The COMC Spring Cleaning Sale is NOW LIVE!

(5/6/19 Update: The COMC Spring Cleaning Sale is NOW LIVE!)

Win a $250 COMC Shopping Spree! 

To show our appreciation to customers and blog readers, we’re giving back to you! If you’ve made an order or shipment request that qualifies for our FREE Spring Cleaning Shipping Special, be sure to come back to our blog and leave a comment with your order number or shipment request number! At the conclusion of our Spring Cleaning Sale, all qualifying comments will be entered to win $250 in COMC Credit to spend however you want! Winner will be announced via our Social Media pages and notified on May 14th. 

Get ready to save! The annual COMC Spring Cleaning Sale is coming May 6th – 12th, 2019!  This is the perfect opportunity for buyers and sellers to connect during our first big sales event of 2019!  This year we’re giving our buyers, sellers, and even flippers plenty of reasons to get excited!

Orders of $99 or More Ship Free!

While the best deals can be had by making offers and buying items using COMC Credit with your COMC account, no matter how you choose to shop, orders of $99 or more will qualify for our free shipping promotion! Whether you’re a COMC Member using COMC credit or our shopping cart to buy items, or shopping on COMC as a guest, your order of $99 or more will ship FREE!

(Terms: All shopping cart orders and COMC Member shipment requests must contain at least $99 worth of items purchased during the Spring Cleaning Sales to qualify for the free shipping promotion. Sales tax, per-item shipping fees, duties paid, and shipping add-ons such as supplies do not count towards the $99 threshold. All items purchased in advanced reseller mode are still subject to their per-item shipping fees)

Social Media Giveaways ALL Week Long!
Over $3000 in COMC Credit  & Cards Will be Given Away to Our Followers!

Our goal is to get the internet trading card community buzzing about our Spring Cleaning Sale. So with that in mind we’re going to be holding daily COMC Credit Giveaways and chances to win some pretty spectacular cards! Here’s how you can get in on the action:

Facebook:  Want to win COMC Credit to spend during the Spring Cleaning Sale?  Every afternoon from May 5th-10th on our Facebook page be on the lookout for your chance to win COMC Credit!
Twitter:  Every day at Noon from May 5th-12th on Twitter we’re giving our followers a chance to win one of eight incredible cards including an high-end Mike Trout autograph!
Instagram: Be sure to stay tuned to our instagram account for your chance to win three very hot cards of Giannnis Antetokounmpo, Baker Mayfield, and Juan Soto. Did someone say autograph? 

COMC Members Do and Save More!

Longtime COMC members agree that there is no better way to use COMC than with a COMC account. We offer a unique online inventory system that you won’t find anywhere else! Just take a look at a few of the things you can do by just signing up for a FREE account:

COMC Members Advantages:

  • Always save 10% to 15% more than COMC guests.
  • Make offers to sellers on cards for sale on the COMC Marketplace.
  • Keep Items in your online inventory until you’re ready to ship them home.
  • Choose additional shipping services that are exclusive to COMC members.
  • Sell Cards by sending in your own cards for consignment.
  • Flip cards sent in by other sellers by instantly relisting at a higher price.

Get Ready, COMC Sellers! 

Free Sales Promotion for all Sellers throughout Spring Cleaning!

Back by popular demand we’re waiving our promotion setup fee for all COMC sellers throughout the course of our Spring Cleaning Sale.Head on over to the Promotions Page and set up your FREE Sales Promotion now! But don’t forget – thousands of other sellers will be running sales also – so make sure to give buyers a deal too good to resist!

If you’re not already a COMC member, register for your free account today! We look forward to you joining us for our first big sale of 2019!

111 thoughts on “The COMC Spring Cleaning Sale is NOW LIVE!

  1. Great job COMC. Cant wait for the new changes coming this year! Auctions and Grading will make this the best site to sell for sure! Hopefully its soon because I will br sending in some high end cards soon! Thanks again

    • Another great sale! I love adding to my Texas Rangers collection through this site! Shipment #26905012

  2. Definitely look forward to seeing the return of BGS grading. I believe PSA was also on the horizon too? Auctions could be great too if the listings were simultaneously being offered on eBay.

    • Always love these sales and loading up on hundreds of cards. Looking forward to more.
      Shipment #27293646

  3. I’m plugged in with the neccesay info for your SPRING CLEANING SALE, IS THAT CORRECT?????? Mike


  4. Love how you are revolutionizing the card collecting hobby, by staying ahead of the trends.
    Keep up the great work and initiatives.

  5. I love these sales. Normally I wait until the Black Friday sale but this year I decided to treat myself to some special cards and I couldn’t wait until December to receive them so I requested the shipment now. The potential shopping spree contest also pushed me a little to getting my cards now. For the contest, my shipping info is: Shipment #25478406

  6. I love these sales, usually I wait until the Black Friday add to request my shipment but this time I treated myself to some cool cards and wanted them now and I was able to top the $99 free shipping so I requested my cards now. The contest pushed me a little too. For the contest, my shipping info is: Shipment #25478406

  7. Thanks COMC!!! Longtime looker first time buyer on your site. Can’t wait to have to explain the large box to my wife when my shipment gets here!!!! My shipment number is 27556275. Pick me for the shopping spree!!!!!!!

  8. Some great deals were definitely had. Here is my Shipment #25650172

  9. Thanks for the sale COMC. Here is my shipment number for the contest: Shipment #27289042

  10. Thanks for the sale and contests this weeks. My shipment number is #27579887

  11. Awesome, definitely made the most of the sale all the way from New Zealand !! My order number is #27389277. Thanks for all the competitions.

