2019 Spring Cleaning Facebook Giveaways!

The COMC Spring Cleaning Sale is here! Join us May 6th-12th for one of our biggest sales of the year! All orders of $99 or more SHIP FREE! Click here for full details of our Spring Cleaning Sale .

To celebrate our Spring Cleaning Sale and help get the word out to collectors who may not be familiar with the COMC Marketplace, we’re giving back to our social media followers! We want to make sure that you’re staying involved in all of giveaways across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Starting on May 5th, be sure to check our Facebook Page each morning for the Daily COMC Credit Giveaway post! We will be giving away over $2000 in COMC Store Credit throughout the course of our Spring Cleaning Sale. Be sure to read the instructions of the daily post to be entered to win your share of the prizes! We will be announcing winners daily and dispersing prizes immediately to your COMC Account so that you can get shopping!

Can’t keep up with all the action? Just be on the lookout for our the daily Facebook post each morning, follow the instructions, and then bookmark this page to see if you won! Winners will instantly receive their prizes to their COMC accounts. Don’t have a COMC account? Now would be a good time sign up for free! 

Sunday Winners ($25 each):

Leon Chan (clc00ca)
Greg Doane (cusecards)
Stéphane Challine (joemontana)
Paige Elizabeth (Paigenellen)
Jim Yamaz (the_crippler)
Nathan Flemming (WadeBoggsCollection)
Attila Kovács (Crawfordmuggsy)
Tobias Fallas (Fallacy32)
Nino Yahyawi (Nezarnino)
Jasper Spanjaart (jrspan)

Monday Winners ($50 each):
Phillip Friess
Chase McVicker

Tuesday Winners ($25 each):
Pio Agoura (Patsfan44)
Brandon Paxton (Paxton3333)
Don Higgins (DonHig)
Peter Amann (airpete1)
Tracy LeVeaux (Batcavelv)

Wednesday Winners ($50 each):
Brandon Schmidt (stlpackers)
Aaron Stilley (suedehead6)
Jim Speckman (Fantasyonly06)
Corey Wood (WoodyC)
Jeff Megargell (Bowman1951)

Thursday Winners:
Donnie Springfield (DingoDude)
Kenny Ozz (KennyOzz)
Jaë Segundo (jp3sketch)
Daniel A. DuBay (Pandanwh)
Shali Anousheh (PatrickRoyFan80)
Andy Lux (ChronoCollector)

Friday Winners:
Ryan caldwell (ryandcaldwell)
Benny Karrenbauer (Germandiesel)
Doug Mah (dahammie)

Saturday Winners:
Ian Gillies (Dirtybird2)
Sutus Tamás (Tammmasss)
Logan Wingfield (SDW71)
Andrew Harner (aharner55)
Juan Zuniga (zunato)
Bob Wong (generalbarley)
Terry Leeders (Tleeders)
Jonathan Corinn Wagner (For_The_Children)
Dave Baker (dravicon)
Rob Vail (Cajuncowboy)

Win a $250 COMC Shopping Spree! 

To show our appreciation to customers and blog readers, we’re giving back to you! If you’ve made an order or shipment request that qualifies for our FREE Spring Cleaning Shipping Special, be sure to come back to our blog and leave a comment with your order number or shipment request number on this post! At the conclusion of our Spring Cleaning Sale, all qualifying comments will be entered to win $250 in COMC Credit to spend however you want! Winner will be announced via our Social Media pages and notified on May 14th.