We Survived the Great 2019 Snowpocalypse!

If you weren’t aware, much of the Pacific Northwest was largely caught off guard with record amounts of snowfall over the last two weeks. Several storm systems rolled through our area, dumping snow, causing power outages, and making roads impassable with snow as deep as two feet near our Redmond and Auburn locations. Three days after the snow stopped falling in our area, there were still many neighborhoods that could only be reached by high clearance truck and SUV’s with four-by-four capabilities.

The bad weather wreaked havoc for our team members, many whom were unable to safely make their way to work for several days during the last two weeks. As a result, we’ve fallen a little bit behind in a few of our core areas. Our Shipping, Processing, and Customer Service Teams are doing their best to get caught up, with minimal impact felt by our customers as a result of the downtime. Thank you to all our customers for your continued patience as we get back up and running at full speed!

We would also like to thank the members of our team who were able to brave the elements and poor road conditions to make their way to our offices. Those members of our team who did make it in really went the extra distance by putting in long hours, and/or assisting in weather-related tasks such as shoveling snow off sidewalks, plowing parking lots, and even helping our local couriers get unstuck during the height of the storms. It took a team effort to literally ‘dig us out’ of all of the snow, and our team came together like never before during the worst storm system in COMC’s existence!

Below are a few pictures that were captured by members of our team who were able to make their way into the office earlier last week:

Hat Trick! Three Stuck vehicles all needing to be dug out of our parking lot.

Our team helping shovel compacted snow and ice to help a USPS truck out of our parking lot.

Even SUV’s weren’t immune to the harsh conditions of our parking lot during the height of the storm system.

Tires spinning and going nowhere!

Snowpacolypse 2k19 in a nutshell.

This photo shows the amount of accumulation our area received over the weekend.

This photo was taken a few miles from our Redmond Headquarters.