COMC Archive

One of the best ways to stay informed about COMC and what we are up to is to read our blog. This page will be used to collect these links to make navigating to this useful information easier.

COMC & Upper Deck e-Pack Launch: On January 28th we announced our partnership with Upper Deck to act as the fulfillment service for their e-Pack product.

Winter Announcement 2015In this video Tim announces that, with the Beckett Lawsuit being completely over, we are free and clear to go back to business.

How We Process Cards: In this video we go over how the processing team works, as well as some dos and don’ts to having a great consignment experience.

New Declined Card SystemIn December 2015 we started a new processing to handle declined cards, modern cards that are in less than Near Mint-Mint condition.

Bulk Price Editor: This is a tool that can be helpful for repricing large groups of cards in your COMC inventory.

COMC MilestonesOn the occasion of adding item number 20000000 to the site, we looked back at other milestone cards during the history of our site.

A new day for baseball card collectors: The first blog post, added back in March 2007, where Tim lays out his history and vision for COMC.