COMC User Agreement FAQ

Are my items insured when I consign, purchase, and ship them with COMC? In what situations would I be compensated?

We make every effort to protect your items while they are in our care and to safely send them to you at your request. COMC carries an insurance policy on all inventory in our possession to cover you in the event of a loss. This insurance policy is intended to cover the replacement cost and is subject to claim requirements of the insurance company Collectibles Insurance Services. Replacement cost is determined by the insurance company’s team of Industry experts who research sales history and market trends. There is an appeal process for disagreement.

In a worst-case scenario where inventory is compromised, the insurance company would be working directly with us, as the policy is held by COMC. Restitution for lost inventory would ultimately go to the inventory owner – the COMC account holder who has full rights to their inventory – not to COMC. Restitution would be facilitated by COMC, as would any appeals.

All domestic orders are mailed with tracking. All domestic orders with a value of $200+ have signature confirmation. If your domestic order has not reached you within 10 days past the expected arrival date and does not show “Delivered,” please contact COMC Customer Service as we will file a Missing Mail claim and subsequently give you a refund. If your domestic order is marked “Delivered,” please check with members of your household/neighbors, as COMC insurance may not cover this situation.

International orders can take up to 8 weeks for delivery. If you have not received your order after 8 weeks, please contact Customer Service for a refund. Using Priority Shipping, which comes with tracking for several countries, is a best practice to ensure the receipt of your international order. All refunds for lost international shipments are based on the value of the package provided by the buyer at the shipment request. It is a best practice to declare the correct value on all orders.

If COMC is ever sold or ceases to exist, what happens to my inventory and Store Credit?

We do not anticipate a sale of COMC at this time and expect to be in business as the Safe & Easy Way to Buy and Sell into the future. However, in the event the company were to be sold, you as a COMC user will retain all rights and obligations you had prior to sale regarding Store Credit and/or inventory. COMC is required to abide by our posted policies on our website regarding service offerings, how Store Credit is treated, our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and the like.

If my COMC account were to be suspended or terminated for any reason, what would happen to my inventory and Store Credit?

In the event a COMC user account is suspended or terminated, and COMC has determined, following an investigation and suspension period, that the account balance is not fraudulent or otherwise invalid, the COMC account holder will have the inventory and Store Credit that is rightfully theirs restored and/or returned to them.

Can I use my own existing collectibles insurance for items that I consign through COMC? If so, will COMC work with my insurance company in the event I need to make a claim?

If you as a COMC account holder choose to insure your collectibles with your own insurance and file a claim, we will work with your insurance company and provide them with any necessary information that we have.

If a COMC account holder passes away, who retains control over the account?

This will depend on the deceased account holder’s estate plan and the size of the estate. Typically, the executor of a deceased account holder’s estate or the trustee of the deceased account holders trust will have the authority to close the account and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries. We will work with the executor or trustee to do our part to get the account and inventory to its rightful new owner.