Important COMC Consignment Submission Update

Today we launched an added feature in our Submission Wizard to improve your consignment experience and facilitate faster processing times.

Previously, a mixed batch of supported items could all be combined into one submission without separating the groups by type. To help us better our service offerings, you now need to separate items by service level and group.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submissions must be separated into one of the following groups within each service level:
    • Graded – Comic Books
    • Graded – Oversized Cards (tall boys, booklets, coins, extra thick, and other non-standard size cards)
    • Graded/Uncirculated – Cards (PSA graded cards, sealed Panini Flawless holders, etc.)
    • Raw – Comic Books
    • Raw – Gaming Cards (TCG)
    • Raw – Oversized Cards
    • Raw – Trading Cards

Submissions not separated by group, or with incorrect or missing groups, may be subject to processing delays and a $5 missing paperwork fee for each missing group.

This change in the submission process can be viewed on Step 4 of the Submission Wizard.

Make sure to separate the cards by group when preparing your shipment.

Minimum Fees:

A minimum fee for each group applies to the following services:

  • Each Select group has a $3 minimum fee
  • Each Standard group has a $10 minimum fee

On Step 4, select “Next” after you confirm your card counts and submission levels.

On Step 5, select your desired Shipping or Drop Off location. Make sure to confirm the information is correct, then select “Approve Submissions.”

On Step 6, you will need to print the Submission Slips for each group within each submission level. You must include the designated Submission Slip with each group.

Remember the following during the submission process to ensure you submit items correctly:

  • Use the proper category for each group.
    • Graded – Comic Books
    • Graded – Oversized Cards (tall boys, booklets, coins, extra thick, and other non-standard size cards)
    • Graded/Uncirculated – Cards (PSA graded cards, sealed Panini Flawless holders, etc.)
    • Raw – Comic Books
    • Raw – Gaming Cards (TCG)
    • Raw – Oversized Cards
    • Raw – Trading Cards
  • You can submit all items in the same shipment, but you must separate each group of items and include a submission slip for each group.
  • Customers will be charged a $5 missing paperwork fee for each group that is missing or submitted incorrectly.

These additional details in the Submission Wizard will enable COMC to provide faster processing and a better overall experience for consignors.

Check out the following tutorial to walk you through our updates to the Submission Wizard.

To see this new Submission Wizard feature or start a new consignment today, please visit the Submission Wizard on your Dashboard.

If you have questions regarding this new submission process, please contact Customer Service at or on Live Chat.

COMC – How We Process Cards


In our last video, I spoke with Tim and Geoff about our record-setting Black Friday and our shipping department. Now in this video, I sit down with Jim, our processing manager, to share information about how we process the cards we receive. Please join us in this conversation about condition notes, declined cards, handling procedures, and what we can all do to have the best COMC experience!



COMC Black Friday Results

Hello COMC Nation, it’s Nathan with COMC.

Black Friday was an enormous success! We beat last year’s record by 23 percent. Over the one week surrounding this promotion, we had a spike of five times the number of items requested for shipment. Please join Tim, Geoff, and me as we discuss what made this years sales so special.

And, as a returning addition, the blooper reel!

COMC Winter Announcement 2015

Ever get some news that was so good you wanted to shout it from the rooftops? Then you know the mood we’re in at COMC. However, since our roof is likely far from yours, instead we made a video to talk about some of the things that we’ve been working on, and to address the status of our lawsuit.

And, as a bonus treat, the blooper reel!

Mark Anderson joins COMC

We have a very important announcement today.  The renowned Mark Anderson is joining the COMC team in the newly created position of Seller Advocate!  This is big news for COMC, and the timing couldn’t be better with our upcoming launch of The Vault, our new service for high end items.  There are many reasons why you should be thrilled we now have Mark on our roster.

For the past 12 years, Mark has been the Director of Grading for Beckett Grading Service (BGS), a service well-trusted to handle high end items.  He is a leading authority on card authenticity and grading, and had a significant role in building BGS’s positive reputation for processing, assessing, and caring for high end collectibles.

Having spent over 15 years with Beckett, Mark is well-established within the sports card community. We look forward to his assistance in strengthening our connections and building partnerships within our industry.

Mark also has a strong background as a card, comic, and coin dealer.  We are thrilled to have someone of his caliber help us take these offerings to the next level.

With the launch of The Vault, COMC is stepping up its game.  Whereas, previously we’ve been the niche for buying and selling $1-$100 cards.  As we progress to handling more $1,000 cards, and even $10,000 cards, the game changes.  Mark is another strategic piece in ensuring we hit this one out of the park.

Purposefully, Mark is in the position of Seller Advocate.  He loves our service and has been using us for years. Having been a seller – both on and off COMC – Mark knows the in-and-outs of selling, and will provide another high-level viewpoint on how to best understand and meet the needs of our sellers.  His explicit job will be to help facilitate and implement new opportunities on behalf of our sellers.  In this role, he will be in close contact with you.  Feel free to reach out to him and welcome him to the team at

Even from our early beginnings, when Check Out My Cards was run from our garage, there has always been a drive to bring together the latest technologies and the best people in a mix that would support and revolutionize the sports card industry.  We’ve worked hard to be the safe and easy way to buy and sell collectibles, through our unique and fun online consignment model.  Today, we’ve taken a big step to further establish this reputation.

Mark will be at The National Sports Collectors Convention with us in Chicago and is looking forward to meeting you on our behalf.  Please stop by and say hi.

Live Q & A  with Tim and Mark

On Saturday, August 3rd, from 3 – 4 p.m. CST, during The National, we will be having a live Q & A with Tim and Mark on our Facebook page and Twitter.  Leave a question for Tim and Mark on our Facebook page during that time, or send us a question on Twitter with the hashtag #comcmark, and Tim and Mark will respond and interact with you.

As always, we ask that you stay tuned to our blog for the latest COMC news and be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Announcing: The Vault Interview

Hello everyone and happy Monday.  Last week, we announced the impending release of COMC’s New Vault service for high end cards.  Since then, we have received a flood of questions, comments, and suggestions., two, three....

Testing…one, two, three….

This Friday, June 14th 2013, we will be releasing an interview with Tim to answer the burning questions that many of you have had about The Vault, how it works, and even what changes we have considered due to your input!  This service is something the whole Team at COMC has been excited to get rolling, and this is your chance to see how it came to be.

In light of this, we want to again encourage you to send us your questions about The Vault.  This is your chance to pose your thoughts to Tim and the Team at COMC.  Tell us what other features we should be considering for the service?  What do you think of the service as it has been explained so far?  Does something not make sense to you?

Please have all of your questions to us by no later than 3pm PST on Wednesday, June 12th in order to have your thoughts considered for the interview.  Then be sure to tune in on Friday when Tim takes a chair and talks to us about The Vault!   Don’t forget to follow us on the blog, FacebookTwitter, and our new Google+ page for further updates.