“Who is COMC?” – An Inside Look at the Faces Behind COMC

Hello COMC Nation!

We have a very special video to share with you! In this look inside the halls of COMC, members of our team talk about what it’s like working at COMC, the culture of our office and our values as a company. Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

Celebrating 10 Great Years of COMC!


The year 2016 marked the ten-year Anniversary of COMC’s presence in the world of collectibles! From the humble beginnings of a tiny startup that was housed in a single garage, the vision of COMC has revolutionized the way collectors buy and sell online. Now operating out of three full-sized warehouses, no one could have imagined just how much of an impact COMC would make in its first ten years. By uniting collectors across the world and shipping items to over (100?) countries, we have much to be thankful for!

It is with honor and privilege that we recognize the consignors and collectors of the COMC Nation! Without you, our service could never have grown to the size it is today, and for that we are truly grateful. Your feedback and suggestions remain invaluable and have helped us to improve our service over the last ten years. We eagerly look forward to continuing to build our platform and grow even more as 2017 approaches!

This past September, COMC held a weekend celebration for our staff of over 90 employees as a way to recognize all of their hard work and effort throughout our ten years. From our most tenured employees, to the fresh, new faces who have recently joined our company, a great time was had by all. Each employee received a slick 10-Year commemorative custom COMC jersey. Following an authentic southern BBQ dinner, the event was capped off by an awards ceremony that featured a speech from founder and CEO Tim Getsch, who took us on a trip down memory lane back to COMC’s origins.

As the COMC Nation is of course such an important part of our lives, we’d like share with you a few photos that were taken at the event (and we’ve uploaded even more photos to our Facebook photo album!). We hope you enjoy them!

Shaking the hand of a comedian

A few weeks ago I got to shake the hand of a legend. I guess shaking the hand of a famous person is the thing to do on a Saturday…

Earlier this week I ran across Demetri Martin on facebook. I have been a big fan of his comedy for a while, so I “liked” his page. This afternoon I saw this post on my facebook feed.

So that is what I did. He answered questions and read excerpts from his book for a couple hundred people. Very, very funny. I was impressed with how funny he was with things off the cuff. He isn’t just funny with a rehearsed act on stage.

Check Out My Cold… huh?

I have to give kudos to my team for putting together a very creative “get well” card.

It definitely made my day. I have been bedridden all week with a bad cold, so this is what they sent me.

If you can’t read the subtitle, it ways “The safe and easy way to avoid work for a week!”

I do have to admit, this has been one of the best weeks to stay in bed. I am falling in love with ESPN3.com... watching tons of the 2010 FIBA World Championships. There is a lot of good basketball talent all over the world.

The season for great weddings

I am currently in Minnesota en-route to Cleveland for the National. This Friday Andy Bird got married. In November of 2006 I was home for Thanksgiving, and Andy was telling me how much he enjoyed web development and how he was looking for “the next garage startup” like google and youtube. That Christmas I decided to start recruiting Andy to move to Seattle to work for my garage startup. Yes, CheckOutMyCards.com was actually operating out of my garage at the time. Back then we weren’t open to the public. We only had my cards (timgetsch, LowPriceCards) and cards from a friend (Serf77).

A few months later Andy was enticed to make the move to Seattle. That summer he got plugged into Overlake Christian Church where he eventually met his future wife Leah. Funny thing is that they are both from Minnesota and both sets of parents even go to the same church, Wooddale Church. They had an amazing, outdoor wedding overlooking a fountain at the Carlson Towers.
Wedding Reception

OK, funny story… the night before the wedding I was on my way to the Minneapolis airport to pick up another friend from Seattle. As I was trying to figure out if my friend might have checked luggage or not, I thought about the fact that he would be bringing dress clothes for the wedding… and it was at that moment that I realized I had totally forgot to pack for the wedding. I was so busy getting everything else taken care of for this two week long trip that I overlooked that detail. Fortunately I was able to call up my best friend and borrow some dress shoes, socks, a shirt and a tie. I only had to go buy pants and a belt.

While I was at my friends house picking up the clothes we saw a clip on the news about this couple that got married in St. Paul MN just a month earlier. Apparently they had just posted a youtube video of their wedding entrance and it had gotten more than half a million views in the first couple days. Well I just checked, and they now have more than 6 million views in less than a week.

They even got invited to recreated their wedding dance for the Today Show. Here is some more info about the wedding march.

One of the best weddings ever

I just got home from one of my favorite weddings. Those of you basketball fanatics that are planning to get married soon should take note.

A buddy of mine from Microsoft, basketball, and poker just got married. Ceremony was great, reception was great, dancing was great, but the real kicker was that the wedding was at the Bellevue Club Hotel. The banquet hall happened to be right next to the health club which had a basketball court. Of course a big group of us knew each other from playing basketball, and nearly all of us had at least some basketball shoes in our car. In fact most of us were prepared with a full change of basketball close. So as the dancing was winding down, we migrated over to the basketball court and played a couple games of 3-3 and 4-4. I have never been so exhausted after a wedding. It was so much fun, and it worked out really well.

The groom loves basketball, so he naturally loved it, and I figure since the bride’s vows included supporting her husband through March Madness, she was cool with it too.

A sign of success

One of the “selfish” reasons why I built this website was so that I could collect Orel Hershiser cards more easily.

Yesterday I acquired this Hershiser card.
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Autograph Jersey #159 - Orel Hershiser/1 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

As the site continues to grow, I hope more collectors out there can find gems of their favorite players, just like I found here. It doesn’t get much better than a 1/1 signed jersey card of your favorite player.

This one is getting framed and going on the wall in my office. 🙂