Coronavirus Emergency Response

LAST UPDATED August 5, 2020

This page is monitored and updated to provide real-time information regarding the status of our services affected by our precautions taken in accordance with the WHO, CDC, and WA State guidance, as well as potential staffing limitations due to the global pandemic, COVID-19.

On May 29, 2020 Governor Jay Inslee announced a “Safe Start” plan in Washington State to follow a 4-phase reopening plan. We are currently in Phase 2 and are ramping up COMC operations while maintaining compliance with the state mandate. We will resume full processing and shipping as soon as permitted by the 4-phase reopening plan.

Expect delays and refer to this page for status updates and changes. All digital purchases and sales through the COMC Marketplace and in your COMC account will continue as normal.

We will keep you updated on our Processing and Shipping backlog progress by letting you know the oldest due date we are working on in a given week. All non-guaranteed services will be worked on from oldest to newest.

We are currently working on the following due dates:

  • Economy Shipping: 07/10 – 07/30
  • Basic (retired): 04/13 – 5/18
  • Current Year 3 Week: 06/24 – 7/10

Canada Economy: Currently working on orders placed thru 06/28 These items will ship by August 7th.

International Economy (non-Canadian orders): Currently working on orders due 08/10 – 08/14 Note some countries do not currently have mail service so some packages may need to be held longer. Please review the list of countries not currently accepting international mail on the USPS International Service Alerts page.

Please note we are working as quickly as possible in both Processing and Shipping to complete all past due items. Our Customer Service Team is unable to process any expedite requests for items with due dates on or after the dates listed above.

The following service levels are currently affected:

Processing Services

To better support the processing of previously submitted items and reduce any additional delays, we have suspended our 12 Week Service effective 5/12. We feel the gravity of suspending this service and look forward to bringing back a more affordable processing option for you, once we’ve made significant progress on our processing backlog.

Lead times will begin when packages are opened – expect delays of up to 2 weeks, including for Mailbox submissions. We are prioritizing opening packages containing Elite, Auction, and 1 Week submissions.

IMPORTANT: in order for us to prioritize these time-sensitive submissions, you will need to upload your shipment tracking number for your submission here:

Any submissions with a due date of March 14th or later will not receive a discount for missed due dates except the following:

  • 3 Week
  • Elite Services
  • Vintage and Obscure Services
  • Comic Book Services

Any services other than those listed above do not have guaranteed due dates and will not receive discounts for any delays in processing.

Shipping Services

Effective April 1, 2020 the Shipping Bonus Credit has been temporarily suspended.

The wonderful differentiator with COMC is you can buy now and ship later.  We want to encourage our customers to take advantage of that and please ship later.  Customers should expect slower shipment times on all services and we are not guaranteeing ship dates.

Customer Service

We are suspending support for in-person customer drop-offs/pick-ups.

We are suspending phone support. Please contact us via email at Please expect delays in response time.

To ensure we are able to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, please include all of the following information when available:

  • Brief Description in Subject Line (Combine Shipment, Missing Cards, Return Item, etc.)
  • Customer Name
  • User Name
  • Batch Number
  • Order Number/s
  • Item Number/s
  • Detailed description of your request

The more detail you provide regarding how we can provide support without needing to request additional information, the quicker we will be able to resolve your issue.

We value your business and we are diligently working to complete orders as quickly as possible.

If you have changes or need assistance, please contact customer service at

Please stay safe and healthy during this critical time. Our thoughts are with the people and families who are affected by this health crisis.

  • – The COMC Team

34 thoughts on “Coronavirus Emergency Response

  1. Well Done! On taking care of business and us your customers. I am please with the service I have received and will be patient concerning my current purchases and my future business. Please, accept my statement, to take care of yourselves!

    Larry B.

  2. I’ll keep buying as normal and request shipment when this is all done with, don’t want to add to any backlog you already have.

  3. Hello,

    Why don’t you guys just offer the sale twice? Once when normally planned and again 6 weeks later? Make customers happy, you make a boatload on transaction fees, everyone is happy.

    Postponed Spring Cleaning Sale
    Due to these delays, we have decided to postpone our Spring Cleaning Sale to ensure past due items will be available to list for the sale. We will announce the date of our next sale when we have made further progress on our backlog.



    • Hello Wally,
      Thank you for your input. We decided to postpone the sale to ensure that past due items will be available for the sale as well as make sure we are working at 100% capacity. We want all of our COMC customers to have a normal and positive experience with the sale, so this is our best option given the circumstances. Thank you!

  4. We are currently working on the following due dates:

    Economy Shipping: 03/30
    Basic (retired): 04/03
    Current Year 3 Week: 04/20

    What about 3 week guaranteed? What is current due date you are working on?

    • We are continuing to try and keep pace with the guaranteed service levels. Continue to follow this Blog and our other social media platforms for the most current information regarding submissions and shipping. Thank you!

  5. The price for 12 weeks submissions were raised from 0.30 per card to 0.35, and now there will be no discount on that service level even though there are going to be delays. That’s not fair

    • We understand the frustration around the 12 week submissions, but at this time, we implemented these changes as a way to become a better business and handle the COVID issues more efficiently. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  6. Not sure what everyone does with their cards, but I just put mine in albums or wherever they go. Not really that big of a deal, in the scheme of things, when I get them. Rather people not get sick so I can get baseball cards two months sooner. Take care COMC!

    • Hello Andrew,
      We are currently working on all submission types. These issues have just delayed the processing times, but submissions are still being worked on and completed. Thank you!

      • I will wait till this virus is gone before I even order any cards off of comc

  7. I’m not planning to ship until things get better enough that the bonus is restored…whenever that may be. I’ve got 180 (give or take) waiting for shipment but I suspect it will go a lot higher than that before things are better. My current record for largest shipment is 400 something cards, I wonder if this will pass that?

    • We appreciate your understanding and thank you for holding off until we are back operating at 100% capacity. Thank you!

  8. i have 568 items due by 5*4*2020..does this mean its not going to be processed? i dont care about being late just curious if its going to be processed….if it isnt how can i get them back

    • Yes, we are still processing all submissions. We are simply delayed due to the limitations in which COVID as created. Continue to follow the Blog for the most up-to-date information. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for the heads up this time and all throughout this process.

    Best to you, your crew, friends and families.

    Mike F

  10. We are currently working on the following due dates:
    Economy Shipping: 04/01
    Basic (retired): 04/03
    Current Year 3 Week: 04/23
    What about standard 3 week?

    • Hello Nash and thank you for the question. We are currently still completing the 3 week submissions.

    • We are currently still processing the 3 week service level submissions and will continue to do so. Thank you for your patience!

  11. I recently had my Current sub completed and thank you. Just curious why all my cards in this batch notes “Item Stored Remotely.” I shipped to WA and just trying to understand. Thank you and be safe.

    • Hello!
      Currently employees are working remotely, so the “Item Stored Remotely” note is to notify customers that getting these cards shipped will cause a bit of delay. Thank you for choosing to use COMC!

  12. Hi, I recently tried shipping to my comc mailbox for the first time (C/O username), how will that be affected if at all? Thanks.

    • Hi Paul!
      This service level may be slightly delayed, but the service is still up and running. Thank you for using our COMC Mailbox service!

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you for choosing to use the COMC Mailbox service. You may see a few days delay in the processing times for this service. We appreciate your business!

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