  12. Thanks COMC With my purchases I was able to not only get free shipping but have 101 cards in my shipping order to get the $5.00 shipping credit in June. Thanks for the help in adding wonderful PC additions. My shipment is #23971750

  13. Fairly new to COMC, and loving it! Met with the COMC team at the Spring Expo and they were very helpful with my questions. Please keep up the great work. Spring Clean up entry – Shipment #27392567. Thanks!

  14. I have come to rely on you guys these past couple of years. Even the recent issue I was having with ordering was resolved fairly. I love the format and the ease of ordering. Unfortunately, I have only a few more cards to go to complete my collections – the expensive ones 🙂 – but I’ll keep checking. Thanks for the service you offer. My latest order number is #27552837.

  15. Excellent job on the spring cleaning sale. I got some great cards for the personal collection! My shipment number is #27525687

  16. This is the best place to buy baseball cards ever! Thanks so much. My most recent order was #27658188.

  17. Thanks, This would go a long way in completing a lot of sets. Shipment #25409072

  18. Always look forward to your sales as both a seller and a buyer…able to clean out some inventory and provide some great deals for other’s in the community and use credit to pick up a few PC cards (like I had in this order) or to add more cards to the site. Another shipment coming your way soon! I entered my shipment request a day or two into the Spring Cleaning Sale and it already shipped – wow! 🙂 Order # 26355967. Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  19. Thanks for putting these specials on. You have a great website and i visit your site just about every day. My shipment order is Shipment #25596499. Thanks Jamey

  20. Thanks to the site owners and sellers! I gladly bought a lot of cards at a great price.
    Now I will really wait for my cards at home in Moscow. Also thanks for the Free Shipping !!!
    My order number is #27544424. Thank you!!
    I have already bought 9605 cards on your site in a year


  21. My shipment order is #27557248. Knocked out a bunch of cards for my 1972 set. Thanks for this opportunity.

  22. Closest card shops are 2 hours away, so I appreciate your good service and fair prices. This fall, when I finally get organized, I’ll definitely dig out some doubles for you to sell. #27367640

  23. Awesome deals and promotion as always! Happy to have found this site. Here’s my Shipment #27579203. Hoping for the best! 🙂

  24. The Spring Clearance Sale is the best, I always watch the mail for this one, I make my bulk sub-set purchases twice a year so this works out great, so many great cards at great prices that I can’t get them all (I sure try though) and now I have a chance for a shopping spee, to much keep it up COMC,
    My latest order #73650561 shipment #27650561, Thanks again COMC !!

  25. I love COMC!! Discovered it about a year ago, and have been hooked ever since! My shipment number is 27514247.

  26. Really Enjoy Buying on this Spring Sale!!! ☺
    My Shipment#: 27217006

  27. One of the most wonderful time of the year: comc spring sale. I made great deals again this year.
    shipment #25821788

  28. Spring Cleaning Sale?? This is win-win-win for buyers sellers and new recruits. I’m in!

  29. Always a pleasure. Once again thank you for the great communication and packaging. I look foward for more years to come. Order # 27376305 👍

  30. Great site – especially for the player or team collector looking for multiple lower priced cards. My Spring Cleaning order number is 27104013. Thanks!

  31. Found many things I was looking for and even finished a couple of sets. Looking forward to the next one. #27067924

  32. Shipment #27273724. I found some great deals. The sale should be renamed to Spring Hoarding Sale because I now have 200+ cards to add to my collection lol.

  33. I’m seeing a ton of advertising on the social medias! Way to go pulling in new customers and sellers! Thank you for the promos and the sale. My shipping # is 27436268. I look forward to new PC items and a few for the case. The National is right around the corner!

  34. I always look forward to Spring Cleaning & Black Friday sales. Sold a lot of cards, bought a lot of cards. For anyone reading this I need a 2012 Panini Cooperstown Bronze History # 27 Ed Delahanty. Special thanks, Mickey Mantle Home run history is now complete all 536 cards. My shipment # is 27005914 Best Regards Joe Jorgensen

  35. Thank you COMC for the sale. I have ordered several times from you in the past, and will continue to do so. You have a large inventory of the cards I need for my collection. The cards are always well protected when shipped.
    Order Number 2019-05-12_.15.08

  36. Awesome spring cleaning sale. Found lots of hard cards to find at affordable prices Order#2069547334732769

  37. Thanks for helping me build my collection!! My shipment number is 26555632.

  38. Always excited about those events.
    Good job COMC team.

    Order 26490835 for the $250 raffle.

  39. Thanks for the free shipping and the opportunity to win more cards!
    Shipment # 27711981
    Receipt # 5402416497130725

  40. Found a good bit that I was looking for shipment # 27475681 – great deals on your site

  41. Found a good bit of what I was looking for thanks shipment #27475681 great site to shop

  42. Thank you for wonderful service! I have been a long time customer and look forward to continue for many years to come. I love the special sales you run. Shipment #27493404

  43. Thanks COMC
    Hoping to win the spring giveaway
    2019-05-12_ 20.05.05

  44. shipment: #27419263 and can’t wait to receive the awesome card. The spring cleaning promotion is amazing this year and I can’t wait to see what other surprises comc has for the future!!!!!!!!!

  45. I look forward to your sales with great interest. Ordered some fantastic cards at very good prices using the free shipping offer with purchase #27565935. Satisfied repeat customer. Thanks again!

  46. Shipment #25375725…great sale, I really improved my collection….Thanks!

  47. I think I posted here too late to enter, but my order ID was #19048375 if not.

    Either way, thanks COMC!

  48. #25400966

    Lots of work on some vintage sets and adding to the Royals PC!

  49. The winner of our $250 COMC Shopping Spree giveaway is order #27367640 which belongs to COMC user jdksyr ! Congratulations.!

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