COMC At The CSA Chantilly Card Show

COMC is excited to be part of the CSA Chantilly Card Show in Chantilly, VA at the Dulles Expo Center, 4320 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA, 20151 from April 1st – 3rd.

The CSA Chantilly Show features sports cards, autographs, and memorabilia with 250 dealer tables, and much more.

COMC will be at booth number #1303 for the CSA Chantilly Show.

Make sure to purchase your ticket for the CSA Chantilly Show today and find out more details about the event at

Consignment Drop-Offs

COMC will be accepting drop-off submissions at the CSA Chantilly Show to help consignors save on the cost of shipping. We will be accepting submissions at all service levels.

Please follow the instructions below to prepare your consignments for drop-off:

1) All submissions must have complete and accurate printed paperwork by using our Submission Wizard. Use the “Drop Off @ Chantilly, VA – CSA Chantilly Show” option on step 5 of the submission wizard to expedite processing.

2) Ensure your submission is packed securely. We strongly recommend one-row boxes instead of multi-row boxes (such as 800 ct or 930 ct boxes). For large submissions, multiple single row boxes can be used and labeled 1 of X, 2 of X, etc.

3) The cut-off time for accepting submissions at the CSA Chantilly Show will be Sunday, April 3rd at 3:00 pm EST local time.

4) Please allow up to 7-10 days for consignments submitted at the CSA Chantilly Show to reach our Redmond, WA facility. Your submissions at the CSA Chantilly Show will be entered into your account and begin processing on the week of April 11th-15th.

We’ll See You in Chantilly!

Our team is excited to return to the CSA Chantilly Show and connect with members of the COMC community, and to meet new users as well. The show is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the growth and future of the trading card hobby that we all love so much.

As the countdown to the show continues, stay tuned for more updates about COMC’s presence and promotions at the CSA Chantilly Show by following COMC on social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you have any questions please reach out to our Customer Service Team at

eBay Auction Event: 2022 NHL Playoffs

COMC Auctions is partnering with eBay to promote an exclusive Hockey auction event to celebrate the start of the 2022 NHL Playoffs!

As part of this exclusive event, COMC Auctions will be featured on eBay’s homepage from May 2nd through May 8th! This Hockey promotion is the ideal opportunity to increase the visibility of your auction consignments as the 2021-22 NHL Playoffs are commencing.

Cards submitted to auction via COMC will receive a maximized number of views throughout the auction event. Below you’ll find all the information you need to get started, and even you’re new to COMC, there’s still time to register!

Items must be received by 4/18 to be eligible for this event.

When and how to submit your cards:

COMC users have multiple options for submitting cards for this event. Whether you already have cards consigned with us to submit to auction or you are considering sending cards to COMC specifically for this event, details and key dates are listed below.

Mail-In Submissions

Cards must be received at COMC by the end of the day on 04/18/2022 to be included in the promotion.

To create a new mail-in auction submission, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your COMC Account or Register for a new COMC Account
  2. Start New Submission while logged in to your COMC Account
  3. Select the COMC/eBay NHL Playoff Auction Event processing service as shown below

Elite-Item Transfers

Elite-Item Transfer deadlines apply only to items which have already been processed through our Elite Consignment Service.

To be included in the promotion, cards must be transferred to auction by 4/24/2022.

If you already have COMC Elite hockey cards in your COMC Inventory Manager, you can send them to auction in just a few clicks. You must transfer them to auction by Sunday, April 24th by selecting the COMC/eBay NHL Playoff Auction Event option when transferring your items to auction.

Right click on “Actions” and then select “Send to Auction” to begin the auction transfer process:

Select COMC/eBay NHL Playoff Auction Event for the eBay Auction Service:

After transferring your cards to auction, they move from your Inventory Manager to Grading Submissions in your COMC account. Once scheduled for auction, you can monitor your auctions in Auction History.

Only items that have already been processed through our Elite Consignment Service may be transferred to our Hockey eBay Auction Event. If you’d like to reprocess an item as Elite to be included in this auction event, you must submit it for Elite reprocessing by April 18th, 2022.

Important Auctions Reminders

As you consider participating in this exciting auction event, there are a few key reminders we’d like to share:

  • The minimum fee per auction, regardless of the final sale price, is $3.50. We do not recommend you submit cards to auction if they will not reach a final sale price of $20 or more.
  • There are no cancellations once we receive your auction submissions.

For more information about our auctions service, please refer to our Auctions and Auctions FAQ pages. We are so excited for you to participate in this promotion!

For questions regarding the eligibility of products, please email

Follow us on social media @checkoutmycards and the COMC Blog for the latest updates!

March Madness Elite & Select Submission Promotion

Receive discounts on all your Elite & Select submissions through April 1st!

40% off Elite & 30% off Select Submissions

Take advantage of this limited-time promotion to submit your items using our Elite and Select services at a reduced price. If you’ve been waiting for a discount on submissions, now is your chance to save BIG!

