How to Transfer cards from UD e-Pack to your COMC account

Only Physical cards can be transferred to your COMC account. For the digital only cards, ten copies can be combined to receive an exclusive physical card.

First, make sure your e-Pack and COMC accounts are linked. To link accounts, when logged into e-Pack, click the icon on the upper right side of the screen with your username, choose Account Details, and then Linked Accounts.

When browsing your e-Pack collection, all physical cards are marked with an icon on the lower left of the card. Clicking on the card will bring up all of the copies you own. There will be four icons on the left of the card, the top one adds the card to your transfer cart.


Transfer 1

There is also an option to move all physical cards to your transfer cart. This is available from when browsing your e-Pack collection on the right side of the screen, shown highlighted here:

select all cards

Once you have moved your selection to your transfer cart, simply click on the transfer cart icon on the upper right of the screen, you will see the options to either have the cards shipped out, or sent to your COMC account. Choose Send My Cards to COMC, confirm on the next page, and the items will be instantly transferred to your COMC account.

Physical Card 3