Seller surpasses $100,000 BV in sales

The other day jseau became the first seller on to surpass $100,000 BV in sales.

Here are the top sellers based on sold book value.
Others sellers that have sold more than $50,000 BV in cards includebigkoi2008, RFleshin, and LowPriceCards

Here are a sampling of jeau’s cards. Warning: If you like them, you better act fast. His cards don’t last on the site very long.

1959 Topps #563 - Willie Mays AS - Courtesy of 2000 Upper Deck #254 - Tom Brady RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of
2005-06 Upper Deck Jerseys Series II #J2MM - Mike Modano - Courtesy of
2005-06 Upper Deck Hardcourt #126 - Andrew Bynum RC (Rookie Card)/1750 - Courtesy of

Now it takes $20K to reach the top 10

It wasn’t even two months ago that I posted about the #10 seller crossing the $10K mark for the first time. Today the top 10 sellers all have more than $20K worth of cards for sale through our consignment service.

10 sellers over $20K

10 sellers over $20K

RFleshin is the new seller in the top 10. Here are some of the amazing cards he has for sale.

1961 Topps #300 - Mickey Mantle - Courtesy of 1951 Topps Blue Backs #3 - Richie Ashburn - Courtesy of

1960 Topps #250 - Stan Musial - Courtesy of

4 new testimonials just added

Here are two great testimonials from buyers and two from sellers that just arrived in the last 24 hours.

“I am very pleased to be utilizing your services and I intend to continue to send cards and sell them through your company. This is too easy.
Thank you very much – you folks do a great job !”

“I just wanted to say this store is awsome!!! The prices are great and the shipping and handling is cheap and fast! Thank you checkoutmycards for everything!”
Morgan, Visalia, CA

“Thanks to you and your team for the super speedy service!”

“The shipment arrived today. Great stuff !”
Brian, Alberta, Canada