COMC Tutorial: Cross list on Amazon

Cross listing your items on Amazon is a good way to get more people to look at your cards. We are the largest seller of sports and trading cards on Amazon, over 90% of the listings are for cards sitting in our inventory.

Follow the below steps to enable the option to cross list your cards on Amazon:

  • We offer the ability to cross list your cards to Amazon. This can be helpful in getting more eyes on the cards you are looking to sell.
  • First, log into your COMC account. Afterwards you can get to your Profile & Options page by clicking on your username and selecting Profile & Options.

COMC Tutorial Username Menu - Profile & Options

  • Towards the bottom of the Profile & Options page are the settings to Sell on

Sell on Amazon

  • By default, your account will be set to “No – Do not list my items for sale on”. Please note that this applies to all of the cards in your COMC account. At this time, we do not have a system in place to select only certain cards to be cross listed.
  • You can select “Yes – I will accept 20% off offers from Amazon” to turn this syncing on. As an example transaction, let’s say that you have a card with an asking price of $100. If someone were to buy it through Amazon, you would receive $80 of COMC store credit.
  • Click the red Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to apply this setting. It may take up to 48 fours for the items to appear on Prices changes will be about 1 hour delayed.