Happy Holidays! Reduced Customer Service on December 25th and January 1st

Happy Holidays COMC Nation!

He’s making a list
He’s shaking off the catcher twice
Gonna strike you out with a curve ball that’s really pretty nice!

As 2018 comes to a close, all of us here at COMC just want to take a moment to wish you, your loved ones, and collectors all around the world a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

In observance of the Holiday Season, we will have limited customer service support. On December 25th and January 1st, phone support will not be available, but our Customer Service Team will still be available via email. If you have any questions or need assistance, simply send an email to staff@comc.com and one of our friendly customer service agents will be glad to help!

We are very excited for all the new changes that we have planned in 2019. We fully intend to continue to serve all of your collecting needs like no one else can.

Celebrating 10 Great Years of COMC!


The year 2016 marked the ten-year Anniversary of COMC’s presence in the world of collectibles! From the humble beginnings of a tiny startup that was housed in a single garage, the vision of COMC has revolutionized the way collectors buy and sell online. Now operating out of three full-sized warehouses, no one could have imagined just how much of an impact COMC would make in its first ten years. By uniting collectors across the world and shipping items to over (100?) countries, we have much to be thankful for!

It is with honor and privilege that we recognize the consignors and collectors of the COMC Nation! Without you, our service could never have grown to the size it is today, and for that we are truly grateful. Your feedback and suggestions remain invaluable and have helped us to improve our service over the last ten years. We eagerly look forward to continuing to build our platform and grow even more as 2017 approaches!

This past September, COMC held a weekend celebration for our staff of over 90 employees as a way to recognize all of their hard work and effort throughout our ten years. From our most tenured employees, to the fresh, new faces who have recently joined our company, a great time was had by all. Each employee received a slick 10-Year commemorative custom COMC jersey. Following an authentic southern BBQ dinner, the event was capped off by an awards ceremony that featured a speech from founder and CEO Tim Getsch, who took us on a trip down memory lane back to COMC’s origins.

As the COMC Nation is of course such an important part of our lives, we’d like share with you a few photos that were taken at the event (and we’ve uploaded even more photos to our Facebook photo album!). We hope you enjoy them!

COMC and Upper Deck e-Pack Launch

UD                comc

COMC is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Upper Deck on the release of their e-Pack version of the 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey card set. We are working as the fulfillment center for this product, which allows us to leverage our extensive knowledge and systems to provide the best experience for thousands of new customers. We have already processed thousands of cards in preparation for this launch, and we can’t wait to start shipping them out to you.

The e-Pack Rundown

The e-Pack release of 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards is very similar to the physical product, but with some new twists:

  • Packs, boxes, and cases can be purchased online through the e-Pack site
  • At least one physical card per pack, with new exclusive e-Pack inserts:
    • Code to Greatness (1:10 e-Packs) and
    • Instant Impressions (1:10 e-Packs)
  • Physical copies of inserts and parallels transfer instantly to your COMC account, or shipped out worldwide
  • Digital-only versions of base cards can be combined for exclusive e-Pack exclusive Silver Foil Border cards


It can be a hassle to deal with the large quantities of base cards that can accumulate when ripping any amount of product. To cut back on this frustration, when you collect 10 copies of a digital-only base card, you may combine them through the e-Pack site for a Silver Foil Border. Similarly, some combinations of physical cards will allow for other exclusive cards like Young Guns rookie cards – including Connor McDavid!

What COMC Users Need to Know

Starting today with the release of the e-Pack site, you can transfer from your Upper Deck e-Packs directly to your COMC account. The transfer is absolutely free. Once the card is in your COMC account, it is treated the same as any item that has been purchased into your COMC account, you can list it for sale, ship it, or even send it out for grading.

Fans can try e-Pack for free just by registering at www.UpperDeckEpack.com. Once registered, users can claim a free pack every day – just for logging on.

More information, including detailed e-pack functionality, exclusive e-Pack content and  a list of e-Pack achievements users can obtain can be found at www.UpperDeckEpack.com.

Edit: 2/4 – Cards transferred to your COMC account act as cards purchased, not as cards consigned.

COMC Holiday Update

Happy Holidays COMC Nation! With the end of the year in site, we wanted to make three quick announcements.

Holiday Hours

Customer service will close on Thursday, December 24th at 4:00 pm PT and will reopen on Monday, December 28th as normal.

Holiday Shipping

USPS estimates more than 15 billion letters and packages will be delivered this holiday. While our Priority and Express orders will be packaged within one business day, we are at the mercy of USPS for delivery. To ensure timely delivery of orders by December 25th, with the deadlines posted by USPS:

  • Priority orders need to be placed by Thursday, December 17th at 11:59 PM PT
  • Express orders need to be placed by Monday, December 21st at 11:59 PM PT

Special Video Released Tomorrow

On 12/17, we will be releasing a new video, so come back tomorrow to see what we have to share!


Join Our New Email List to Stay Connected

One request we’ve had from users is for more and better communication.  One step we are taking to meet that request is with a new email list!

Click here to join our new email list

If you would like to receive vital information from us, please join our email list.  Information will include specials you won’t want to miss and how to use new site features.  We may also use this channel to request feedback as to what you like most about the COMC experience, what features you most anxiously await, and how we can improve.  We will limit this distribution channel to only relevant information that will make your life better.  We hate waste and inefficiency, and that includes email spam.  Please join!

Our first email will announce our Cyber Monday Promotion!  A small hint is it will involve a new feature we are releasing…

It should be exciting!  Please join our email list and stay connected.

September 2007 Newsletter

This is our first newsletter from COMC.com.  The last few months have been extremely busy as we have started to roll out many new services. 

Interested in buying sports cards?
Our inventory is
constantly growing as people continue to send us their cards.  We recently passed 50,000 different cards on the site, and we will be adding 2,000 – 10,000 cards per week.  So, you will want to check back frequently to see what has been added.

Make an Offer!
Last week we released the ability to
make an offer.  It is very easy to add several cards to an offer and send that offer to a seller.

Interested in selling your sports cards?
It is now easier than ever.  We have simplified the
fees and commission structure.  It is simply $0.20 per card.  You send us your cards, and we do all the work.  That is an unbelievable deal for full-service consignment.  This is only possible because of our patent-pending technology.

Also, we have listened to your feedback and decided to simplify our commission structure.  Commission is now only a flat 20%, and you can completely avoid paying any commission by using your earned store credit to buy other cards on the site.

What happened to LowPriceCards.com?
LowPriceCards.com has been retired and replaced with
CheckOutMyCards.com.  This change was made so the tools we build and use to collect and sell sports cards online can be available to all collectors.

Everything that you have loved about LowPriceCards.com is now available to help YOU sell cards on CheckOutMyCards.com.


We hope you enjoy our services as we continue to work towards building the best experience for buying and selling sports cards.

Please continue to spread the word about CheckOutMyCards.com, the safe & easy way to buy & sell sports cards!

Julia Getsch
Business Manager