2020 Processing Changes FAQ

When do the processing fee changes take effect?

March 1st, 2020

Where can I find the new service levels and fees?

The new service levels and fees can be found within the Submission Wizard when preparing your submission or in the Processing Changes blog post.

Can I still use the old processing service options?

The old service options will be available until 11:59pm on March 4th, 2020. You can print your submission slips using the old processing rates until that date. They must be postmarked by Saturday, March 7th, 2020 to receive the old rate. Any items postmarked after that date will be migrated to the following options:

  • Submitted as Basic > 12 Week
  • Submitted as Select > 3 Week
  • Submitted as Premium > 1 Week
  • Submitted as Current-Year Basic > Current-Year 3 Week
  • Submitted as Current-Year Select > Current-Year 3 Week
  • Submitted as Comic Book Premium > Comic Book Elite 1 Week
  • Submitted as Comic Book Basic > Comic Book 3 Week
  • All items valued over $100 will be processed as Elite

Are the changes going to affect my current submission that has not been processed yet?

No, submissions we currently have and any submissions that are postmarked by 3/7/20 will be processed using the Processing Service you selected at the time you printed your submission slip. The new processing fee changes will apply to all submissions postmarked 3/8/20 or later.

When do the processing times start?

The processing times start on the date your package is opened by COMC.

Are the new service times guaranteed?

Yes, items not processed by their due date will receive a 20% discount on their processing fee. Discounts are not changing for items submitted under service levels prior to 3/1/20.

If the paperwork is missing or incorrect (e.g. quantities are off by 20% or Current-Year service contains non-Current-Year cards), these transactions require more time and investigation and will be processed past the due date. No discount will be applied to these items for completing after the assigned due date, due to the incorrect paperwork submission.

How do I know when to choose between Standard or Elite Processing?

If you plan to list your card for over $100, make sure to select one of the Elite Services. If your card is processed using one of our Standard Services and you later list your card for over $100, we will have to reprocess your card under the Elite Service and charge an additional $2.00 processing fee.

How do I know which Standard Service to choose?

Current-Year is a fast and economical option for getting brand new product in the hands of set-builders, player collectors, and other collectors while it is hot.

1 Week & 3 Week are the best services for selling your hottest cards quickly, as well as getting your cards listed in time for the latest sports season.  Autographs, RC, and memorabilia cards are great candidates for these service levels.

12 Week is the best service for those items you want processed at the greatest value, and you are not in a hurry to have them up for sale.

What should be submitted via Elite?

The Elite service is ideal for raw and graded single trading cards with a sale value of more than $50. It is required if you want to list an item for more than $100. For a detailed explanation of items that qualify for Elite, please refer to the Elite Items page.

What is considered Vintage and Obscure?

Cards released on or before 1980, missing information such as the year or manufacturer, or cards that are in languages other than English. For a detailed explanation of items that qualify for Vintage and Obscure, please refer to the Vintage and Obscure Cards page.

What is considered a Thick/Jumbo item?

Please refer to this standard size PDF to determine if your item is considered standard sized or thick/jumbo.

What is a Maximum List Price?

The maximum list price is the total amount (asking price + per item S/H fee) that an item can be priced for sale. The maximum list price for items consigned through the 1-week, 3-week, Current-year, Vintage & Obscure, and 12-week services is $100. To price an item above $100, a $2 Elite Upgrade Fee will be charged, and your item will be reprocessed under our Elite Service. We have retired the $0.50 upcharge.

How does the Maximum List Price affect items processed under the old service levels?

Items you consigned under the Premium service level and items you paid the item upgrade fee to ask more than $200 will not receive a maximum list price.

Items you consigned under the Select service level and items you paid the item upgrade fee to ask more than $50 will have a $200 maximum list price. You can pay $2 to ask more than $200 and upgrade these items to Elite.

The previous $50 maximum list price for items you consigned under the Basic service level has now increased to a $100 maximum list price.

Can I submit high value items to services other than the Auction and Elite Services?

Yes, but items with a market value of $100 or more may automatically be upgraded to the Elite Service at our discretion.

When will an invalid paperwork fee be assessed?

Submissions received without paperwork, or with incorrect paperwork will be assessed a $5.00 fee. This fee will be assessed if your estimated count is off by more than 20% or if you submit non-current year items to the Current-year service.

What is COMC’s stance regarding items submitted that are found to be trimmed or altered?

Trimmed and altered cards cannot be sold on COMC. Items submitted to COMC that are found to be trimmed or altered will be processed under the Elite Service so that we can document the evidence of alteration. These items will be uploaded into their owner’s accounts with processing fees charged. Owners of these items will not be able to price these items to sell and will need to have these items returned to them at their expense.

Trimmed or altered items that have already been processed and are later found to be trimmed or altered will be returned to the original consignor.  The original consignor will be responsible for covering any grading or condition review fees as well as the sale price paid by the last buyer and an additional $10 investigation fee.

Can I submit comic books to eBay auction?

No, comic books do not have eBay auction support at this time.

How do I consign my items through COMC?

Please follow the Start New Submission link found in the seller menu on your account dashboard and accurately complete each step.