Noted! New Item Condition Search Filters Added to Condition Noted items.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve your trading card collecting experience with COMC, we recently rolled out a pretty note-worthy change. All items with condition notes have been separated from items without condition notes, and placed within their own ‘noted’ conditional bucket. You might think a change like this is small, but it actually benefits both buyers and sellers in a big way!

By separating cards with and without condition notes, buyers will have an easier time distinguishing cards considered to be in near-mint or better condition from cards that have flaws or undesirable traits. All cards in the ‘Noted’ bucket display [noted] within search results to better help you differentiate these items.

This change will also improve the experience for sellers working in their inventory manager to either set asking prices for new items, or update prices of items already for sale. With the separation of condition noted items into their own bucket, sellers will have access to better data points on how to price these items, and how other sellers are pricing similar items.

Condition noted items will also have their own SRP (Suggested Retail Pricing), SLP (Suggested List Pricing), and SWP (Suggested Wholesale Pricing) different from similar items without condition notes.

Noted cards can be searched for specifically by using the Item Condition search filters on the left side of your COMC search results. It can be found within the Ungraded > COMC filter.

6 thoughts on “Noted! New Item Condition Search Filters Added to Condition Noted items.

  1. Nice addition, thanks! I would like to suggest some other filters. I collect University of Miami players. It would nice if I you had a filter by college. Right now, that only works for cards where the player is wearing the team uniform. Also, a filter that only shows cards on sale would be nice.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a filter for cards that were NOT noted? I’m sure lots of people would be interested in only looking at cards that didn’t have a condition note instead of those that had one.

    • raw cards considered to be in near-mint or better condition are easily identifiable in search results because they will not have [noted] or a conditional range [ex to nm] next to their listing.

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