COMC @ The National Sports Collector’s Convention 2016 Recap

Hello, COMC Nation!

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been! It goes without saying that this year was by far the BEST National Sports Collector’s Convention yet for COMC. This year we saw eight COMC staff members make the cross-country trek to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the 37th Annual National Convention. This year COMC had a booth in the corporate area with the likes of Upper Deck, Panini and Topps.

Over the course of our five days at the convention, we met with hundreds of members of the COMC Nation who shared their thoughts, suggestions, and feedback with our staff! We also provided nearly two thousand 300-count boxes for collectors to fill up at the hundreds of booths around us. Even though we opted not to run a National Convention processing special this year, we accepted nearly a thousand pounds’ worth of consignment submissions. That’s a staggering amount of cards!


Tim and Steve share a laugh with a long-time COMC consignor

In lieu of a processing special, this year we opted to run daily store credit giveaway drawings three times a day for a total of $400 a day, as well as a Grand Prize drawing of $500 at the conclusion of the Convention! All those in attendance at The National who had a COMC account were eligible to enter, and those who didn’t have a COMC account…well, let’s just say a lot of accounts were created! We ran four computer stations at our booth for convention-goers to browse the COMC marketplace, sign up for or manage their accounts, and even print their submission paperwork on the spot.

In their admittedly sparse downtime, our team was able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Atlantic City at night. Under the hot summer sun, they toured the Boardwalk, enjoyed popular local restaurants such as Kelsey’s (Soul & Comfort) and Angelo’s (Italian), and tried their luck at the local casinos!

We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and contributed in making this year’s experience at The National the best one yet. We’ll be back next year in Chicago from July 26th-30th, 2017 for another great convention, and we hope that you’ll consider heading to the Windy City with us! No matter what you collect, there is nothing quite like the experience that is the Sports Collector’s Convention.

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COMC and Upper Deck e-Pack Launch

UD                comc

COMC is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Upper Deck on the release of their e-Pack version of the 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey card set. We are working as the fulfillment center for this product, which allows us to leverage our extensive knowledge and systems to provide the best experience for thousands of new customers. We have already processed thousands of cards in preparation for this launch, and we can’t wait to start shipping them out to you.

The e-Pack Rundown

The e-Pack release of 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards is very similar to the physical product, but with some new twists:

  • Packs, boxes, and cases can be purchased online through the e-Pack site
  • At least one physical card per pack, with new exclusive e-Pack inserts:
    • Code to Greatness (1:10 e-Packs) and
    • Instant Impressions (1:10 e-Packs)
  • Physical copies of inserts and parallels transfer instantly to your COMC account, or shipped out worldwide
  • Digital-only versions of base cards can be combined for exclusive e-Pack exclusive Silver Foil Border cards


It can be a hassle to deal with the large quantities of base cards that can accumulate when ripping any amount of product. To cut back on this frustration, when you collect 10 copies of a digital-only base card, you may combine them through the e-Pack site for a Silver Foil Border. Similarly, some combinations of physical cards will allow for other exclusive cards like Young Guns rookie cards – including Connor McDavid!

What COMC Users Need to Know

Starting today with the release of the e-Pack site, you can transfer from your Upper Deck e-Packs directly to your COMC account. The transfer is absolutely free. Once the card is in your COMC account, it is treated the same as any item that has been purchased into your COMC account, you can list it for sale, ship it, or even send it out for grading.

Fans can try e-Pack for free just by registering at Once registered, users can claim a free pack every day – just for logging on.

More information, including detailed e-pack functionality, exclusive e-Pack content and  a list of e-Pack achievements users can obtain can be found at

Edit: 2/4 – Cards transferred to your COMC account act as cards purchased, not as cards consigned.

Check Out Your Cards – COMC Milestones and card #20,000,000

Twenty million is a large number. It is just about the number of seconds in 231 and a half days. It is larger than the number of miles between where you’re sitting and the planet Venus at any given time. And, earlier this week, we identified card #20,000,000, and added it to our site. In this special edition of Check Out Your Cards, I am showcasing other milestone cards we have received, charting the growth of our inventory.

