COMC Member Exclusive Giveaway: Luka Doncic Autographed RC!



Thank you to the over 4,000 COMC Members who entered the contest across email, blog and social media!

655 thoughts on “COMC Member Exclusive Giveaway: Luka Doncic Autographed RC!

  1. j aime la nba depuis tout depuis tout petit un signe particulier de je suis francais dont europeen comme luka DONCIC

  2. Trust me with this card. Don’t have any Luka card, not even a base card of him. My username is ColeWorld47

    Thank you so much!

  3. Kieranc1000
    Awesome giveaway. I’ve just started getting into cards and have been glued to this site researching so many of them, its difficult to get a start especially being from Ireland haha.

  4. I love your website! I found out about it by listening to Sports Card Radio and you guys are the future!

  5. Hi I am new to COMC, but love it! I mainly collect James Bond cards, but this gives me a chance to branch out and see what else is out there. I find the prices are a great guide, when eBay is heavily inflated.

  6. jordanmack45

    Thanks for the opportunity. Sorry if this is a duplicate, when I logged into wordpress it deleted my comment so I don’t know if it went through.

  7. As a Canadian customer, I really appreciate the fact that you have a Canadian office here in the Vancouver area.

  8. watts300

    WOW what an amazing offer! this would be the biggest card in my entire collection :$ GO MAVS GO!!!!!!

  9. Hi from Kaboom Cards 🙂

    We are starting a collectibles (mainly cards) company in Australia, we have lots of cards but trying to sell them into America is always difficult with postage. Hopefully COMC can be our solution!

  10. Really like this site and I’m hoping to win this card so it can be the 2st Doncic in my collection. Thanks for the contest!

  11. My daughter tried to get Luka on her fantasy team but didn’t. The signed card would be a nice consolation prize!!

  12. I am from spain and luka has been one of my fav players when he used to play in europe. It was imposible to get his auto some years ago and maybe now is my chance. Yiiiha!

  13. My username is fquirogam. Luka is a great player, we already have seen how good it is when he was playing in Real Madrid, and last year as Rookie of the year, probably he will be the NBA MVP anytime soon.

  14. Hi there i’m from Slovenia. begin to collect cards with Luka entrance in NBA. Would it be magic to recieve his autographed card. COMC offers me many opportunities to get cards i desired. Nice job you are doing there to provide us collectors with latest price info and other stuff. Thank you!!!

  15. I’m excited to sell all of my current inventory & new inventory that’s inbound by Black Friday. Also very excited to peruse all the new promotions at 3am EST the starting on the 25th. Mailing in about 1,500 cards this afternoon on premium so they arrive.

  16. I go by the name cardboard 97 and I would really like this card and I would really like to give it to my son he loves basketball. Not to mention he loves Luca. Anyways ever be going to a good home.

  17. hi there,
    comc brought me back to collecting cards.
    it would be a dream come true to have a luka doncic autograph.

  18. Besides the little contest here, this is my greatest day with comc to date..what? Why you ask? Lemme tell ya, for some reason, I could not successfully register for a couple years I think it was.couldnt figure out why…id get hold of the people you guys have that help with this type of thing and they were always stumped, too…so I know it wasn’t just me being, too high..haha finally, my last effort with csr guy proved I had my fingers crossed today…i guess you guys are doing some kind of frequency count? I would wager to say that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone :else(barring employee) that uses your site more.i have been collecting since the early 70s…lol I don’t look nor act my age..thankfully..i do have an issue I wanna run by you though…ive had a hard time with wal mart this year. seems they have some serious theft issues..and even trying to explain the situation, ends up with a shouting match and me losing my money and often being called a thief in the process..any suggestions..Hoodstrong69