CGC & CSG Grading Now Available on COMC!

COMC is excited to announce our partnership with CGC Trading Cards (Certified Guaranty Company) & CSG (Certified Sports Guaranty)! With over 30 million raw cards available in our marketplace, COMC is ready to provide an effortless grading experience for you to Buy, Sell, and now Grade your Marvel, Sports, Star Wars, and TCG trading cards. We’re thrilled to offer a smooth and seamless grading process with our trusted partners CGC and CSG.

We’re excited for our collectors to get started—which you can do today by submitting your cards to CGC & CSG! The COMC Grading Team is excited to provide an incredible service to our customers and help add more graded cards to your collection and to the COMC Marketplace. As part of one of the world’s largest collectibles companies, CGC & CSG bring an amazing track record of reliability and trusted service.

With more than 10 million collectibles certified since 2000, CGC is the world’s largest grading service for comic books, magazines, concert posters, and more. In 2020 CCG brought the same expertise that revolutionized comic book collecting to the world of trading cards and launched CGC Trading Cards.

In August of 2022, CGC Trading Cards announced that Marvel cards were now eligible for grading. Who better to grade your Marvel cards than the world’s most trusted comic book grader? They currently offer the hobby’s best service for comics and now bring their expertise, state-of-the-art holder, and matching iconic label to CGC Trading Cards for your favorite Marvel Cards.

CGC Trading Cards is devoted to the expert grading of the most popular trading card games, including Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! They’re well known for bringing their world-class expertise to grading some of the rarest and most obscure trading cards, including the legendary Pokemon-Magic Blastoise test prints.

In addition to Marvel and TCG’s, CGC Trading Cards now offer their services to Star Wars cards. Whether you have a 1977 Luke Skywalker to the latest Star Wars sets from Topps Chrome Galaxy or Topps Chrome Sapphire, CGC Trading Cards has you covered.

CSG will provide our sports collectors with a trusted grading service for their sports trading cards including Football, Basketball, and Baseball! Last year CSG revealed their brand new label and updated grading scale to align with the sports card collecting market. CSG grades some of your favorite sports cards including the Colson Montgomery 1st Bowman Chrome Superfractor Autograph that graded Gem Mint 10.

Earlier this month, CSG changed the game by grading a miscut 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson with a label indicating a partial Mickey Mantle card. This further illustrates CSG’s commitment to providing grading services for some of the rarest and most unique sports cards in the hobby.

CSG offers the sports card market a vastly superior product: a card-enhancing label combined with CSG’s best-in-class protective holder, fast and accurate grading, affordable prices, and more.

With CGC & CSG, each card submission will be put through their trusted eight-step certification process and then be graded using their standard 10-point grading scale. Cards graded by CGC & CSG are all encapsulated with an incredible holder for both card display and protection, include a bold yet refined label, and are backed by industry-leading CSG and CGC guarantees.

And don’t forget! Through our partnership with Upper Deck e-Pack, you can immediately Buy, Rip and Submit your pack-fresh e-Pack pulls via our grading submission portal! e-Pack features the most popular Marvel brands like Metal Universe, Unbound, and Black Diamond, as well as exclusive hockey card brands including Upper Deck Series 1 and 2, SPx, SP Game Used, and Ultimate Collection! (Please note that Upper Deck e-Pack Cards must first be transferred to COMC before they can be submitted for grading. If the item has a stock image, it must first be upgraded through our Elite process before it can be submitted for grading.) 

We hope you are as excited as we are about this groundbreaking evolution of the COMC service. For more information regarding our grading services, please see our FAQ page.

Learn how to submit your cards today by visiting our Tutorial Page or click here to watch an instructional video. COMC Grading Tutorial

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