COMC is on the Road to the Virtual Expo

Event hosted and promoted by COMC Canada

LAST UPDATED November 28, 2020

We will be publishing a blog post on Tuesday, December 1st, announcing the Virtual Expo contest winners.

2020 Virtual Sports Card Expo

Our Virtual Expo Submission specials are tailored to the current workload of each Processing Department. Submissions shipped to the incorrect location may be held unprocessed without a due date or returned at the owner’s expense.

Remember that shipments across international borders may be subject to duties, taxes, and handling charges. Should COMC pay to receive your submission, a $20.00 US handling charge will be applied in addition to Customs fees.

Submissions to Redmond Washington United States:

*Up to 20 Graded Elite Cards at half price

Submissions to Burnaby British Columbia Canada:

*All rookie year cards at current year pricing (maximum submission is 500 cards)

Please note that add-on fees may apply. Refer to our Supported Trading Cards page of acceptable Graded Cards.  Refer to our Selling Rates page for full details on fees. To find out how to submit cards under these specials, you must visit our booth at the Virtual Expo.

All submission specials must be postmarked by November 30th, 2020.

COMC on YouTube’s Sports Card Live

COMC Barry will be a guest on YouTube’s Sports Card Live at 7:00pm PST on November 18th to discuss COMC Canada and the Virtual Expo. There will be a special code provided that will enable viewers to become contestants on the COMC Challenge 12:30pm timeslot each day at our booth. Spots are limited.

Virtual Dice Game

A COMC member will roll three dice on the account holder’s behalf for a chance to win prizes. Winners will be drawn the week of November 22nd and will be announced on our Blog page. To claim your prize, email by December 18, 2020, and we’ll add the card to your account. Limit one roll per account per day. Limit one prize per account. As a bonus, if your roll turns up three of the same value (1-1-1, 2-2-2, etc) you win an instant prize to be mailed to your residence. Various styles and sizes of t-shirts available while supplies last.

COMC Challenge V2

Stop by our booth and watch the fun and competition!  If you are a contestant, invite your family and friends to cheer you on!

The Challenge is a game show-style competition with 6 contestants guessing the card number of the card we hold up for viewing.  First correct guess scores 1 pt.  Use any available tools to guess the correct answer.  Only one guess per contestant per card.  This process is repeated for 10 minutes.  Every 5th card is the “money ball” where the first correct guess scores two points. The highest score after 10 minutes is the winner of a $25.00 store credit. All other participants will receive a $5.00 store credit. You must have a COMC account and must be in the booth and share your video to participate.  You must be present 10 minutes before the contest begins. You can participate only once in the qualifying round.

Contestant registration is first-come, first-serve by emailing your selected time slots in order of preference to  We will send an email confirming you are registered and we will update the blog when all spots are filled.

Include the following in your email: 

A) Your COMC account.  (For kids, it will be a parent’s or designate’s account)

B) Specify a choice of day, but it is preferred that you mention you are “OPEN” as spots may fill up fast and it’s easier for us just to assign you to an open slot.

C) Specify one of the following slots as applicable:

  1. General Registration:  For competitions at 9:00, 9:30, & 10:00 both days.  You may specify day and time choices, but again, it’s preferred that you are open to any day and time to ensure you are in.
  2. Kids Edition: The child’s name and age is also required.  Limit one child per family per day.
  3. Red Shield Invitational
  4. SCL Invitational and provide the special code

Kids Edition:  Participants must be 12 years old and under and will receive an instant prize as well.  Winners will not participate in the playoffs.

SCL Invitational:  No further details until show day

Red Shield Invitational:  Participants are account holders with the Red COMC Shield which represents surpassing the 1,000,000-point milestone on the COMC Challenges.  These people are the best at the original COMC Challenge.  Let’s see how they do here against one another.  Prizes double in value.  Send us an image of your username & red shield from the site. 

Employee Invitational:  Some fun for 6 staff members on their off time.  Winner will not participate in the playoffs.

Show attendees who didn’t pre-register can participate at the High Noon Event each day.

