COMC on the Haunted Road: Toronto Fall Expo

Happy Halloween COMC Nation!

2014 RRParks Halloween Trick or Treat - Promos #2 - Witch - Courtesy of

Tomb whom it may concern:  COMC is on the dark and winding road to the Fall Expo! We are returning from the afterlife to reappear once again at the 58th Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo on November 15th, 16th, & 17th at the International Convention Centre at 6900 Airport Road in Mississauga, Ontario!

We will be eating leftover candy and monitoring paranormal activity at Booth #3300 in between the Upper Deck and the Autograph Pavilion.  In attendance will be Geoff “Don’t Call Me Steve” Holland, Boo-Barry, and Jim “The Wizard of” Osborn.  We will be conducting the usual morbid events and perhaps will surprise you with a few other fang-tasticly unexpected things.

Free Giveaways!

Stop by the COMC Lair each day of the Expo for a free treat – One per customer per day, while supplies last.

Prize Wheel!

The spirits of hockey greats lie within the cardboard in our display case.  Spin the COMC Prize Wheel to determine which portal you’ll open and grasp an entry to win one of these 20 prizes!  To qualify for this hair-raising experience you must have a COMC account. All participants will receive a COMC branded miniature coffin in the shape of a storage box (while supplies last).

Winners will be drawn the week of November 17th and the results will be SCREAMED on our Facebook page and our “blob”post

Games for the Kids!

All little Goblins, Witches, and Skull Troopers (Yes, that’s a Fortnite reference) accompanied by a COMC account holding “mummy” or daddy can spin-to-win prizes that magically appear (while supplies last).  The chilling details will be announced at the show!

Drop Off Consignments Accepted!

As always, we’ll be accepting your drop-off submissions of cardboard, candy corn, and caramel apples!

Please read the instruction below to help facilitate a smooth hand-off without any scares.  There is a ominous submission limit of 10,000 cards per account.  We will gladly accept more than 10K cards, but those over and above will have their due date extended by a full moon cycle (one extra month).

1) All submissions must have complete, accurate, & spook-tacular paperwork by using our evil Submission Wizard.  Use the Expo drop-off location option on step 5 of the submission wizard to magically expedite processing.  You will receive a hard copy receipt to acknowledge your drop off.

2) Ensure your submission is packed securely so it doesn’t arrive in a gruesome state.  We strongly recommend one row boxes (400ct, 550ct, 666ct, 800ct) instead of the multi-row boxes (such as 1600ct or 3200ct).  For large submissions, multiple single row boxes can used, marked 1 of X, 2 of X.

3) The cut-off time for accepting submissions at the show will be Sunday, November 17th at 3:00PM local time. After that, we vanish into the night.

4) Please allow up to 10 calendar days for consignments submitted at the Fall Expo to reach our Haunted House in Burnaby.  Your show submission will be entered into your account during the the week of November 24th to 30th.

As always we are devilishly happy to answer any questions you have about COMC.  Our Creepy Customer Service Team is available at to answer those questions leading up to the Expo.  Bats all folks!