COMC’s 2022 NBA Tip-Off eBay Auction Event: Submit Your Elite Basketball Cards Today!

Are you ready for the NBA Tip-Off? COMC Elite Auctions is partnering with eBay to promote our NBA Tip-Off Auction Event!

High-end basketball cards consigned via COMC Auctions will be featured on eBay’s homepage from Monday, October 17th through Sunday, October 23rd, 2022. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase the visibility of your auctions of basketball cards as the NBA season begins! All COMC Elite items that are currently in your port or listed on the site are eligible immediately. If you have Standard or Select basketball items you’d like to send to auction, you can still elect to reprocess them as Elite in time for the event! COMC Elite basketball items must be transferred to Auction by Sunday, October 16th, 2022 via the below simple steps in order to be eligible for this event:

  1. In your Inventory Manager, locate the COMC Elite item you want to transfer to auction
  2. Click the Actions menu button for that item
  3. Select Send to Auction
  4. Select the NBA Tip-Off eBay Auction Event option, shown below:

After transferring your cards to auction, they are moved from your Inventory Manager to the Auction Submissions page in your COMC account. Please note that all transfer-to-auction submissions are final. Once scheduled for auction, you can monitor your auctions via your Auction History page!

Non-Elite Items Transfer Deadlines

Cards already consigned with COMC that have not yet been upgraded to COMC Elite must first be Reprocessed as Elite to be eligible for COMC Auctions. To ensure that your items will be reprocessed in time for this event, we encourage you to submit them for reprocessing as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 via the below simple steps:

  1. Locate the item you want to upgrade in your Inventory Manager
  2. Click on the Actions menu
  3. Select Reprocess as Elite
  4. Select COMC Reprocessing
  5. Pay $2.00 COMC Store Credit to submit the item

Once the items have been reprocessed as Elite and returned to your COMC Inventory, please remember to then Send your Elite items to Auction by Sunday, October 16th, 2022.

Important COMC Auctions Reminders

  • The minimum fee per auction is $3.50, regardless of the final sale price. For a full breakdown of COMC Auction fees, consult the COMC Auction Schedule and Fees blog.
  • We strongly recommend you only submit cards to auction that will likely sell for $50.00 or more. COMC reserves the right to change the service level of new Auction submissions to Select for any submissions primarily consisting of items individually valued at less than $10.00.
  • There are no cancellations once we receive your auction submission. If you want to instead consign your high-end trading cards through COMC as buy-it-now listings or field offers on the marketplace, we encourage you to submit them using our Elite Service. All Elite Items are eligible to be transferred to auction at a later date.
  • This event is intended only for those cards that have already been consigned to COMC; mail-in submissions will not be accepted for this auction promotion.
  • Please review our Supported Trading Cards criteria if you have any questions about what items you can consign with COMC.
  • COMC is also proud to announce that we are now accepting Hybrid Grading Approach slabs for submissions! HGA joins our list of supported grading companies, which also includes PSA, BGS, BVG, CSG, and SGC!
  • For more information about our auction service, please refer to our Auctions and Auctions FAQ pages.

Questions? Our Team is Here to Help!

If you have any questions about submitting your cards for this auction event, we encourage you to email the COMC Auctions Team at For all other inquiries, please contact our Customer Service team by emailing or clicking the red Support button on the bottom-right corner of for immediate assistance during business hours.