COMC Tutorial: Submit to CSG/CGC for Grading

COMC is now an authorized CSG/CGC Official Submission Center! This allows you to send cards directly from your inventory to CSG/CGC to be graded, whether the cards were purchased on COMC, transferred to your account, or consigned directly to us. Visit our COMC Grading Tutorial video to see a full breakdown of our grading service.

How to submit a card for grading in 6 simple steps:

  • First, navigate to an item in your Inventory Manager that you would like to submit for grading:
  • Then select the Submit for Grading option from the Actions menu for that item:
COMC Tutorial Pricing Cards - Action Menu - Submit for Grading
  • You will be automatically prompted to select either CSG or CGC as your grading option, depending on the type of item you’re submitting.
CGC Trading Card Service
CSG Grading Service
  • Enter your desired declared value for the item and select a service level:

Please note that not all submission levels will be available depending on your declared value and type of card. The website will automatically remove tiers when your submission exceeds certain value thresholds (shown above in parentheses). For example, if you submit an item for which you declare the value to be $550, only the Standard, Express, and WalkThrough options will be available to select from. This grading fee is charged at the time you finalize your grading submission.

  • Then click the box to accept our shared Terms and Conditions. Please review these terms carefully if you have not submitted an item for grading before.
  • Click Submit, and COMC staff will take it from there!