Introducing, Rookie FAX

If you collect trading cards, then you know how important rookies are! We’ve all had the thrill of pulling a new rookie and pondering if they’re on their way to becoming a superstar, or finally pulling the trigger to acquire an iconic rookie card of a favorite player. Rookies, simply put, are a huge part of the magical allure of trading cards, which is why we’re introducing a new, weekly content series called Rookie FAX.

2015 Bowman Draft Chrome Ke'Bryan Hayes Asia Exclusive Black Refractor #137
Ke’Bryan Hayes 2015 Bowman Draft Chrome Asia Exclusive Black Refractor #137

An Expanding Portfolio of Rookies

Great rookies cards yield value since they are the first version of a player’s card; and one of the unchanging rules of the industry is that rookies consistently command higher levels of desirability! Recently, the price of some rookies have risen astronomically, sometimes even pulling second-tier, previously overlooked rookies upward along the way with them. With each passing year of hobby growth, there are more rookie cards of each player and it takes time for clear market favorites to establish themselves. Another trend in the industry are new, emerging categories, or old ones being rediscovered, and with all these trends together, there is a deeper and more diverse range of rookie cards than ever before.

2011 Upper Deck MLS Alex Morgan #198 Rookie Card
Alex Morgan 2011 Upper Deck – MLS #198

Welcome to Rookie FAX

With more rookies to keep track of as the industry grows, our team at COMC is proud to introduce “Rookie FAX”, a weekly curated pick showcasing good value and emerging rookie cards currently available on COMC. Why FAX? Seeing the popularity of the slang “Facts” explode in 2020 as a term of undisputed truth, we’ve recently seen it taken one step further, shortened to just “fax”. And, well, we just thought it was cool.  

What are Rookie FAX?

These cards are chosen for being either iconic, beautifully designed, culturally significant, undervalued, overlooked, or just a solid choice for a first-year card.  Some Rookie FAX you’ll know and love, some Rookie FAX will come as a surprise, and some may even cause debate, but they are all cards that stand-out as special (out of the other 7 Million unique cards currently available for sale on COMC!)  

1996-97 Fleer Ultra Kobe Bryant Rookie Card #52
Kobe Bryant 1996-97 Fleer Ultra #52

Every Wednesday, Get Them Fast

It is our hope that Rookie FAX becomes a helpful tool in curating up-and-coming prospects and great value rookie cards, intelligently picked for collectors and investors alike. As conversations surrounding 5 and 6-figure cards continue to spiral upward, Rookie FAX are here as a reminder that great cards do not always need to break the bank and that card collecting is still all about having fun – Facts!

About the Author

Robert has been passionate about cards ever since he was young. After graduating from UC Berkeley, his interest in collectibles led to a career in marketing, product management, and eCommerce. Having worked at Google, APMEX, and Collectors Universe, Robert brings a wealth of experience to the COMC team through the lens of a collector, investor, and digital Marketing Manager.