March Madness Elite & Select Submission Promotion Discount Requirements:

  • ELITE40 – Write “ELITE40” on each Elite submission slip to receive 40% off your Elite submission (Was $2.00 – NOW $1.20 per card).
  • SELECT30 – Write “SELECT30” on each Select submission slip to receive 30% off your select submission (Was $1.00 – NOW 0.70 per card).
  • Cards must be submitted between Tuesday, March 8th to Friday, April 1st.
  • Submissions MUST BE RECEIVED at COMC by April 1st.

Which Cards Are Best For Elite?

The Elite service is for raw and graded single trading cards with a sale value of more than $50. There is no minimum submission quantity for Elite. Elite items are guaranteed to have a 2-week turnaround time.

Important Promotion Information

  • This discount DOES stack with Fresh Pulls! That means even deeper discounts for eligible Fresh Pulls products in addition to the discounts for this promotion.
  • The discount does not apply to the Mailbox package fee, toploader removal fee, or the missing/incorrect paperwork fee.
  • No maximum quantity limit – submit as many cards as you’d like!
  • There is a $3 minimum fee per Select submission group. No minimum fee for Elite submissions.
  • Each submission slip MUST HAVE handwritten codes to qualify – no exceptions!
  • Cards reprocessed through Elite service are not eligible for the discount.
  • Items submitted prior to the promotion are not eligible for the March Madness Submission Promotion discounts.

For questions regarding the eligibility of products, please email

Follow us on social media @checkoutmycards and the COMC blog for the latest updates!

COMC Company Update – March 2022

At our company meeting this past week, Tim announced our 2022 goal to list and ship 50% more cards than last year. We are excited and ready to bring more joy to you and our fellow collectors. To achieve this, we are focusing on driving listing and shipping times down, providing an even better experience for you.

In February, we increased our listing numbers over the previous month and developed a new process to reduce listing times. Effective yesterday, we launched updates to our Submission Wizard. These changes allow you to segment your items by the type of content within each service level, enabling us to list your items more efficiently. As we list your items more quickly, you will soon see reduced times quoted for our Listing Services. Our shipping team is back to full capacity and is driving our ship times down once again.

The COMC team is on board with our mission to maximize what you care about and minimize what you don’t by creating a fun trading card space for our customers, partners, and collectors.

Julia Getsch

– COMC President and Cofounder

Important COMC Consignment Submission Update

Today we launched an added feature in our Submission Wizard to improve your consignment experience and facilitate faster processing times.

Previously, a mixed batch of supported items could all be combined into one submission without separating the groups by type. To help us better our service offerings, you now need to separate items by service level and group.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submissions must be separated into one of the following groups within each service level:
    • Graded – Comic Books
    • Graded – Oversized Cards (tall boys, booklets, coins, extra thick, and other non-standard size cards)
    • Graded/Uncirculated – Cards (PSA graded cards, sealed Panini Flawless holders, etc.)
    • Raw – Comic Books
    • Raw – Gaming Cards (TCG)
    • Raw – Oversized Cards
    • Raw – Trading Cards

Submissions not separated by group, or with incorrect or missing groups, may be subject to processing delays and a $5 missing paperwork fee for each missing group.

This change in the submission process can be viewed on Step 4 of the Submission Wizard.

Make sure to separate the cards by group when preparing your shipment.

Minimum Fees:

A minimum fee for each group applies to the following services:

  • Each Select group has a $3 minimum fee
  • Each Standard group has a $10 minimum fee

On Step 4, select “Next” after you confirm your card counts and submission levels.

On Step 5, select your desired Shipping or Drop Off location. Make sure to confirm the information is correct, then select “Approve Submissions.”

On Step 6, you will need to print the Submission Slips for each group within each submission level. You must include the designated Submission Slip with each group.

Remember the following during the submission process to ensure you submit items correctly:

  • Use the proper category for each group.
    • Graded – Comic Books
    • Graded – Oversized Cards (tall boys, booklets, coins, extra thick, and other non-standard size cards)
    • Graded/Uncirculated – Cards (PSA graded cards, sealed Panini Flawless holders, etc.)
    • Raw – Comic Books
    • Raw – Gaming Cards (TCG)
    • Raw – Oversized Cards
    • Raw – Trading Cards
  • You can submit all items in the same shipment, but you must separate each group of items and include a submission slip for each group.
  • Customers will be charged a $5 missing paperwork fee for each group that is missing or submitted incorrectly.

These additional details in the Submission Wizard will enable COMC to provide faster processing and a better overall experience for consignors.

Check out the following tutorial to walk you through our updates to the Submission Wizard.

To see this new Submission Wizard feature or start a new consignment today, please visit the Submission Wizard on your Dashboard.

If you have questions regarding this new submission process, please contact Customer Service at or on Live Chat.