#1000000 – 1992-93 Fleer Ultra #328 Shaquille O’Neal

#1000000 - 1992-93 Fleer Ultra #328 Shaquille O'Neal

This Shaquille O’Neal card was added to our site back on 6/29/09, almost two years after Tim had started the project that eventually became COMC. In fact, the first consigned cards from someone other than Tim didn’t start rolling in until around card 69,000. After two years on the project, this was the first major milestone.

#5000000 – 2011 Bowman Gold #212 Dillon Gee

#5000000 - 2011 Bowman Gold #212 Dillon Gee

If submissions stayed at the same pace, this Bowman Gold card wouldn’t have been added until 2019. Thankfully, the wait was not that long. On 7/29/11, two years and one month after card one million, card five million was added to the site.

#10000000 2001 Private Stock Game-Worn Gear #68 Marcus Pollard

#10000000 - 2001 Private Stock Game-Worn Gear #68 Marcus Pollard

When this Private Stock Game-Worn card first hit the site on 2/19/13, we called in A Towering Achievement. Going by the graphic we made at the time, our lifetime inventory. card atop card, would stack 19,685 feet into the air, about 5 thousand feet taller than Mount Rainier. All this in less time than it took to get from card #1000000 to #5000000.

#15000000 – 2000 Upper Deck MVP Pro Sign #IB Isaac Bruce

#15000000 - 2000 Upper Deck MVP Pro Sign #IB Isaac Bruce

This Upper Deck MVP Pro Sign card snuck up on us, and we almost let it pass without much fanfare. It was added 7/11/14, showing that, even with having to build our catalog from the ground up, submissions were still strong. It took about year and a half to add an extra 5 million cards to the site.

#20000000 1998 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems #189 Peyton Manning

#20000000 - 1998 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems #189 Peyton Manning

The trend continues with this Peyton Manning card. Added 8/26/15, a year and a month since the last major milestone, and only two and a half months after card #19000000, this beautiful Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems card is already far from being the most recently added card. It is now the second day since it was added, and we’re already getting card 20,045,000 ready to list. At that rate, expect item item #21000000 before the end of the year.

A Towering Achievement

COMC has crossed the line!  The 10,000,000 item line, that is.  On Friday, February 22nd we uploaded item #10000000 onto the site.  The card featured none other than Marcus Pollard, who played a season for the Seattle Seahawks in 2007 after many successful years with the Indianapolis Colts as a tight end.
The specific card was a 2001 Private Stock Game Worn Gear #68 Marcus Pollard.  2001 was Pollard’s best year with the Colts; he averaged almost 16 yards per catch and scored 8 touchdowns.
With over 2,500 sellers now submitting items to the site we wondered where number 10 mil would come in from, but we couldn’t have been more surprised to learn the consigner was from right in our own backyard!  Seller john316 had dropped off the batch in person, driving down from Everett – just about a half hour away.  We called him up to congratulate him and asked if he would be willing to come down to take some pictures with us.   He graciously agreed, and so we were able to thank him and purchase the card from him personally.

Tim gives john316 a check for the high book value of the card.  “I never would have gotten that much for it!” quipped john316.  John316 was also awarded $100 in store credit for submitting item #10000000 as the winner of our countdown contest.


Item #10000000 in all its glory.  The closest guesser in our countdown contest was ivbaseball06 who correctly predicted the sport, and was off on the upload date by just one business day!  Congratulations to ivbaseball06 who also wins $100 of store credit!

Ten million is a huge number and hard to even think about.  It’s amazing to look back on how far we’ve come together from the first few items that Tim uploaded from his personal collection.    Thirty thousand buyer accounts, three offices, and two web address updates later, we still feel as if we’re only getting started.  On March 1st we officially rolled out our second supported item: comic books.  We’ve got even more updates and features in the works that we’re very excited to tell you about, but for now we just want to take a moment to thank everyone who made this milestone possible.  Without the loyal COMC buyers, sellers, traders, and flippers, this simply would not be possible.  Thank you for trusting us to care for your inventory, thank you for giving us constructive feedback to build on, and thank you for believing how big this little idea was capable of becoming.

How much is ten million?  We’ve put together a graphic to illustrate: (click on the image to see a larger version)


A towering achievement indeed, and it’s just the beginning.

10 X the traffic = some site hiccups

Let’s start with the good news: we are getting TEN TIMES our normal traffic today!


