and borrow some dress shoes, socks, a shirt and a tie. I only had to go buy pants and a belt.

While I was at my friends house picking up the clothes we saw a clip on the news about this couple that got married in St. Paul MN just a month earlier. Apparently they had just posted a youtube video of their wedding entrance and it had gotten more than half a million views in the first couple days. Well I just checked, and they now have more than 6 million views in less than a week.

They even got invited to recreated their wedding dance for the Today Show. Here is some more info about the wedding march.

Record Setting Week

SteveSC is one of our top sellers, and when he┬ámentioned that this was the first month where he made more money off sales from than he did from the card shows he does on weekends, I decided to see exactly how we were doing…

Wow! The site is definitely back up and working smoothly. This week we have been setting records for number of orders and size of orders. Several people have been placing 100+ card orders.

Yesterday we set another record for most sellers in one purchase. Someone from New South Wales, Australia placed an order for 139 cards from 30 different sellers and only had to pay $20 for shipping to Australia. That is absolutely amazing!

All of the cards were Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, or David Robinson cards.
1993-94 Fleer Living Legends #4 - Michael Jordan - Courtesy of
2003-04 Upper Deck Finite Elements Warmups #FE25 - David Robinson Speedy Claxton - Courtesy of
2004-05 SkyBox Premium Hometown Shout Outs Jerseys #TD - Tim Duncan - Courtesy of

Here were the sellers involved with the sale.

alexc5150 Dpietrack LowPriceCards
cardboardcollectibles eaglescards MintcardInvestments
cardshark gooddeal prestongillespie
cardsinlimbo jasonsch serf77
cardtrader johnhungerford steve7563
crahawk jpenque SteveSC
DavesCards justinu13 timgetsch
DKSchultz KDavvy Trackman54
doubleplay lhpepsi yelmerekim

7 Sellers Surpass $1,000 in Sales is really taking off. We keep getting calls from people that are really excited about the site, and our sellers are starting to enjoy the success.

There are now 7 accounts that have earned more than $1,000 in store credit by selling cards through our consignment program, and there are many more sellers that are getting close.

SteveSC was the first consignment seller to pass $1,000 in sales.
1982 Topps #21 - Cal Ripken RC (Rookie Card) Bob Bonner RC (Rookie Card) Jeff Schneider RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

PrestonGillespie was the not only the fastest seller to pass $1,000 in sales, he was also the first seller to have $1,000 deposited in his PayPal account. Preston had more than $1,000 in sales in less than a month.
2007 Artifacts #158 - Brady Quinn RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

GoodDeal was the second fastest seller to pass $1,000 in sales. It took him just under 2 months, but he would have done so faster if we had the man power to process his cards fast enough. He has been very patient with us as we are experiencing growing pains.
2003-04 SP Signature Edition Signatures Gold #ST - John Stockton/50 - Courtesy of

DKSchultz was only a hair slower than GoodDeal in his race to $1,000. He hasn’t sent us as much inventory as GoodDeal, but with prices that are almost as good as PrestonGillespie, DKSchultz has seen a lot of success.
1998 SkyBox Thunder Rave #222 - Emmitt Smith/150 - Courtesy of

EaglesCards just passed $1,000 in the last few days. He is another seller that you should keep a close eye on. He currently has less than 2,000 cards on the site, but we are in the middle of processing almost 5,000 more cards for him.
1995-96 Finest Mystery Borderless Refractors/Gold #M9 - Jason Kidd - Courtesy of 1995-96 Finest Mystery Borderless Refractors/Gold #M22 - Shaquille O'Neal - Courtesy of

LowPriceCards has a strong lead in total sales. This is the account used for all the cards that were being sold on my previous website, That site evolved into almost exactly a year ago. It was technically the first account to have more than $1,000 in sales, but it isn’t really a consignment seller since the inventory is technically owned by
1995-96 Collector's Choice Player's Club Platinum #45 - Michael Jordan - Courtesy of

TimGetsch is primarily my childhood collection. Though it did have $1,000 in sales before any other consignment account, it kind of had an unfair advantage with a 6 month head start before we opened up the system for other sellers.
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes 1954 Archives #1 - Ted Williams - Courtesy of

Some other accounts that are approaching $1,000 in sales include the following.