CheckOutMyCards Fees for 2011

Thank you for taking part in our test services over the past few months.  We have taken that data and have come up with new services and programs for 2011.

Please read through and get to know all of the changes. You will find that we have made an effort to improve satisfaction by offering faster services at lower rates.  Visit our fees page for full details about all of these services. Also please check your email for exciting information about upcoming specials.


Bulk Shipping just got better!
– Now offered every day of the month
– You only need 10 cards to be eligible for bulk shipping
– You can get cards put in toploaders for only 15¢ extra
– First 10 cards $5.00; 15¢ for each additional card
– 75¢ extra for graded, encased, or jumbo cards
– International orders $10 extra
– Packaged within 1 week

New Toploader Option
With any shipment you can selectively choose cards that you would like to have shipped in a hard plastic toploader.
– 15¢ extra per toploader

Graded, Encased & Jumbo Shipping Reduced
We reduced the extra fee for graded, encased, and jumbo cards across the board.
– Bulk: $0.75 extra
– Standard: $0.75 extra
– Priority: $1.00 extra
– Express: $1.50 extra

Priority Shipping Cheaper & Faster
– First card is now only $7.50
– Shipped out within 1 business day

Express Shipping Now Cheaper
– First card shipped is now only $17.50


4 Week Service
– 20¢ for each card
– No Grade, Encased, or Jumbo cards
– No Coins or Poker Chips
– $3.00 batch fee (per 1-500 cards)
– Your cards will be processed at 15¢ if we miss the due date
This replaces our old 8 week service, but you have another six weeks to use it. Since that service is no longer published on our site, simply specify “Standard” on your package and make sure it’s post-marked by Feb. 14.

1 Week Service
– 35¢ for each card
– No Grade, Encased, or Jumbo cards
– No Coins or Poker Chips
– $3.00 batch fee (per 1-500 cards)
– Your cards will be processed at 20¢ if we miss the due date
This replaces our old priority and express services.

3 Week Special Sized Service
– 75¢ for each item
– $3 batch fee (per 1-50 items)
– You can use this service for any size items
– You items will be processed at 50¢ if we miss the due date

Next Day Service
– $2 for each item
– $3 batch fee (per 1-50 items)
– You can use this service for any size items
– You items will be processed at 75¢ if we miss the due date


We are proud to offer the chance to sign up for our first official membership program that begins on January 1, 2011.

$50 Per Month Membership
– $50 account upgrade fee is charged along with monthly storage fees
– This gives you free storage on all items with an asking price of $1.00 or less
– This also gives you the ability to customize the following settings for incoming offers

  • Auto-accept offer percentage
  • Minimum offer amount
  • Minimum offer percentage

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you,
The Staff at

COMC announces 2011 Special!

Celebrating the start of the year 2011, is offering a processing special that should get your year started right.

20¢ for 11 day processing

Get your cards on the site in only 11 days for just 20¢ per card plus $3 per batch of up to 500 cards.


  • Must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, January 11, 2011
  • Boxes must be clearly marked with your user name and “2011 Special”
  • Oversized, graded or encased cards are not eligible for this promotion
  • Must have sufficient store credit to cover processing fees
  • Special is limited to one per household
  • Maximum cards: 2011 (4 batches)

We at Check Out My Cards appreciated your support in 2010, and we look forward to serving you in 2011!

DDearing Sale is OVER!!

Today all of the headaches are finally gone.  Every card will be disappearing from Dan Dearing’s account one by one throughout the afternoon and evening.

If you wanted to purchase one of them at 8% of book value (or 8% of his asking price on N/A cards), you have a few hours left because we do not have the ability to instantly take all the cards off the site.  Unfortunately, this is the only window — and the sale ceases a week shy of its last potential ending date.

We apologize for all of the stress the DDearing sale may have caused with the site slowdown, but are very relieved that the slowdowns due to this will not hamper any of your sales over this holiday season.  To all of you that participated in the sale, our hope is that you received some sort of benefit and that you enjoyed participating.  Once the site is updated and can handle these types of sales, everyone — including the staff — will be very happy!

Warm wishes throughout the season,

The Staff at Check Out My Cards

DDearing 50-Day-Sale blowing up the site

The website problems are continuing to get worse as the site traffic grows daily.  This is an indicator that our improvements planned for early 2011 are heavily justified.

In the case of the DDearing Sale, Dan is unable to adjust prices on the bulk-price editing tool as it is not configured to handle the inventory changes below 90% off.  To give you an example of Dan’s day, it takes more than 5 hours to download his inventory and make price adjustments.  Today he was unable to make any changes as the tool is not working properly.

During this busy holiday season, we may not get the chance to properly make the changes in the editing system.  Thus, until Christmas, we have created a way for you to still get the savings on the inventory.  It is fortunate that currently all of the asking prices are at 10% of book so the calculations are simple:

Today 12/16 all offers of 90% will be auto accepted (9% of book)

12/17 all offers of 80% will be auto accepted (8% of book)

12/18 all offers of 70% will be auto accepted (7% of book)

12/19 all offers of 60% will be auto accepted (6% of book)

12/20 all offers of 50% will be auto accepted (5% of book)

12/21 all offers of 40% will be auto accepted (4% of book)

12/22 all offers of 30% will be auto accepted (3% of book)

12/23 all offers of 20% will be auto accepted (2% of book)

12/24 all offers of 10% will be auto accepted (1% of book)

We have no idea when all of the inventory will be gone so please make your purchases quickly.  Please call the office when you need assistance in making a large purchase if the site is timing out and giving you an error message.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

The Staff at Check Out My Cards

DDearing sale is back on!

The DDearing sale is running again, after a temporary delay the past couple days. We apologize for this inconvenience and don’t expect any more hiccups along the way.

As of tomorrow, the cards will be listed at 90 percent off. For future reference, if someone tries to add all of the remaining cards in this account and the system times out, we will facilitate the sale.

Thanks again for your patience as Dearing re-ignites this first-ever ‘countdown’-type sale on COMC!

DDearing launches 50-days-till-Christmas sale

It’s been exactly six months since Dan Dearing passed $100,000 in total book value listed. The ddearing account has quadrupled that figure since then, making Dearing the top seller on COMC.

But that’s not the only news surrounding this account.

As of this morning, Dearing’s ad in the December issue of Beckett Football Card Monthly has come to fruition. Starting today, the sale price on his entire inventory of approximately 100,000 cards will be reduced by 1 percent daily until they reach 99% off Beckett Value on Christmas Eve. (They are all priced at 50 percent off today.)

No offers will be accepted, but the prices will be dropped 1 percent each day.

Happy shopping as the holidays approach!

COMC makes its 1st Alzheimer’s donation

When the Cards_For_Alzheimers account officially went public in April, COMC promised to write a check to The Alzheimer’s Association, Western and Central Washington State Chapter.

COMC employee Dave Elmore, the creator and facilitator of this account, didn’t know when that would be. None of us did.

But after reaching the $500 mark in total sales last month, Dave figured it was time for Tim to cut the first check.  So on Tuesday, Patricia Hunter from The Alzheimer’s Association, met with Dave and Tim outside our office.

The Alzheimer’s Association, which will present “Memories Are Made of This – Dine Around The World Cocktail Gala” Nov. 13 at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle, will use this money to further its mission “To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.”

Special thanks to the newest card donors to the account — baseballcardsetc, ilovecardz, MrSplinter, SportsHeroes — as well as all of the local donors who are too numerous to mention.

Our goal is to formalize the process for donating cards to charity via COMC before the end of the year so that you will be able to make donations in time for this year’s taxes. Keep your eyes on the blog for further updates.