COMC Tutorial: How to price your cards on COMC

Cards consigned or transferred to your COMC account, or purchased with COMC Store Credit can be found in your Inventory Manager. These items can be priced for sale. After you have set the prices for your cards, they are immediately listed on our site, and you can update the price at any time.

Follow the steps below to have your items price in listed on our site:

  • After logging into your COMC account, go to your Inventory Manger, the page that gives you full control over the cards in your account. This page can be found by either clicking on your username and selecting Inventory Manager.

COMC Tutorial Username Menu - Inventory Manager

  • From the Inventory Manager page, you will see the items in your account. To the right of the card you will see the options to set the Asking price or the List price.COMC Tutorial Pricing cards
  • The Asking price is the amount of COMC store credit you will receive in your COMC account when the card sells.

COMC Tutorial Pricing Cards - Asking Price

  • The List price is the amount the card will display for sale on the site to sellers, and includes the per item shipping and handling.

COMC Tutorial Pricing Cards - List Price

  • Either of these values can be set by typing in the amount and pressing either the enter key or the blue save disk icon. For example a $1.00 asking price on the card above means that it would be listed for $1.25. This is what the buyer would see and pay for the card. When the card sells, you will receive your asking price, less transaction fee, and COMC would receive the per-item shipping fee that is used to create the list price.
  • When the cards value is saved, the focus will move to pricing the next card. This way you can quickly price through all of the cards on a given page.
  • You can utilize the search filters in your inventory manager to quickly located items in your account. This is great for setting prices for similar items, such as items from the same set.