This means we have the necessary traffic to reach our goal of increasing sales by 10 times (as part of the previously announced “Perfect 10 Black Friday Special”).

As for the not so good news, as you may have noticed, there have been some site issues today.  Please know that we are working very hard to resolve them all and expect to be fully up to speed very soon!

Even so, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Relations Department if you need help with anything.  You can reach us until midnight tonight at or by 1-800-517-3540. Here are our Extended Customer Service Hours. Thank you for your patience!

A Post With Only Good Things In It

Thanks for writing so many comments to our previous post letting us know your feedback.  We are really reading all of them, we’re listening, and we’re still having discussions about the best way to achieve our goals together.  On that note:


2012 National Collectors Convention Processing Special
COMC has been around for 5 full years now, so we thought folks might appreciate this deal.
-Give us your cards in a 550 Count Box.  We’ll give you 5 Week processing, starting from the day we receive it at the show, for only $55.  Maximum of 5 Boxes per customer.
Don’t cram cards into boxes, please; if it’s so full we’ll worry about card damage we’ll ask you to take some cards out.  We’ll have a limited supply of boxes at the show to give out, or you can bring your own.
Please make sure your account is funded with store credit before dropping off.  If you’ve got more than five boxes of cards you’d like to hand off, you can also use One Month service at $0.25/card, $5 minimum, no batch fee (One Week, One Day, and all other services will not be available for items dropped off at the National).
The $55 flat rate is in place of what would have been the normal $0.20/card fee – it does not cover extra fees such as toploader removal charge, oversize/special size item charges (poker chips or coins for example), or condition notes.


This deal is available to you even if you aren’t attending the National. 
Not everyone can go to Baltimore.  Postmark your shipment of up to five 550 count boxes during the National week (August 1-5) and when we receive them we’ll get to work for $55 a box, 5 Week processing time.
Please clearly label the boxes “5th Anniversary Special” and write your username on the box
• Limit five 550 count boxes per household
• Any submitted cards exceeding five 550 count boxes will be processed as requested with our normal services
The $55 flat rate is in place of what would have been the normal $0.20/card fee – it does not cover extra fees such as toploader removal charge, oversize/special size item charges (poker chips or coins for example), or condition notes.


Tim is available to talk with at the National.
If you’d like to sit down at booth #2440 with COMC’s CEO for half an hour of his time, send an email to and let us know what days you’ll be there and what hours will be best for you between 10am and 6pm.  We’ll email you back a reserved slot.


We’re about to start beta testing our new item services.
On August 1st we’ll start accepting items for several new listing categories.  We’ll be starting slowly, and we’re looking for people who are interested in helping us build out these services.  A dedicated blog post will outline what items will be included in this test, and how to get involved.


Try before you buy.
There will be an opportunity for everyone to actually see and explore the new COMC site so folks can make fully informed decisions about whether they’re on board with it or not.  We don’t want to strong arm everyone into something they haven’t had a chance to check out for themselves.  Test it and then let us know how you feel.


COMC is more successful than ever.

We’re not all driving around the office on our own Segways or installing office slides, but things are going well.  We’re shipping more cards than ever, processing more cards than ever, and enjoying the most site traffic in our history.  Our last post broke the number-of-comments record, which means more people are passionate and involved than ever before, even if they don’t always see eye to eye with our vision.  We’re not afraid of criticism, and we actually appreciate it if it’s well thought out and constructive.  We are not content to sit back and rest on our success.  Our plan is to continue taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what COMC can be.
Five years ago at the National Convention in Cleveland, people said we were crazy for thinking that anyone would ever mail us their card collections.  We crossed the forty-employee mark this month.

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in this most recent conversation.  We’ve got a good idea of what we want to do and a lot of reasoning behind it, but there’s room for improvement in everything.  Keep involved and we’ll keep listening.


First Trading Card Seller with 1 Million Listings

We just became the first seller in the Trading Cards category on Amazon to have more than 1 million listings. In fact, we have more than half of all Trading Card listings on Amazon.

We currently have a backlog of about 600,000 items to upload to Amazon, and our current pace is about 15,000 items per hour. We are working day and night to get as many items listed as possible before Thanksgiving.

If you want to have your items included for sale on Amazon, simply go to the “My Profile & Options” page and edit the new “Sell on” option at the bottom.