Portland Card Show This Weekend!

Hey, Everyone!

On Friday we are going live with new features that will enable you (the public) to sell your cards on our site!

All day Saturday and Sunday we are going to be at the card show at the Jantzen Beach Super Center Shopping Mall in Portland, OR.

All you Portland people, come see us!

We look forward to meeting you!

The CheckOutMyCards.com Staff

Racing Card Designed by a Friend

The Everett Explosion are two games away from clinching the Western Division title of the IBL. On April 18th they will have an opportunity to get one step closer to the title. The first 500 fans at the Everett Event Center will receive the following trading card of local race car driver Darrell Tiedeman. The card was designed by a friend of mine, Steve Kajihiro of JAMK Photography.

Some lucky fans might receive an autographed version of the card. I also caught wind that Darrell might be around after the game to sign additional autographs.

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