We will also accept standbys in case registrants do not show up on time or they are unable to participate.  Let us know 15 minutes before the start of the next contest.

Tournament of Champions Playoff:  The 6 daily winners compete for 3 spots in the finals.  In the event of a tie, sudden death will determine the finalists.

Tournament of Champions Finals:  The top 3 from Saturday and the top 3 from Sunday compete in the finals.  1st Place – $100 store credit; 2nd place – $50 store credit; 3rd place – $25 store credit.  In the event of ties for store credit prizes, sudden death will determine the winners.

Free Daily Box Breaks

We will be offering random team breaks to any COMC account holders who would like to participate.  Instead of first come, first, serve, we will draw entrants to represent the number of teams in that league.  Winners of the breaks will receive only the “hits” (inserts and rookie year cards, but no veteran base or commons) and must be at the booth to “pick up” their prize(s). 

You can register for both box breaks each day but can only participate in one.  By default, if you were assigned a team in the first break, win or lose, your entry in the second break will be nullified.  Multi-team cards will be randomized among the teams involved.  Cards with no affiliated team assigned will be randomized among all participants.

Daily Schedule, subject to change. All times listed in PST.

8:00am Show starts (stretch & warm-up)

9:00am COMC Challenge 

9:30am COMC Challenge 

10:00am COMC Challenge

11:00am Box Break #1

12:00pm COMC Challenge – Show registration

12:30pm COMC Challenge SCL Invitational

1:00pm COMC Challenge Kids Edition 

1:30pm COMC Challenge Red Shield Invitational 

2:00pm Box Break #2

3:00pm COMC Challenge Tournament of Champions Playoff

3:30pm COMC Challenge Employee Invitational (Saturday)

3:30pm COMC Challenge Tournament of Champions Finals (Sunday)

4:00pm End of day

Dice Game:  All day long

Check out our updated post tomorrow for further details about the COMC Challenge and the Dice Game!

Disclaimer and fine print:  These events are meant for fun and we appreciate that your participation will be in the same spirit.  The rules and regulations have been thought through but as our first attempt, some factors may have been missed and will require rules to be implemented on the spot using our best common sense.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.  COMC credit prizes and instant prizes will be issued within 4 weeks of the show end date (December 22nd).  

Happy Halloween COMC Nation!

Under normal circumstances, COMC would be on the dark and winding road to the Fall Expo in Toronto, Canada. However, it’s still too scary outside, so we’ll stay in our haunted lair in Burnaby and show our frightening faces at the Sport Card Expo – Virtual Edition on Saturday, November 21st, and Sunday, November 22nd.

This will be the first, biggest, and most fang-tastic multi-country virtual sports collectibles show the hobby has ever seen, as the owners of the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo and the Chicago Sports Spectacular have combined mystical forces.

COMC will have a bone-chilling presence offering FUN interactive games and MONSTROUS giveaways, including the biggest CAT in the hobby. You’ll be in for a treat!

Our newest dreadful attempt at entertainment is the COMC Challenge V2, where you race against other rabid mortals for dastardly prizes. For those unfamiliar with the COMC Challenge, find out more about how you can win store credit for answering questions in our daily challenge.

More spook-tacular details to come!

We’ll release more spook-tacular details in the nights leading up to this awesome event, so be sure to follow us on our fear-inspiring Facebook page, our terrifying Twitter account, and our icky Instagram account.

We’ll add updates to this blog post including some creepy consignment specials.

Our ghastly goal at the show is to answer any squeamish questions you may have, attract guests to become members of COMC, and give something back to our loyal and boo-tiful customers.

For more gory details about the Expo itself, register for the Virtual Expo today!

Barry Mah

About the Author:

If you’ve previously attended card shows, you’re likely to recognize this familiar face. Barry has been a valued COMC team member since 2012 and manages our COMC office in Canada. Barry brings a wealth of operational excellence experience and a passion for trading cards, especially hockey cards. Thanks to him, everything runs smoothly up in Canada!